No big juggs for Mischa Barton

December 10th, 2005 // 37 Comments

tn_mischa_barton_red_carpet.jpgThis story really pisses me off. “The OC” star Mischa Barton says she will never get a boob job. I guess she’s happy with her Olsen twins/Keira Knightly look.

When asked if she would prefer bigger breasts and more curves like co-star Rachel Bilson, Mischa told Bliss magazine: “No! I feel tall and lanky next to her, but I’d be scared of having her boobs and voluptuousness!

You just don’t get it, do you Mischa? You’re slippin’ on your duty to portray a freakish sense of beauty to your 14-year-old girl fan base. You’ve given us Auschwitz thin, now we need a little more Angelina rack. Get to work and stop toying with me.


  1. Robots don’t need breasts.

  2. Jewbacca

    When I’m really railing a girl I like to see some mammaries rolling back and fourth, round and round.

  3. BadassFred

    She would look nasty with implants anyway. They don’t look good on small chested women because there isn’t enough tissue to hide the implant.

  4. Lynette Carrington

    Really, she has a great figure and she is perfectly proportioned. If she got implants, she’d be top heavy and constantly be falling over, face-first in to any casting agents lap causing her to get bigger and better roles in major Hollywood films. Ohhh, I see how it’s done now………..

  5. skeptical

    I saw Mischa Barton in LA in February and thought she looked gorgeous and healthy, not at all anorexic or too flat-chested. She was walking back and forth in front of me, wearing a tank top and sweats, no makeup, hair up. She looked *stunning*, and her figure was beautiful and definitely female.

  6. al rarow

    Come now, Mischa. You should go to the Longorian School of Publicity and make a statement like “You know, I would never do anal bleaching…” instead if you want to create more of a buzz. That, or drop the hippie for some basketball player.

    All jokes aside, I think her rack is very nice. Why is it becoming a norm to get boobjobs?

  7. reeeeka

    I think she looks good the way she is. She is thin but she has a but and she had nice legs and her breasts are perfectly proportioned for her body.

  8. Tha-Flash

    Boobjobs are fake and they look shit anyway.
    She’s fine the way she is.

  9. ElleParsons

    Isn’t “voluptuous” Hollywood for “fat”? So Mischa is calling her co-star fat. I knew she was a bitch.

  10. Captain Awesome

    Titjobs do suck, but it wouldnt hurt Marvin to eat a burger every once in a while

  11. Juliette

    Implants are nasty…natural is so much better. I think she has a nice bod.

  12. pixel killya

    When did it become normal to cut into healthy tissue and slip in a bag full of chemicals? Stay natural Mischa, the acting needs work, not the bod. Perky breasts rule.

  13. she’s so lovely, there’s no need for changes.

  14. hafaball

    Isn’t blonde and boney still in? Damn trends…they change quicker then J. Lo’s husbands.

  15. StarKruzr

    Meh. Mischa never really did much for me anyway. I prefer my women with a little more … well, a little more to them, really.

  16. sadietolstoy

    More power to her. Women don’t need huge boobs to be attractive. Not only that, women don’t need to weigh under 100 lbs and have huge boobs–which seems to be the American standard of beauty.

  17. Sheva

    Can someone at least pass the girl a grilled cheese sandwich.
    She looks like she’s ready to pass out at any moment as it is from starvation. No point in adding an imbalance and tripping her up from on top.

  18. Those hi-res of her are gorgeous. She’s fine… Voluptuous is hollywood-ese for fat, though. Props.

  19. fblau

    NICE legs?

    She has legs to DIE for.

    This may or may not have any relation to her acting skills… I don’t watch the show… but seriously. GREAT legs.

  20. mischa doesn’t need a boob job….she’s the sexiest 12-year old boy ever!

  21. Goldi

    I don’t get it. I think she’s fug. Seriously – her face isn’t symmetrical, her hair is dirty, and she has the body of a 14-year old. Fug.

  22. Iscariot

    I don’t think she needs a boob job – I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in entertainment at the moment.

  23. PostAcidYouth

    Not keen on her face, but her body is gorgeous. She’s not too thin, she has delicate feminine curves and is thankfully proportionate. And besides, her rack is damn nice. Who says they have to be big to be sexy?

  24. Georgia

    Big boobs suck, they just get saggy faster!

  25. Mischa like the Kitty. She even turned be down.

  26. HollyJ

    she has manboobs but I guess it’s good that they’re natural manboobs

  27. yo_medulla

    Who made this dress?? Anyone know?

  28. JudithJetson

    Oh my god. What boobs? Is this actually a girl/woman? She is a 12 year old boy. Since when is it normal for Hollywood actresses to have no tits?

    She and Keira Knightley could compete for who needs to run to the plastic surgeon’s office fastest!!

    And if there was ever a prime example of the kind of “girl” who needs breasts (fake if you weren’t naturally blest), it was her. And Keira Knightley. And Kate Moss. And Kate Hudson. And Eva Longoria (who also needs a talent transplant) and…….

  29. tess

    I just don’t get it. Mischa has boobs, don’t you see them? They are not as big as Pamela’s fake ones but she’s certainly more endowed than a Paris Hilton or a Nicole Richie, for example. Open up your eyes guys. Misha’s got more stuff in her bra than you think…

  30. PostAcidYouth

    You do realise you don’t need big tits to be feminine, right? Plenty of women have small breasts. It’s just less mammary blubber to carry around. Nowt wrong with smaller bags of fat on one’s chest.

  31. ReginaGeorge

    I have never understood WHY people have become so convinced of Mischa Barton’s beauty. Its like Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. In politics, the rule is that if you want to convince voters of something, you must repeat it seven times. I think Hollywood follows the same rule.”She’s beautiful” “She’s beautiful” “She’s beautiful…..”

    Mischa looks like a anorexic praying mantis. FUGLY!

  32. slinkhard

    I don’t think Mischa needs breast implants.
    I do think she needs some kind of talent, however, and her ‘looks’ and ‘acting’ don’t cut it.

  33. JudithJetson

    “You do realise you don’t need big tits to be feminine, right? Plenty of women have small breasts.”

    Yeah, they’re called BOYS.

    And whoever said something about her not having talent is wrong. She has talent – behind her, pushing the propaganda that she is beautiful, sexy, interesting, talented…… repeat, repeat, repeat…..

  34. PostAcidYouth

    “You do realise you don’t need big tits to be feminine, right? Plenty of women have small breasts.”

    Yeah, they’re called BOYS.

    Mhm. Yes. Which is why they can give birth, breastfeed, have vaginas and otherwise perfectly resemble a woman. Because they’re boys.

    Intelligent comment.

  35. LoveSong

    Mischa has a unique look. Is there a certain set look or something now? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And any person who came here just to trash talk and call her ugly or fugly in some cases. Is most likely just jealous because they arent famous or beautiful, especially since they left such a rude comment.

    And if none of you knew. Mischa never wears a bra barely and most of the time bras add alot to the your breast image. She is really natural and different.

    I am glad she wont get implants.
    She has a beautiful body.
    And even if she is anorexic, you couldn’t exactly make fun of her. Because it is a problem that many many people deal with.

    She was also eating ice cream ina picture I saw of her.And anorexics don’t eat ice cream.

    Don’t come and dis Mischa.
    Because if you were a celebrity and were famous you would not want someone coming and talking about how ugly, anorexic, or fat you are, etc.

    Thank youuu.

  36. bellezina02

    agreed with everything lovesong just said, except that she definetely isnt anorexic, shes been super skinny since she was like 10 in the sixth sense.. besides she would look hideous with fake boobs, so does just about anyone.

  37. I love that girl, she is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot ass

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