Nikki Blonsky kicked Bianca Golden’s mother in the vagina? JESUS!

October 2nd, 2008 // 60 Comments

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden has revealed her account of the airport brawl between her family and Hairspray star Nikki Blonksy’s (above). While filming an upcoming episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Bianca described the incident that allegedly started when Nikki became “very rude” to her aunt. People reports:

An argument erupted between Blonsky’s and Golden’s families, then Blonsky’s father Carl “punched my mom.”
“He knocked her out,” says Golden. “He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom.”
Then, when her mother was on the ground, Nikki “takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that’s when my mom fell out completely,” says Golden.
“When Nikki kicked my mom I went and grabbed her arm and she grabbed my earring,” says she. “Her mom sat on her to get her off of me cause her mom saw what was happening and that was that.
Golden says her mother was airlifted to the hospital with internal bleeding, a broken nose and a fractured skull.

Nikki Blonsky’s mom obviously acted as the ass of reason by employing her family’s natural talent for slapstick to defuse the situation. Because how do you not laugh at one fat person sitting on top of another? Unless, of course, you were just kicked in the hoo-ha and rendered unconscious. Then, maybe, I could see if you didn’t fully appreciate the comedy of the situation. I guess.

Photo: WENN

  1. toolboy

    Funniest Goddamn headline ever…….

  2. Abz


  3. Getting kicked in the Vag is no joke!

  4. M

    Too bad nobody was carrying a needle, they could have just popped her like a beachball.

  5. Big Ro

    The hell with breaking the fight up….I would still be looking to go a round with the Dad. Treat him like a punching bag, and rip his face off. What is it coming to where a guy can get away with hitting a lady???? Choke that fucker out.

  6. Outrageous behavior! especially from king kong bundy’s familly here….

  7. Max Planck

    Oink! Oink!

  8. Slut

    Wow says a lot for our countries airport security.

  9. michelle

    it would be awesome if her foot slid into her vagina…………….

  10. havoc

    I was going to say, I heard her foot got stuck. That’s when it got personal….


  11. Onyx Blackman

    Good for her. More stage moms should be kicked in the vaj.

  12. John McCain

    My friends, I have to remind you to be understanding while watching Sarah debate tonight. It is going to be incredibly embarrassing for her and her supporters. She might even end up crying. Please don’t make fun of her ignorance because this will surely end my campaign. We want more wars, right? Just vote for me no matter what! Kind regards, patriots.

  13. Pee Wee From Porky's

    Was she wearing open toed shoes? Just looking to complete my fantasy and finish here before my ten o clock meeting.

  14. Ted from LA

    Do any of you really understand what happened here by reading this story? I have no idea who the fuck these people are or who got kicked in the cunt or why. All I know is it’s a sad thing when when one gets kicked in the cunt or nuts. I wonder if Sarah Palin is getting fired up for tonight. I hope she does as well as she did with the CBS and Katie interviews. Have any of you seen the John McCain commercials? He attacks Obama and then at the end this “medication time” music from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest comes on… Come to think of it, Sarah kind of reminds me of Nurse Rachet.

  15. No security tapes of this? Blonsky bunch sounds monstrous.

    When is Nikki going to get herself a big dumpy sweater, jeans and athletic shoes? Her and fashion just can’t seem to get along.

  16. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    No idea who this heiferesque nobody is, but that dress is a big no no when you resemble more bovine than hominid.

  17. James

    holy crap that is hilarious.
    I would love to hear Blonksy’s side of the story. pleeeeeeease please do a follow up with it. I have to know how she justifies kicking someone’s mom in the vag.

  18. Thar she blows!! Off the starboard bow!! Fire the harpoon!!! There’s another surfacing on the port side!! She’s got a serious case of vagina foot and appears to be eating an entire bucket of KFC in one bite!!

  19. Not too long ago I was I was riding a boys bicycle and my foot slipped off the peddle and I took the bar to the vag. Never felt anything so painful in my life. I would murder anyone that kicked me there.

  20. lucci

    new olympic sport – crouchkick!

  21. mamadough

    i had a gay guy punch me in the tit once. that was funny. but to be kicked in the happy rainbow, not kosher.

