Nicollette Sheridan’s ex-fiance sells ring

April 12th, 2006 // 46 Comments

nicollette-sell-ring.jpgNicollette Sheridan’s ex-fiance, Niklas Soderblom, has put their engagement ring up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $20,000. He tells People magazine:

“Why do I want to keep it? I don’t need that thing. It’s a nice way to finish off something nasty with something nasty. If somebody buys this and it makes them happy, it would be perfect.”

I could understand being spiteful if she was marrying somebody like George Clooney, but she’s marrying Michael Bolton. You don’t need to try and make her feel bad because the Universe already has you covered. Michael Bolton, man. You can’t top that. It’s not possible.



  1. ablet

    Fuck her for stealing my man.

  2. Grphdesi23

    He may sell the ring, but he still wants her
    cooch back.

  3. She has some nerve for selling a ring like that. It is pretty comical nonetheless. I laughed.

  4. dirtypiratehooker

    Michael Bolton…HA! What a no talent ass clown.

  5. mamacita

    Oh, but it IS possible. She could be marrying Carrot Top. His hair is waaaaaay worse, he’s on ‘roids so I’m sure he has a tiny dingaling (and beats his women), and he scares me with his eyeliner.

  6. Trotter

    Wait, he’s selling Nicolette’s COCK RING?

  7. shell

    Maybe Oprah will buy the ring. After all she is rich.

  8. Trotter

    Wait. He’s selling Nicollette’s COCK RING? Why didn’t he just sell it to Tom Cruise?

  9. Italian Stallion

    When i’m done giving a girl the ATM I don’t like to kiss them, so I guess I’m the opposite of this guy because I don’t like to finish off something nasty with something nasty…..

    In case your wondering

  10. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    They both look like they smell something fishy… just sayin’.

  11. Akapee

    I hear that Nicollette’s cooch feels like sandpaper. Is that why he is so pissed?

  12. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #9 – you just answered my question. Thanks.

  13. krisdylee

    I do believe Nicolette resembles Satan

  14. Trotter

    @14 – I agree. They should have mated first. They’re both scary satanic. Of course, that would have required Nicollette to have a vagina, and we all know she’s got a cock that makes Tom Cruise HOT.

  15. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I heard that her vagina has more of a “ground glass in a cold, hollowed-out ham” sensation. That’s just what I heard… ahem.

  16. Trotter

    Osh, you mean “Mangina”, right?

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Also can be referred to as the “She-nis”.

  18. Trotter

    Hehe. That’s a new one to me. Is that how Michael Jackson’s doctors refer to his genetalia?

  19. Italian Stallion

    Let me get this straight, Michael Bolton is marrying his Girl look alike. I wonder when they have a kid, if they’ll name it Pinnochio…..

    Mamacita, if I spelt (spelled LOL)that wrong I apologize in advance, because I think your hilarious and would hate to dissappoint you…..LOL

  20. Trotter

    Yep. That Mamacita is one fierce disciplinarian. I heard if you make more than three errors in a sentence, she’ll sit and bounce on you until you’ve learned your lesson the hard way…

    Sory, mamma i din’t meen it!

  21. mamacita


    “Mamacita, if I spelt (spelled LOL)that wrong I apologize in advance”

    So, after the spelt/spelled debacle of yesterday, I did learn that apparently, spelt is a correct usage, it’s just not very commonly used in American English. However, you did spell Pinocchio wronng and for that, you should be shot. Not with a gun, but with Trotter’s man juice. Punishments all around, people!!!

  22. mamacita

    AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ahem, ahem, ahem. I meant it to say “wrong”, not “wronng”. Maybe I could pass that off as just meaning extra wrong, like dirrrty means extra dirty.

  23. Equalparts

    Her eyebrows look like they’re doing cartwheels on her forehead.

  24. Trotter

    Hey! Don’t get generous with my juice, Mama! I’m saving it in a big jar for someone really special.

  25. Italian Stallion

    #21 and #22 classic, I knew something good would come out of that!! And I’m not talking about Trotter’s manjuice or beetlejuice, trust me….

  26. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Transvestite unite…

  27. Star Maker Machinery

    I bet Dickollette Sheridan’s got a clit that would make Chyna jealous. Honey, just lop that shit off already.

  28. Trotter

    Dickollette. Precious. As I said earlier, it isn’t her engagement ring he’s selling, its her COCK RING.

  29. hilary

    anyone know the url to this ring? i want to see it

  30. RougeRed

    I was wondering the url myself, but search e-bay for “ring, nicolette sheridan”, and this pops right up:

    Any takers? Eh,eh?

  31. Iwannabeacelebrity

    Isn’t that ring the same P.O.S. that Tom gave Dopey..I mean, Katie??

  32. This is great. The only thing that’d make it better is if Bolton bought the ring. Wouldn’t that be the bees knees?

  33. SomeoneSaid

    He paid $20,000. for her engagement ring??? Cheap-ass. I have a $20,000 engagement ring and my fiance doesn’t make even close to celebrity money.

    No wonder she left!

  34. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Thats the EXACT same ring the Chad Michael Murray gave his knocked up 17 yr old future ex wife (I say future as in the next 4 months)

    I knew he didn’t make enough on “One tree hill”

  35. WTF? Not Nicollete Sheridan! How could that happen to her???? Wait a minute…who the f*ck is Nicollete Sheridan?

  36. mamacita


    I hope you’re joking. If not I hate you. Not in a joking way…………I seriously hate you.

  37. biatcho

    Seriously #24 – who cares what kind of ring you have! We’re all really jealous, yet proud, of your hard work making him ask you to marry him after 7 years of dating, 25 break ups, 10 one-night-stands & pointing out to him the exact ring you want.

    Nicollette Sheridan is a fucking man and proves once & for all that Bolton takes it in the ass.

  38. biatcho

    oopps, I meant #34 (sorry EqualParts).
    I’m a bit retarded.

  39. The ring’s diamond’s color was “E” that is bascially the color of swam gas under a micro-scope. No wonder a HUGE ass ring like that only cost the guy $20,000.

  40. Shelley Bonnechance

    The best the Soderblum dude could do was one measly carat? No wonder Nick’s marrying Michael Bolton. I thought Hollywood was the home of 4-carat-plus diamonds, great big huge chunks o’ bling decorating skinny little knob-knuckled claw hands with lo-o-o-ong fake fingernails.

  41. Iambananas

    I can’t stand any of the desperate housewives… not only are they past their prime, but they were never really famous to begin with… I don’t get the obsession aside from fat boring housewives with no life… the actors in that show are so annoying, it hurts.

  42. Hey, she used to date Leif Garrett.

    Yeah, suuuure you’ve never had plastic surgery Nicolette

  43. Star Maker Machinery

    Spindoc, does vaginoplasty count?

  44. Starmaker, thats probably the only area she HASN”T had surgery on. And thats only because she would have to stop using it for two weeks for it to heal and there is NO WAY she would do that.

  45. Did Nicollete Sheridan used to be a man? Did she/he have a sex change? It looks like she has a scar on her throat to reduce the adams apple. She has some male characteristics. Has she ever been pregnant? Any body know?

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