Nicollette Sheridan is still wearing a bikini

December 27th, 2007 // 108 Comments

Nicollette Sheridan enjoyed some more of her holiday vacation in St. Barts. She sported a new bikini then decided to do a little jogging ala Baywatch. They should really consider remaking that show and I nominate Nicollette for the role of Mitch. I know what you’re thinking: that’s a man’s role. But, if we’re to truly honor the artistry of David Hasselhoff, Mitch should be played by someone that has boobs both equally old yet awesome like the Hoff’s. Did I just say the Hoff’s breasts are awesome? You tell me.*

* Answer: Yes!

Photos: Splash News

  1. dang


  2. 1MILF Hunter

    She has aged very well. Let’s see in 20 years how Spears and the like compare.

  3. morga

    An inspiration to all :-)

  4. sportsdvl

    Her body is looking good, but that face is still fugly!

  5. jenster

    now THAT’s how you age well. take note sharon stone…..

  6. More importantly, did you just say her boobs aren’t new?

  7. Texas Tranny

    Nice bikini, very pretty, the bottoms look like pretty panties.

  8. If I were just 20 years younger….

  9. 1MILF Hunter

    Jennifer Love Hewitt would kill to have that lower body.

  10. RichPort

    OK, fine, I’ll fuck her… but only twice.

  11. No, JLH LOVES her body, remember?

  12. why does she always look like she thinks she’s the hottest ass around when 1) she’s not 2) she’s engaged to MICHAEL BOLTON.

  13. ph7

    Nothing worse than a 40-year old desperately trying to remain physically attractive.

    Desperation is not sexy.

  14. bob

    # 15 – say what you will, but she has a much better body than all of the anorexic 20 year old hollywood starlets out there. I hope my wife has a body that good when she’s 45.

  15. Go Nicolette


    Yes there are: a desperate 28 year old with a wide ass filled with cellulites and a desperate 26 year old who’s so fat and ugly now that she’s willing to fuck everyone, including paparazzi.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    @15 I got to disagree with you my friend, Nicole looks good. If she’s going to be a cougar, she’s going to be the fuckin’ leader of the pack!

  17. What A Great Ass

    Nicolette’s ass and thighs in pic #3 are recovering me from my nightmares of JLH’s pics.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Doh, I meant Nicolette.

  19. Ooba Gooba

    Pretty woman, but she looks like she would be a very ice cold person.

  20. nipolian

    #15 – Are you fucking 12 yrs old? I feel sorry for you if you think anyone over 40 should give up on maintaining their physical appearance……She deserves all the credit in the world for looking that hot at 45……Stupidity is not sexy either.

  21. IFuckingHateYou

    I’ll give it to her on the body, looking good.
    Too bad about her butter-face.
    She was definitely prettier several years back, these dumb cunts should realize that plastic surgery should only be applied to the brestical region, not the facial region.

  22. lambman

    Isn’t she pregnant? I guess must just be in the very early stages of it, regardless she looks good for her age!

  23. Realist

    Yup, JLH WOULD kill to have that lower body. She just wouldn’t exercise and eat right to get it.

  24. Mal Reynolds

    I gotta say it, she looks good. I like to joke about her being a transsexual, but seriously she looks good.
    And #15, STFU. I know that you are dreading turning 25 because that will mean you are “OLD”, but try to realize that you are probably going tolive to be 80 and you ought to want to look good regardless.

  25. Nicorette certainly got me hard

  26. Very Fuckable Nicolette


    Come on, confess: Are you JLH or Britney?

  27. ISupportNicollette

    I fully support Nicollette Sheridan’s right to wear bikini’s. Please let her know that anytime she wants to take it off I will look. Happily!

  28. RENEE...

    Alright enough with this bitch already! Yeah, she looks good for her age; but come on…we know its not all just good genes & nature at work here; her plastic surgeon can take at least 50% credit. And she looks like she would be such a stuck up and difficult bitch; I can’t even stand to look at her anymore. Plus her face doesn’t match her body; it looks old and haggard. Get over yourself Nicolette.

  29. arty

    She´s 100% doable!!!!!

  30. kirsten

    She looks great, and the last four pics show why. She busting her ass and keeping her metabolism up, instead of stuffing her face with Cheetohs like someone else we know.

  31. Ally

    She looks GREAT!! I don’t care how old she is, she is in good shape!.. good for her!

  32. I need to start vacationing in St. Barts.

  33. ffren

    how tall is she anyways? Only tall girls ae hot.

  34. ffren

    How tall is she anyway? Only tall girls are hot.

  35. put the ugly people in the back

    Here she is naked. Compare the pics and you’ll see she has gotten some SMALL impalnts. But she definitely got some. Not all implants are sickly huge a la Pamela Anderson many hjust go up a cup size for themselves and since they usually wear padded bra’s before no one notices, except when you let your new boobs hang out for all to see.


  36. AssBigot

    very lovely

  37. Scott

    Mmmmm, she’s a pretty nice piece…she needs to be fucking my mouth and cock…

  38. Binky

    So, what’s with this Kraft flatulence game ? I’ll have to cut the cheese ? WTF ?
    It came out, and like, attacked my mouse arrow thingie just below the half head.
    And who the hell puts hunks of apple on Ritz Crackers?
    (Where’s are the old cookies ?)
    Cliff Notes : Put on the cheese first
    Oh. And Nicorette looks gr8 !

  39. put the ugly people in the back

    35 36, you’re obviously a loser and could you try hittting the post button just once douchebag. But I guess someone stupid enough to think only tall people are good looking is also stupid enough to not be able to hit a button only once. Yep yopu’re the loser that hits the elevator button again even after it lit up. That’s just fucking sad.

    And no I’m not short I’m actually extremely tall. However some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen are petite. So I had to respong=d to such an idiotic comment.

  40. bryan

    Yes tall chicks are very hot!

  41. put the ugly people in the back



  42. Binky, you drunk? I don’t understand. And you didn’t share..

  43. lacy

    ONLY tall chicks are hot, to correct you.

  44. Binky

    I’ve got a Kraft game when I click on this site.
    You catch toppings with a Ritz cracker. If you miss – you have to cut the cheese. lol
    I guess it’s a Canadian ad or something if you don’t get it on yours

  45. dang

    Number 41, do the words grammar nazi mean anything to you???

  46. Oh thank God, Binky, I thought you were losing it. Oh wait..

  47. Larry

    My little cougar got out of her cage and bit me.

  48. I get a Folgers ad

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