Nikki Blonsky talks about ‘the incident’ a.k.a. ‘the retarded fight over seats at an airport’

September 16th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) recently made headlines when her family started a brawl in an airport lounge after their luggage was moved by the family of America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden. The incident landed Bianca’s mother in the hospital and Nikki’s father in jail. Bianca and Nikki are also facing assault charges and are due in court next month. But brave Nikki’s not letting a little thing like her father doing time for braining a woman with his fists rain on her parade. Entertainment Tonight reports:

“You never expect things like this in your life, but you take life one day at a time, and you deal with situations,” Nikki tells Thea in her first interview since the incident. “The fact that [my friends and family] were there for me, and stood up for me, and the fact that they told the truth, that’s what meant a lot. They said who I was; I didn’t have to say anything.”

Nikki also expressed her undying love of her Hairspray co-star Zac Efron who she says has been a pillar of support:

“I love him with every inch of my body and soul. He’s stayed in touch and he has been so supportive through everything that I’ve gone through in my life; he is one of the best, best influences and people that I can ask to have in my life.”

My sources tell me Zac Efron’s “support” involved simply sending Nikki a Hallmark card which she then duct-taped to her chest and refuses to remove. There’s been an offer of baby back ribs but still no dice. Wait, they’ve just upped the offer to include cornbread. She’s climbing down from the building, folks. And, shit, she sees the tanks. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!


  1. Uncle Eccoli

    She’s far too fat to be famous. I can see the red being squeezed out of that carpet.

  2. trish

    why cant zac be a fat girl’s bff? hater!

  3. Jen


  4. Can we get her to kick Heidi’s ass?

  5. guest1234567

    I am so glad you didn’t show bikini pictures of her.

  6. Logan


  7. Aja

    I like her hair in this vintage style, it’s really shiny too

  8. SATAN

    this chick would better serve the world if she was fuel… burn her.

  9. JB Stoner

    “I love him with every inch of my body and soul”

    That is a WHOLE LOT of love…..

    Maybe she could just sit on Heidi and Spence – that’s one cheek per fuctard.

  10. Really?? Cause I hate her fucking hair, what a stupid fucking thing to say.. GOD!!!!!!!

  11. Lux

    I love the hand-on-waist “slimming” pose…

  12. minniememe

    Nikki = Zac’s fag hag

  13. noneyabeezwax

    i thought black was suppose to be a slimming color. this bitch needs a whole lot more black

  14. Phil McKracken

    *insert fat joke*

  15. FrankinSloth

    hahaha…. check it out. The black guy in the background is thinking
    “man, I don’t know Sir Mix A Lot…. that is alot of ass. I just don’t know…. you’re right, It’s my job to ride that fat ass.”

  16. Cenon

    lol, she’s in love with Zac and thinks he likes her too. Little does she know he’s been turning down hotties not cuz he’s into her, but cuz he’s into boys.

    I gotta admit, i like Jar-Jar’s shiny hair too!

  17. #15 You mean “insert lipo tube”..

  18. strider

    thats so sad….
    they put lipstick on that poor beached whale… they should be helping it back to the ocean damn it!!! Where’s PITA and their crazy ass when you need them!

  19. Where did the Fish find pictures of Erica? Or are those pictures of her little sister?

  20. Hey Frist youre saying? your ass is not bigger than hers?

  21. SATAN

    you could shoot a drive-in movie on her head and park on her stomach

  22. Jo Mama

    3 Cheers for King Kong reference!!!! Come on now guys no John Travolta quips?

  23. @21 No, she was saying she could see the imprint of your face on her ass..

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  25. Joe Schmoe

    I know the Blonskies, I live near them. Her loser dad is definately the type to hit a woman. I believe he beat up Bianca’s mom, and this fat loser “actress” should be ashamed of her father. Bianca was just defending her mother from an arrogant psycho. He is a rather large man too, so he probably really hurt that woman, and for what, seats??

    They and their whole family are just plain arrogant, obnoxious people. And they are all as unattractive as Nikki (Nicole) Blonsky. By the way, the story that she was “discovered” is also a lie…she and her agent heavily promoted her for her part in Hairspray and the story that she was just walking across the street and was “perfect” for the role, so they ran after her, is a made up story that everyone involved thought would be cute for publicity.

    The Blonsky family are just nasty, nasty people.

  26. humpin frog

    You can put lipstick on a hairless bear, but it’s still just a…………hey! Where’s my picnic basket?

  27. havoc

    Jesus Christ! How many girls are in there?


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  31. FRIST isn’t “wet snausage” your sector? Be careful you don’t want to be a dirtbad!!

  32. FRIST isn’t “wet snausage” your sector? Be careful you don’t want to be a dirtbag!!

  33. FRIST isn’t “wet snausage” your sector? Be careful you don’t want to be a dirtbag!!

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  36. FRIST isn’t “wet snausage” your sector? Be careful you don’t want to be a dirtbag!!

  37. @35, I think you have been sniffing you momma ass a little to much. Where do you come up with these retarded come backs? Are you part of the AV group at your high school? Are you president of the chess club too?

  38. somedude

    And people wonder why there’s hunger in Afrika….

  39. Jimbo? what come backs? according to you those are facts

  40. #35 your mom lives near the swamp..

  41. Joe C

    You cruel bastard. Isn’t it bad enough that we’ve had to put up with the mess caused by Ike? Now you make us look at pictures of that abomination.

  42. Joe C

    Better yet, send her on down. People are running out of meat to grill. She could feed half of Galveston.

  43. WTF

    You can put lipstick on a whale….

  44. Slut

    Party with Big Mac!

  45. Lola

    Only a fattie like her who beats bony black bitches at airports can love a faggot ass, make-up wearing R.Kelly lover like Zac Efron
    I’m pretty sure the dude don’t even remember her or what her name is. He remembers her as “that lard-ass girl who only got the part in that gay movie I was in by working at Cold Mountain and being fat”.
    But sides all that, I’m glad she beat that bald-headed ugly ass dirty black bitch and whoever the fuck she was with at the airport. HA

  46. frist i thought you shot your hole, what are you doing way down on the post?

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  48. Effyeray

    Did Kim Kardashian do something new to her hair or some shit? That piss stained negrophiliac looks a lil different…..

  49. Gigi

    After the Hairspray movie, if her dad hadn’t beating the crap out of someone, the Red Carpet would have forgotten her. Anyone remember Ricky Lake???

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