Nicole wants to be like Paris, calls off engagement

December 7th, 2005 // 20 Comments

tn_richie_dj_am_mtv_awards_cr.jpgIn perhaps the most shocking news of the day, Nicole Richie won’t be getting married after all. The Simple Life star has decided to D-U-M-P DJ AM.

Richie’s publicist, Cindy Guagenti, confirmed to the Associated Press on Wednesday that the couple have split. She said the breakup had been in the works for several days…

We can all expect the Nicole Richie/Adam Goldstein sex tape anytime now. This girl’s desire to be like Paris Hilton is so sad. Next on the to-do list is to rebound with someone who has the same first name, and to get into a car accident with a bunch of fellow b-listers.

Riche, DJ AM break up [Yahoo]


  1. Did Paris write a book? Because then that would be another thing Nicole copied.

  2. nikki

    Nicole is clearly jealous of a stomach-stapled man who can eat even less than she does.

  3. parisdepaul

    Superficial, don’t be such a jerk. These two actually seemed to be the only genuine couple in Hollywood who really enjoyed each other’s company and did not “whore around” their relationship.

    Stop being so mean. This was so unexpected, I hope they work things out, I’m really rooting for them.

  4. Georgia

    No one in Hollywood is genuine.

    I’m glad they broke up, they would have has some sickly looking underweight chilren. Gross.

    Now Nicole will have more time to focus on doing as much nothing as Paris, while denying she owes anything(say her entire existance) to riding the coattails of a pathetic anti-star(Paris MotelSix, oh I mean Hilton, yeah thats it)

  5. Binky

    She’s dumped DJ – A.M. ? !!!! Is FM next ? Damn this satellite radio is ruining EVERYTHING !!! I bet next they’ll try to convince us Howard Stern is just a dumb perv. The Horror. The Horror.
    Don’t worry Nicole – I can find you a good volunteer position. Ok – bring the cameras – it’ll be ‘easy like Sunday morning.’

  6. ochamelon

    Yay! More weight loss for Nicole! Might die in the process…

    Somewhat crestfallen though, I wanted to see what their wedding would be like.

  7. sheesh

    oh well i thought nicole and that dj guy would actually make it. at least long enough to get married and then split after she turned back to heroin and he started having sex with paris or something crazy.

  8. derekd

    “Superficial, don’t be such a jerk.”

    Don’t be such a crybaby! Here’s a news flash for you. This website is for people who absolutely savor when superstars take a turn for the worst. It makes us mere mortals feel a hell of a lot better watching these clowns fall off thier high horse and if they land face first its even better. The best quote in describing celebrities is, “All of this and rich AND famous too!”

  9. Iscariot

    Finally now my fantasy of a Nicole, Paris and I threesome is another step closer to happening. I thought all hope was lost once Paris and Paris were getting married.

    It’s fate I tells ya.

    More seriously, was this the boyfriend who made an appearance on the Simple Life? If so, wow they were together for a pretty long time in terms of celebrity couples.

  10. Ashland

    He’s gross (looks like a sixteen year old that eats too many greasy Big Macs)…and she’s done WHAT to be famous??? Who cares? She just needs to keep piling on the underye concealer. She looks like Uncle Fester without makeup.

  11. IKillChildren

    I’m pretty sure they did “whore around” in their realtionship, I mean c’mon, these are slutty celebrities. And I’m sure he’s a waaay bigger slut than she is. He’s I’m sure popular with the ladies. But, everyone shouldv’e known this was coming, slutty celebrities are not going to find their soulmate in Hollywood.

  12. Popz9

    nicole is like paris’ left tit… barely there but big enough to cause a stick if it isn’t noticed…

  13. thesuperficialist

    I do feel sort of bad for her. I actually don’t mind her, sure she’s famous for no reason and she looks like a scarry human ant. But, I’m a sucker for someone who can reform. Getting off heroine is no joke. I sure as hell like her better than Paris.

  14. hmm.. weird… i actually thought she was getting better than Paris… no sex tape, waaay less heroine, weight loss, proper boyfriend… and supposedly more mature than Paris…

    but then again: sex tape might pop up, sleeping pills or anti-depressents as a substitute to heroine, even more weight loss, a new spoiled brat girly foriegn boyfriend named Nicole Sweatyandgreasy…

    yup, things could get worse :p

  15. Linnea

    I feel unclean that this shocked me. Unclean like that crazy homeless guy who tried to convince me to kill myself because the end times were near. Oddly enough, Nicole looks kind of like him. Coincidence? I think not. I’m just going to go and take a warm shower, slit my wrists, and pretend like this nightmare never happened.

  16. ~S.Starr~

    Wow…didn’t see this one coming…

    At least she dumped him before the wedding instead of having a quicky wedding like all other celebrities.

    OK who is next!!! We know Britney and Kevin are heading for divorce…how about Christina A. and Jordan Bratman????

  17. GabbyGirl

    I feel bad for her now, I mean who is going to insert her feeding tube now that he is gone?

  18. lebowski

    Oh yeah, Nicole Richie is like, my hero. So brave to come off heroin and switch to cocaine which is like, soooooo much cooler…

  19. luvdumbnbase

    What kind of name is “DJ A.M.” anyways? Oh yes, one of a past (or present?) coke addict.

    What kind of music does he spin anyways? A new style, somewhere along the lines of: Shitcore.

  20. And I'm sure it's a big dog that waaay. It is, I am sure that popular among the ladies. But everyone knows what shouldv'e coming, celebrity dog does not find a soul mate in Hollywood.

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