No Russell Crowe on Sesame Street

*russell_crowe_sesame_street.jpgProducers for Sesame Street rejected an appearance by Russell Crowe, claiming he’s not a good role model. The actor has a two-year-old son with wife Danielle Spencer and another baby on the way, but executive producer Carol-Lynne Parente said “He may not be the best role model for kids. Although I’m sure our writers could come up with a nice piece about dealing with emotions – healthy ways to deal with emotions.” She went on to add, “we would love to have Nicole Kidman on.”

It’s probably a good thing Russell doesn’t do the show. Because he’d likely end up bludgeoning Grover with the letter of the day (“The letter of the day is pain!”), or terrifying the Cookie Monster (“C is for Crowe, and that better be good enough for you, or I’ll stick those cookies right up your ass.”)