Nina Agdal’s Struggle Is Real

According to her new interview in Maxim, when Danish model Nina Agdal arrived in Miami, she only had $40 in her pocket and barely knew how to speak to English. A crazy hot white girl in America? Her odds of survival were nearly impossible.

As a teenager, the athletic blonde briefly considered a career in oral hygiene, eventually jettisoning those plans because of the years and years of study involved. “One of my best friends back home still has two years left to go in the course,” she adds, contemplating the life in scrubs that might have been.
Fortunately for the rest of us (and a certain Hollywood superstar boyfriend), instead of examining molars, at 18 Agdal flew to Miami to become a model. “English was my worst subject in school,” she says. “I was very shy about saying anything and was so scared. I landed with $40 and a little piece of paper with the address for the model apartment.”

Nina then faced the almost insurmountable task of finding a taxi. But through sheer grit and determination, she found a ride and just look at her now. By never giving up on her dreams, Nina Agdal gets to put shaving cream on her tits and have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio until she turns 25 and he throws her off a yacht into the arms of Jonah Hill waiting in a dingy below.

“What does Leo smell like?” he’ll whisper on their voyage to shore. “Did he ask about me? I’m Jonah by the way. You probably saw my picture in his wallet. — Just condoms and credit cards? Cool, cool.” *capsizes the boat*

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