Nina Agdal’s 2014 Carl’s Jr. Commercial Is Horseshit

Above are stills from Nina Agdal’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial for Carl’s Jr., and below is Nina’s 2014 Carl’s Jr. commercial which did not immediately, albeit eventually, make me wish my penis was a fish sandwich thereby failing every known maritime law of advertisement:

And here’s a custom edit of Nina’s 2014 commercial which has been wiped from the Internet presumably for increased instances of man-on-seafood-sandwich rape. It’s stretched out for two whole minutes which starts to get kind of weird, not to mention is one minute and fifty seconds longer than I needed. Because I have ADD. What did you think? — Haha! Ejaculating? You kids today. I didn’t even need to press play for that. I was weened on Victoria’s Secret catalog while you were just a babe suckling at your mama’s tea- and there I go again.

Photos: Splash News