Nicollete Sheridan doesn’t like being fired

April 6th, 2010 // 43 Comments

Nicollete Sheridan is suing Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry for $20 million citing assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination. TMZ reports:

In the lawsuit, Sheridan claims Cherry created a hostile work environment from the get go, “behaving in an extremely abusive and aggressive manner toward the individuals who work on the show.”
Sheridan says during the 5th season, Cherry put her in his crosshairs. She claims on September 24, 2008, he physically assaulted her after she questioned him about something in the script. According to the lawsuit, “Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head.”
According to the suit, after the alleged incident, Cherry went to her trailer to “beg forgiveness.”
Sheridan says she immediately reported the incident to ABC, but Cherry’s aggressiveness only worsened and ABC failed to take action.
And, she says, she was killed off the show unfairly.

While I’m almost 100% certain that last line explains everything, I’m not ruling out the fact Marc Cherry is a Log Cabin Republican and therefore spends each day teetering on the verge of insanity. Seriously, that’s like being a Jewish Nazi. “You want to do what to my people? Oh, well, I need a hobby.”


  1. wahwahwaaaah!

    But really, who does?!

  2. John

    You know, for a Milf and half, she’s a HOT looking lady.

    If anything, they never made her look this hot in the show. Stupid TV execs…

  3. swan

    Yes, she looks great. She runs and takes care of her body. She is much more attractive than younger girls like Lohan and Barton who don’t work out, starve themselves and snort anything in sight.

  4. xylus

    Good for her, sue everybody. Give the lawyers some work as they’re struggling financially these days….

  5. Deacon Jones

    Log Cabin Republican = Jewish Nazi

    hahahaha, good one Fish.

    She probably got turned on by getting slapped anyways, she looks like the type that would enjoy that

  6. nutnbutter

    wouldn’t take much for me to lay one inside her. i’d play cleanup with my own creampie on her…. mmm mm good – nutnbutter

  7. Parker

    boy, she’s got to be old as my grandmother but loooking at her in these pics, if I only saw her from the back, I’d seriously consider having anal sex with her.

  8. josmo

    Yes, she looks quite do-able but…. I heard her interviewed and she say’s she’s not that in to sex – unlike her character. soooo big turnoff. I’d rather do a pot smokin’ Misha Barton.

  9. sborrainboc

    I think she might be the hottest milf out there. FAP FAP FAP

  10. @6 – yeah and then you’d wake up. I think you’d enjoy a cockmeat sandwich more.

  11. H.Lector

    she would taste great roasting on a spit, accompanied by a little ouzo…


    This is what a damn hot older woman looks like. Damn she is so fuckable its killing me. And you know she is good in the sack at the age with those looks. You don’t spend that kind of time & effort to take care of yourself and then act like a lame ass in the bedroom. She makes the top 10 of Hollyweird MILFS!!!

  13. Rhialto

    I’d remember her all the way back from ‘Knots Landing’ in the late eighties.Already a hot piece of ass in that time . .

  14. Gando

    #14 “Knots Landing” never made it to Europe didn’t it?

  15. pimp

    she looks good…she’d look great with my dick in her ass…

  16. jlylec

    that’s one hot old broad…probably a super cunt though…why else would she be fired?

  17. jlylec

    i’m feeling guilty now, cause what if she’s really a sweetheart? she’s so hot and old that i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. DON’T FUCK UP MY BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, SWEET TITS! be cool.

  18. Nero

    She did have frequently bitch-roles.Is that because there’s something bitchy about her?

  19. brooklyn

    The Author of Superficial has a big fat political bigotry. The way one talks about Log Cabin Republicans and Jewish Nazi’s is so tiresome. The blogger used to be funny, but over time we slowly get the picture of a biased, Democratic Partisan leaning stereotype.

    Rather sad…

  20. Caity

    Why is it that a middle-aged women has a nicer body than I do? I’m 19… it’s not fair damn it.

  21. Armando

    Nicole is 50 something isn’t she? I bang that baby in every room in her house twice. Nice going Nic you look fucking great.

  22. Courtyardpigeon

    Not only does she look amazing for any age….she looks like she loves sex…and lots of it

  23. Tightest caboose in the business.

  24. BitemeBitche$

    If you look at the enlarged pic #4 that dog has his eyes on her crotch!! Hummmm, I wonder what’s up with that?? I can’t say I blame him. I’d take a lick too..

  25. Gueibor

    How do you hit someone non-forcefully?
    Also, what do you do with a cougarmilf-induced boner when you accidentally scroll down and get kicked in the eyeballs with Mischa Barton’s Cthulhu-ness?

  26. What are you eating, let me see …

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  28. Jeff

    god i hate you fish. just another bias blind crazy liberal talking shit bout reupublicans with nothing to back it up, you used to be funny as fuck

    but enough of that lefty fag, this bitch is the hottest milf ever. ever

  29. “Fish” you are def a meat gazer. She looks great . . . and you know you would lay the proper pipe if you were given the chance. STOP GAZING MEAT FISH.

  30. captain america

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  32. cc

    Her body is fantastic, especially for a someone 46. Great behind.

    Anyone else remember her in ‘The Sure Thing’ ? She was incredibly hot in that movie. After all these years I remember that movie like it was yesterday.

  33. See Alice

    SMOKING HOT body !

  34. Not only does she look amazing for any age….she looks like she loves sex…and lots of it

  35. who.. she was fired so long ago.. she just now brings this lawsuit up? hmm. fishy.

  36. i do not like her … actually..

  37. She is a joke, a has-been, a fraud, a horrible mother, etc. WHY she even still shows her ugly face in public is beyond me. She has no idea the people are laughing at her and not with her

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