No big juggs for Mischa Barton

tn_mischa_barton_red_carpet.jpgThis story really pisses me off. “The OC” star Mischa Barton says she will never get a boob job. I guess she’s happy with her Olsen twins/Keira Knightly look.

When asked if she would prefer bigger breasts and more curves like co-star Rachel Bilson, Mischa told Bliss magazine: “No! I feel tall and lanky next to her, but I’d be scared of having her boobs and voluptuousness!

You just don’t get it, do you Mischa? You’re slippin’ on your duty to portray a freakish sense of beauty to your 14-year-old girl fan base. You’ve given us Auschwitz thin, now we need a little more Angelina rack. Get to work and stop toying with me.