The Crap We Missed Returns Monday, Here’s Nina Agdal To Tide You Over

It’s been a helluva week, but finally I can officially confirm something I’ve been teasing, and crossing my fingers for, all month: The Crap We Missed will return Monday, January 26 for your clicking and random celebrity bashing pleasure. And along with that, the return of The Most Important People on The Internet as soon as we clean up some of the old editions which got a little borked in the move. So thanks for your patience while we squared some deals to bring those back, and also with the new site which is continually being tweaked based on your feedback. On that note, I managed to turn off the bullshit feature that hides comments after a certain number of thumbs down – I want people to read your idiotic drivel. I’m on your side! – and you should now see the totals of thumbs ups and downs, so you can run home and tell everyone how many you got today. Your mom’s gonna be so proud.

See you Monday when I put Photo Boy back in his cage, but maybe let him out a little more often to shat out gems like this Dean Cain post. Dudes with girls’ name have wings, and they need to fly.

- The Superficial

Photos: Beach Bunny