Nina Agdal’s Butt Posed For Terry Richardson

January 30th, 2014 // 27 Comments

I’m not really sure what to say here considering not a single person who clicked on this post isn’t gazing directly into Nina Agdal‘s butthole because shortly before Terry Richardson was born, his mother pulled Satan out of a frozen lake and blew him back to life right then and there in the winter night. That’s pretty much where I’m at with this, and frankly, it’s going to take a lot to get me to budge. All the pieces fit.

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  1. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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    DAY. UMM. That is all.

  2. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
    Lord Helmet
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    It has come to pass that I have to grudgingly admit, Terry Richardson is a genius. I now hate him even more than myself.

  3. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
    Kim Kardashian
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    Where is the rest of it?

  4. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
    Deacon Jones
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    She’s so hot she’s kidnap worthy.

    What’s 20 years to life anyways?

  5. mark

    I’d like to get my face in there and take a good 10-12 second sniff. when you’ve got a cute, small, tight little corn wagon like that the only fragrance it’s capable of creating is that of sweet, delicate, flowery nectar! now the opposite of that can be found wafting through the squiggly stink lines that constantly erupt from the unfortunately (though hilariously!) disproportionate industrial-strength turd canon that hangs unceremoniously off of kim kardashian. the repugnant odor that erupts from that monstrosity could make a pig throw-up. fuck that shit-smelling, hairy-assed deformity and her whole shitty-smelling family.

  6. Cock Dr

    Thank U Nina for resisting any pressure from the photographer to clench a Terry Richardson photo button between butt cheeks and/or cleavage. You’re better than that shit.

  7. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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    OH MY FU#@ING GOD!!! (I need a cigarette now…)

  8. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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    The butt says ‘take me’, but the eyes say ‘just don’t talk to me about anything complicated’

  9. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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    Great googily moogily… No words to describe it. Poetry… they… they should have sent a poet.

  10. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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  11. Nina Agdal Butt Terry Richardson
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    I’d use this as the wallpaper on my smartphone but masturbating on the subway gets one in trouble.

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