Nikki Blonsky arrested for assault after airport smackdown

August 3rd, 2008 // 93 Comments

Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) and her father were arrested after an airport brawl with the family of America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden. The fight was over saved seats in the airport’s lounge. Oh, good. For a minute there, I thought it might be about something stupid. Us Magazine reports:

Bianca, 19, her brother George, 17, and their mother Elaine Clinton-Golden, were waiting for a flight to New York when they tried to take a seat in the departure lounge but found luggage on the chairs. When they removed the luggage, which belonged to the Blonsky’s, a brawl broke out.
Elaine was alleged to have been repeatedly kicked and punched all over her body. She was airlifted for treatment in Miami, Florida.
Nikki, 19, was charged with actual bodily harm; her father, Carl, was charged with grievous bodily harm, a source at the Turks and Caicos Weekly News tells Us.

In Nikki’s defense, the wing buffet in the lounge ran out of ranch dressing which put her under extreme emotional duress. To put things in perspective, at her 13th birthday party Pizza Hut ran out of cheesy bread. There were no survivors.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Racer X

    I’d hit it.

  2. Lauro

    Oh no!!!

  3. blabla..

    people in general are just really stupid.

    and their degree of stupidness is proportional to their ammount of gratuitous celebrity-ness

    oh well.

  4. Clem

    What a ginormously fat arse face.

  5. Monstra

    Not everyone can successfully wear white pants.

    Some shouldn’t even attempt to.

  6. Lombardi

    I have absolutely no idea who this girl is, but she has the figure of a buzz wire. And that dog looks fucking petrified.

  7. kaos

    oh god!
    so young and already so damn fat
    and is the dog wearing a white\cream dress?
    WOA! i guess white is definitely a must

  8. whynot

    aahhh…who the hell is she? should i know her? Is she really a celebrity? why the hell should i care about this story? why are we here?

    do you think its a good idea to go FIGHT CLUB on Hollywood and clean out the place?

  9. ramalamadingdong

    ok, before we get too caught up in the “oh my God she is so fat” comments, lets get to the real issue.

    Nikki = white; Bianca = black.
    Nikki and her family have their luggage on seats in the lobby. Bianca and her BLACK family move the luggage that does not belong to them so they can sit their lazy asses down. it’s amazing how black people think they can intimidate white people, and hopefully this is the reason that Nikki and her family did something about their rudeness. did they stop to think that maybe they should ASK (oh, i’m sorry AXE) if they could move the luggage? no way. they are black and proud. amen brotha.

    where are the witnesses that Bianca’s mother (probably her grandmother because momma is locked up somewhere) was kicked and punched all over her body? i bet there are none…..hmmmm…..i smell a lawsuit!! what the black community does best – mooch off of others for personal gain!

  10. sarah

    what? why should we care? because this story is hilarious!!! ahahahah someone from hairspray attacked america’s next top model at an airport because they took their seat? too bizarre!

  11. fashion police

    It says not to wear white after labor day. It also says that some people shouldnt wear white at all, at anytime.

    Also in prespective, that dog is 3 feet long and weights 75 lbs.

  12. omg, articles like these write themselves, dont they? hehehe..
    we could go with the.. there was some food under the seat joke….
    the.. she needed an extra seat for each ass cheek joke…

    all i can say is thank god there wasnt any public nudity!

  13. hendero

    The dog looked nervous because Miss Lardass was about to eat it.

  14. nasty mcknuckles

    So, my question is, why are we being “treated” to pictures of this fine pumpkin-shaped pugilist, and missing out on pics of the Top Model chick or her battered mom?

  15. Jenny

    I don’t blame her. It was rude as hell to remove luggage from the seat to sit down. Fuck them. They deserved an ass beating.

  16. vg902

    @13, thats funny and very true

  17. hendero

    Ho hum, another day, another pointless racist rant on the superficial. When did this site turn in

    You can’t save seats in the departure lounge with your bags. Luggage goes on the floor, that chick’s fat ass should have been in the chair, otherwise, she’s not using it. Good for Bianca and her family, not putting up with that crap.

  18. Maybe they shouldn’t have prefaced the luggage removal with “Hey fatass, I’m MOOOOOOving your bags…”

  19. Maybe they shouldn’t have prefaced the luggage removal with “Hey fatass, I’m MOOOOOOving your bags…”

  20. mary234

    She is my favorite. Just saw her personals ID on millionaires personals site “”"”"W e a l t h y R o m a n c e. co m”"”"”" yesterday. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site. Is she single again?


  21. Ted Mosby

    You can’t stop the beat!

  22. whynot

    @17, i agree with you in part. There are no “save-iss” in the airport lounge. All parties should have acted a little more civil. You know, like you’re part of the human race.

  23. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck you, 20.

