Adrian Grenier Got Shot Down By Nina Agdal

Because her agent is the goddamn devil (Sic him, Jeremy Bieber, sic him!), Nina Agdal has a cameo in the Entourage movie which naturally led to Adrian Grenier trying to fuck her because that kind of thinking has really worked out awesome for him lately. Via Page Six:

At a wrap party for their shoot at Prime 112, Grenier kicked it up a notch.
“He bought a rose for Nina from a guy selling them on the street and gave it to her,” said a spy.
But Agdal, who’s dating Max George of boy band the Wanted, was able to resist.

“Good evening, madam. May I interest you in some intercourse? I’m quite famous.”
“No, thank you. I’ll stick with a penis that’s been inside Lindsay Lohan.”
“As you wish.”

What literally just happened to Adrian Grenier, and by all rights, should’ve ended in suicide. Why go on?

Photos: Pacific Coast News