  22. PintoB

    This act is called “the aristocrats”

  23. xxgogsxx

    That’s what happens when you fuck with other people’s luggage

  24. Mirkin

    Good job!
    She kicked her in the box and used her as a waterski.

  25. not that innocent

    #8 this happened overseas, you moron

  26. Slut

    #25….SORRY! It’s not like I am following this fat bit@h around….I don’t even know who the hell she is……

  27. gnipgnop

    Zounds – where is my harpoon – look at the size of the fucking beast!!!

  28. Rob

    I can’t stand this ugly fat bitch. Is she wearing a dress or tent, it’s pretty hard to tell. Go eat a big mac and go away

  29. English Bob

    Who gives a fuck about these big fat fuckin no-bodys….?

  30. kill me already why don't you

    I hate ugly fat people but what I hate most is ugly fat people with short and stubby hands. Now this is lethal

  31. Edna Bambrick

    Jesus is Lord, not a curse word.

  32. mimi

    Bianca Golden is a royal b!tch and so is her mother!


  33. Uncle Eccoli

    If I wanted to see worthless blubbery pieces of shit I’d look out the window. Only post attractive people, please.

    @31 Please jump off the nearest tall building.

  34. mamadough

    #31, holy shit edna! haven’t seen you for awhile. don’t bother us with your religious banter, we have enough going on with the elections!

  35. woodhorse

    I may want to send in a spy drone before I go to the airport again.

  36. noregister




  37. Weight Watchers

    Can someone return the Blonsky sow to our care?

    We had her handcuffed to a treadmill…she must have gnawed her way out.

  38. Doggie style

    I hope for a rematch we get the Blonsky bitches vs. Michael Vicks dogs. See how well those fat cows do after kicking a rott in the nether-crevice. GO POOCHES!!!! Papa Blonsky gets the Sin City treatment, just like Frodo did.

  39. Erin

    In between crotch-kicking and fat-sitting, this sounds completely amazing. I would actually pay to see this, unlike that shitty Hairspray remake.

  40. What the fuck?! Take that fatties father and put him in jail for hitting a woman! Oink oink, fat girl, and your FAT FAT family! How dare you?! You think that just because you are humongously, monstrously FAT that you can bully people and kick them in the vagina?! Well I’ve got news for you, Nikki: you look like a whale in a dress in that picture. Hollywood has no room for you. Just because one fucking movie called for a fat girl in it, doesn’t mean you’re now a star. And look at your huge sausage ankles at the bottom of that dress! Take your family, and beat it!

    It figures that fat people are so stupid and violent. There is so much fat in their bodies that there is no longer any more room for it, so it begins to travel upwards and smother their brain. Nikki and her father’s brains are smothered in fat.

  41. mika mouse

    a jolly good kick in the cunt…

  42. Scott

    Is it me or does Nicky Blonski look like what would happen if Rachel Leigh Cook devoured an entire Krispy Kreme store, building, patrons and all?

  43. Jamie's Uterus

    Not sure who watches Top Model, but that Bianca is stereotypical angry black chick, I bet she started this fracas. She just went to press first to look innocent.

    I’m sure attention hog Tyra will be all up in it, and make it about herself in some way.

  44. lady tata

    i think you mean “diffuse”

    unless the situation has a fuse and you’re trying to get rid of it.

  45. #1hater

    So she kicked some old sow in her criminal factory…big deal…

  46. jennifer hammond

    yeah I am familiar with the angry black woman personna of Bianca Golden on ANTM. She was a bitch and always causing trouble so if you ask me she deserved getting her black ass kicked. Guess she talks alot of shit but cant back it up. I think its funny they got an ass whoopin. Team BLonsky!

  47. carly

    I can’t get over how incredibly HUGE and GIGANTIC this girl is!! It’s crazy!!

  48. Effyeray

    Dancing with the stars seems to have done Kardashian some good, looks like she slimmed down a bit.

  49. Gino Beteta

    Those fat jewws can get away with anything, even ruining the american economy forever, to get even richer…

  50. the analyst

    God-damned fat heifer. Talk about disgusting! I’m not even going to ask who the fuck she is and why she’s a celebrity. For hauling all that ass around, no doubt.

    Bitch looks like she’s a Kardashian.

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