  24. #20 – Sadly, I don’t think “single again” applies here… she looks at least like a double or a triple. Could you imagine her arms in a strong breeze? They’d look all blurry andshit… And I’d hate to fight her. Everytime I’d try to punch her, my fists would get stuck.

  25. nikki had again a nerves-brake down?
    …………………YOU FAT-ASS!!

  26. Dana

    Fat thighs and white pants do not go together. Have your meals delivered and you might lose a few pounds.

  27. hendero

    #26 – how does having your food delivered help you lose weight? Surely you lose more, even if you take the car, if you go out to eat, or go shopping, than if you stay home and have people bring food to you.

    Speaking from experience about the white pants?

  28. yabadabadude

    I don’t know who the hell any of them are

  29. Miserable Bastard

    Even her name sounds fat.

  30. yabadabadude

    I don’t know who the hell any of them are

  31. Barely Stearn

    People can’t we all just get along…? On a related note: I will assume all PRO Nikky commentary here is supplied by fat asses with zero tatas who delight in posting negatively whenever Fish posts pix of some incredibly hot chick in a bikini.
    Too bad Nik didn’t SWIM to her destination instead of fly – she might have lost some of that flab and been able to turn herself into something worth looking at instead of something that makes me want to recoil in horror…By the way: Who’s the St Bernard holding the cute little dog in these pics…? All that’s missing is the little cask of whiskey around her neck…

    Why didn’t she leave parts of her ass on the seats to hold them for the family…still would have been ample ass room for her to store the hoagie she was wolfing down: Hey, no shit: You can’t fly nowhere these days and expect an in-flight snack!
    Don’t you be touchin’ my Hermes bitch!!!

  32. Tapeworm

    Good lord, small moons orbit around this planet.


  33. samantha Partiliano

    Whay are people making this a black and white thing, why can’t it be who was wrong, and people shoul be nicer to one another

  34. nick

    @15 damn right. who the fuck removes luggage from a seat?! It’s like a coat or something on a movie theater seat when you go to drop a deuce before the previews or something.

    Fuckers should’ve been stoned to death.

  35. Barely Stearn

    #33 – Don’t you know? It’s ALWAYS a black and white thing. AND BOTH SIDES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT PHENOMENON.

    What’s the next question? Why is the sky blue…? Why is Osama Bin Laden a not so nice man…?

  36. rough daddy

    is she one of those happy with my weight fatties???

  37. washington

    They’re letting morbidly obese people become famous in America now? When did that happen?

  38. Sasha_Cohen

    Who is this salad dodger?

  39. Lindsay

    fug, crazy bitch.

  40. I feel bad for her scale… Either it is dying from the weight, or must be very lonely hidden in the back of the closet.

  41. pucky

    I’d hit it……….

    with a brick.

  42. gnipgnop

    Is she going to eat that dog?

  43. Harry Ballzack

    She’s a good looking woman – drop 100 lbs. and she would be fuckable

    Or she could find a guy to fuck her back into shape

  44. wing.meister

    fish you idiot…wings are served with bleu cheese dressing, not ranch…moron.

  45. zippeedeedoodah!

    It’s hard to “keep things in perspective,” when you can’t see the horizon, or the sun, or the air for that matter. Black or white, assholes who leave their luggage on chairs should be beatdown . . . if you can’t spare the traditional human chair holder then you are arrogant morons and should die.

  46. woodhorse

    Why does someone have to be AIRLIFTED after a shoving match? Fuck if that isn’t the most prima donnaist pantywaist pussy thing I ever heard. That automatically makes the model wrong.

  47. whatever

    This was SO Bianca’s fault. Apparently they have a video that says she freaking punched Nikki Blonsky in the head! Then her dad tried to defend her and now Bianca’s mom is saying she was hurt yet the video shows her walking around like nothing’s wrong with her. She’s full of it and wants money. Stupid model brat and her mother thinking they can wring some money out of them. Whatever.

  48. Doug

    This is a case of a lazy fat-ass that thinks she deserves more than everyone else because she is a celebrity. Well that is not the case. Obviously the tub of shit eats more than most people, but to also take up extra seats with her luggage is unthinkable. Fat people a a scourge on this nation – raising health care rates, hogging public funds (disability, welfare), taking up more than their fair share of public transportation and movies theater seats – let’s not forget to mention grocery aisles.

    She should have her luggage in the ground with everyone elses.
    She should also pay for as many airline seats as her gigantic ass crosses over into. I pay for one seat, because that is what I fit in. She should be forced to pay for 1.5 to 2. Disgusting.

    Why isn’t there a public outcry against the epidemic or lazy fat people in this country? As the recent economic trends show, our sitting on our laurels has lead to the decline of a once great nation. Fat people – step up your game.

  49. Are you Fucking Kidding me?

    Enough said.

  50. Melissa

    typical n!ggers! always thinking someone owes them something so they steal it.

    in this case it was the seats.

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