Nicollette Sheridan & Michael Bolton call off engagement

August 26th, 2008 // 34 Comments

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are no longer getting married, E! News reports:

They “have amicably ended their engagement,” Sheridan’s rep said in a statement Tuesday. “They appreciate your respect for their privacy in this matter.”

Hey, life sucks then you die. What I’m more concerned with is how the hell is Nicollette Sheridan’s nipples practically visible through a sweat suit? Those things are fucking bionic. Someone get this chick in the ring with Jennifer Aniston and crank up the A/C. There can be only one!

Photos: Flynet

  1. jdog


  2. HolyHell

    Who cares??

  3. 2for2true

    She had’em sharpened….

  4. Nashvegas

    She must be a frigid bitch….

  5. ph7

    My marry an OLD woman (over 40) ever?. Rich, successful men should never touch a woman over 32.

  6. I’d say thet BOTH dodged a bullet, but I’m kinda pissed cause I can’t believe I stayed up all night on meth waiting for a new post and this boring shit is it.

    K I’m kidding about the meth. WhatEVER!!

  7. gro

    Boy, she looks bad.

    No wonder.

  8. James

    You mean they weren’t already married? These two have been together for like 20 years!

  9. havoc

    “Those things are fucking bionic. Someone get this chick in the ring with Jennifer Aniston and crank up the A/C. There can be only one!”



  10. friendlyfires

    I love dem Punjabby Points of her, a gift from her great grammama

  11. Nice nip action
    Why I have an urge to pleasure my two inches of manhood

  12. yikes..

    makeup!!! we have an emergency STAT!

  13. Karen

    Looks like there are some new WRINKLES in Nicollette’s love life.

  14. rough daddy

    great!!! now I have to check the archives for nipslips and see how big those headlights are…hope for her sake bolton is not tired of sucking on em!!!

  15. dude_on

    I’m sorry but sweet Jen’s nips are in a class by themselves – and not to be challenged by a C-lister. On a side note, yes it is impressive that her nips poke through a sweat-suit – she should visit a retirement home where people could enjoy them.

  16. I agree with #15 – those are impressive but the fact they are on this wrinkled old no-talent broad just doesn’t put her in the same category as Anniston’s pencil erasers!

  17. boondocks

    Those thar are fake. She dun taped a couple of pencil erasers on them thar tits of hers

  18. FACE

    Starting to get the old white hag Madonna look, isnt she?

  19. Dancer

    She is seriously nipping out through a SWEAT jacket???

  20. Dan SATAN

    I heard Bolton had penal enhancement surgery like 15 years ago…

  21. RicoSuave

    What’s with the numerous cheek ripples. Looks like the effect of a G-force test in an astronaut centrifuge

  22. mimi

    ph7 – YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE and your mother wants a retro-active abortion!

  23. Pee Wee From Porky's

    $20 says Bolton’s banging a twenty something by Labor Day!

  24. whatever

    #18 nothing close to the repulsiveness of madonna

  25. Vivian

    Haven’t you heard of those breast enhancers that you tape on? They have nipples on them to create that effect. Aniston is addicted to those!

  26. paint chips

    So I guess he… BOLTED. Har har me so funny.

    Good thinking Michael this bitch has seen her prime and it was back in Beverly Hills Ninja opposite a comedy genius. RIP Chris Farley and Nicollette Sheriden’s former young hotness.

    Bolton you are old and sing crappy songs, but you have money and fame afforded to you by useless women with no taste so you can surely can get some trashy somewhat hot young thing with plastic Bolt-ons.

    Time for an upgrade. But kiss those inch long nipples goodbye cuz you won’t find many more of those.

  27. NY Ted

    Michael Bolton is still alive…???

  28. Goober

    Too many yucky bikini shots finally did her in. Still better than Bolton’s hair. Awww, let’s hear it for a 3-peat.

  29. Dr. Phil mmkay?

    Technically, there can only be TWO….

  30. crakho

    You can always tell someone’s true age by their hands and hers are wrinkled and gross

  31. devilsrain

    crypt keepers job is in jeopardy

    Watched all those high-school girls with nipple stickers on their TITS.
    It can be a punishment indeed to accept your age!!

  33. zed

    can hang a house coat off those puppies!

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