Nina Dobrev in a Bikini and other news

May 21st, 2010 // 45 Comments

- Don Draper is in the new Shrek? That’s not existentially suave… [PopEater]

- Jennifer Aniston: “CGI it in my face!” [Lainey Gossip]

- Jesse James forgets the first rule of Hitler Club: NO CRYING. [Dlisted]

- James Franco will star in a Planet of the Apes prequel. Goddammit, heroin, you’re killing him! [Huffington Post]

- Doutzen Kroes just converted me to communism. [HollywoodTuna]

- Cameron Diaz won’t do another Charlie’s Angels. [StarPulse]

- Kate Hudson’s implants are ready for their close-up. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Halle Berry in short shorts. [Popoholic]

- Tom Cruise thinks Katie Holmes is the weak link in their new song and dance team. Of course. [The Fab Life]

- Val Kilmer has a drink with Maxim. []

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  1. Pico Mornay

    Fisrt Fuckers!!!!

    Dam…She is hot!!!!

  2. Pico Mornay

    Fisrt Fuckers!!!!

    Dam…She is hot!!!!

  3. Pico Mornay

    I’m also 2nd!!! I’m a champ!!!

  4. Lori

    Now SHE is gorgeous!!! And sexy.

  5. Not sure who she is but I’ve been imagining having anal sex with her since the first time I saw her in this bikini. I thought I saw her here first but after a while I guess all asses in bikinis start to look alike.

    No they dont, I’m just kidding.


    Third. My vagina and anus have finally joined to become one monster fuck hole.

  7. olegtomb

    Fucking ugly.

  8. Linda

    I have always found Nina so cute but I am quite disappointed in her bikini bod… could be better… maybe it’s the bikini choice as well…

  9. M

    Tova e mnogo krasiva bulgarka (: representing my home country, and she’s doing it well.

  10. Gweb

    Nice ass!

  11. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Ladies and Gentlemen…. now that’s an ass!!!

  12. Gweb

    It would look better with my jizz running out of it.

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Ladies and Gentlemen…. now that’s an ass!!!

  14. Jack Mehoff

    I would eat her ass for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  15. Daryl G.

    Now that IS an ass; a flat, unimpressive ass.

  16. Mancuso

    @ olegtomb – Given your standards, I suppose your real name is Optimus Pitt Draper, right?

  17. thank you for sharing !

  18. True

    Great Ass, needs a Boob Job.

  19. minx

    You actually find that hot? She’s average at best and not in a very good shape.

  20. Modwild

    Beautiful, happy and healthy. What an inspiration. So happy for her success.

  21. But not sure, who I assume has to do with anal sex then the first time I saw her in the bikini. I thought I saw her here first, but after a while I think bikini ass for all start looking alike.

  22. woah

    now that is a body! wow. her body it freaking hot. the face – eh. but who cares….body is smoking.

  23. gorgeous

    she is gorgeous. taking into account she’s never had any work done and id say the perfect natural beauty

  24. captain america

    …………………please supply some other news.

  25. yaya

    this is weird. i went to highschool with this girl!

  26. Darth

    Does she know Mel Gibson?

  27. fear of a ROUGH nation

    Not sure, she got that wonderful bumper as a result of the additional weight (see deteriorating mid-section) Never the less would lend this cutie a happy finger to fix that half-a wedge. Worth googling.

  28. HUGE Cock

    Nina Dobrev’s ASS I’d get into. Halle Berry in short shorts? Hell, they’re almost down to her ankles!!

  29. I’m really, REALLY surprised to see everyone going on and on about her body in a positive way. I think her body is decent…she seems healthy enough but she’s only like 20 years old. I guess I just figured she’d be a little more toned. Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl and her body is fine the way it is and even better than most celebrities her age…but people on here are always so critical. Just surprised to see all the positive comments.

  30. miss thin

    she is fat

  31. america!@#^$ yeah


  32. Master Spook

    Do you like me? Yes or no?

  33. Rhialto

    I’d have a weak spot for white beaches and blue water.Who else more?

  34. Gando

    Yes,but more deserted tropical islands.

  35. Master Spook

    Is it this how her body looks like!?

  36. Everyone



  37. No #57, it’s just a figment of your imagination. Idiot lol.

  38. jane

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