No, Taylor Swift, Your Crazy Skinny Legs And Dumb Hats Don’t Change Anything

April 30th, 2014 // 40 Comments
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Taylor Swift‘s parents are making her insufferable to work with, so to combat that, Taylor’s hit the streets almost daily over the past few weeks to show off her ridiculously thin legs paired with fashionable stupid hats. Each time, she makes sure to stare directly at the cameras, almost in an effort to say “Look how cute I seem, and tell me honestly that you believe having 15 year-olds send you Facebook death threats is now my only means of sustenance.”

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  1. She’s the living embodiment of a Daddy Long-Legged spider. Maybe even a Black Widow.

  2. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Commented on this photo:

    Those legs look just fine to me. Better than fine. Wouldn’t mind them wrapped around my head FINE!

  3. looks pretty fuckable to me

  4. Juch

    Can’t find anything wrong with her looks here. She’s doing pretty good with what she’s got.

  5. Cher X

    Not a fan, but that girl NEVER looks bad.

  6. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got kind of a Holly Golightly vibe going on. Assuming Holly Golightly was an annoying, vapid cunt.

  7. It never fails to amaze me how she manages to exude attractiveness and annoyingness in equal proportion. I think we need a word for it. I suggest “hotnoxious.”

  8. Because 5’10” blondes with long and defined legs are a bad thing…? Am I missing something?

  9. I like what laineygossip said about all this, Swift is getting her “New York Experience” for her next album which is why she moved there and is walking to places like us regular plebs do instead of being driven everywhere.

    • Sky London

      Anyone who has lived, or even visited, Manhatten knows you don’t drive in the city. Unless you’re from Staten Island, the only people whd drive in NYC are cabbies and Jersey filth.

      • Do tell me more about how life in the big city works Sky London, I’ve only lived in Philly my whole life, rarely drive, been to New York hundreds of times and old enough to remember when Time Square was filled with porn stores and strip clubs.

      • …i just wanna pop in here and say; hey, another philadelphian! this makes 3 of us so far! howdy neighbor!

      • Sky is right., wealthy or even rich Mary Poppins types do not walk all over Manhattan. They have drivers and/or use cabs to go everywhere. I have never seen Deniro or any successful model on the train. They may walk for 3 blocks around soho to shop, or 2 blocks from their apartment to get a coffee, but once they hit that 3rd block, the driver is there. Go to midtown and there are plenty of old but thin broads jetting in and out of the back seats of cars to be carried to the next store, 3 doors down. Btw, Swift is one homely looking bitch. The bitch part is because her face is troubling but that god awful shit she calls singing, sends me over the edge.

  10. PassingTrue

    Bow down all ye hipsters, thee shall never be judged worthy by the Swifty.

  11. Marketing Mike

    Don’t know. Those look like a set of long, hot, powerful legs.
    She’s damn pretty too, why do I hate her again?

  12. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t care. Would bang.

    • Your penis may not care, but, warning, your brain will eventually. Just ask all the guys who dump her ass – they thought exactly as you do right now.

      The eternal struggle will never end.

  13. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Commented on this photo:

    She has 0 sex appeal.

  14. Aww, poor Taylor Swift. A poor internet chubby chaser doesn’t like her. How will she live with herself? Die in a killer bee attack.

  15. I just want to have sex with her, not really worried about all the bullshit that comes along with her.

  16. not attractive.
    weak, bony legs are fuckin gross as hell!!

  17. Bonky

    Taylor Swift is a “girls girl”. All this business of her dating twinks
    and bachelors is just for show. Why do you think she moved to
    New York city ?

  18. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Commented on this photo:

    someone get her a back straightener.

    She’s gonna be a hunchback when she’s older

  19. kery

    She looks good but boring…

  20. ace11

    Did Gyllenhaal really break that in?

    Props to him if that’s the case

  21. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
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    I suppose I can understand why fat women and queers don’t like her, but then, who cares about that lot?

  22. Taylor Swift Crazy Skinny Legs Stupid Hat
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s such an ugly, scrawny chipmunk and a bitch to boot. She also dresses like a 12 year old who raided Blossom’s closet. What the hell is the appeal?

  23. kaycee

    she has no bum :(

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