Nicole Scherzinger: Because I love the smell of bikini in the morning

August 20th, 2008 // 40 Comments

These are shots of Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls in Ibiza. I hate to say it but Nicole does kind of remind me of Kim Kardashian. But, you know, minus the pending heart attack, cellulite and facial hair. Other than that, it’s like they’re sisters!

Photos: Splash News

  1. For the Lord

    I dedicate this great victory to God.

  2. mimi

    praying for Amy

  3. Pauly

    I like caramel

  4. Teef

    I’d leave her with a face like a painter’s radio

  5. Sam

    I hate the pussycat dolls with passion,I think they are one of the signs of the apocalypse but I have to admit this girl is fucking hot,

  6. lazy dumbniggr tracksters

    Why do lazy niggrs stop running before the finish line in track and field events. Are they too retarded or dumb to recognize the finish line?

  7. Oscar

    Her body is tighter than a snare drum.

  8. I’d like to weigh her on my facial scale.

  9. Tapeworm

    Kardashian also has furry arms and a hairy asshole. But waxing does wonders, just ask her.

  10. i like boats. Boats with hotties in bikinis are twice as nice.

  11. hotti

    Does this bitch ever smile?

  12. Mr. Pink

    She looks like crap , nuthin special , so get outta here with that 08/15 chick
    + Music sucks big time too

  13. Man Up Punk

    Number 8. I dare you say that “N” word in public. I love you cowards that say stuff behind screen names on the internet. I dont care if you are black or white. Please let me hear you make that comment. I promise you you will find a new respect for Black people. I dont see where any non-black athletes were within the television frame shot of those “Lazy N’s” as you put. You are such a punk, coward. Please let me find out who you are.

  14. rough daddy

    yea shes hot! not built like kim…theres something about that kim boy,,,it just set her apart!!!

  15. nipolian

    I’ll bet the smell of that bikini in the morning is pretty nasty.

  16. Cracker-Mutt

    #11 – You mean “AXE” her ?

  17. kevTHA

    her face ALWAYS reminds me of a dude, which makes me reluctant to ever call her attractive.
    stupid bitch

  18. UK_Matt

    @7 Absolutely spot on. I thought I was alone.

    I was pretty envious of Lewis Hamilton yesterday, today I’m distraught – millions a year to drive around in a big circle, free Mercedes, Boss and Tag and now thats his girl.

  19. StinkyPinky

    I’d smell her farts…

  20. you short-dicked nerds

    #19 you cocksucking loser get back to flipping those burgers, you fag

  21. Liz

    Haha… right on. I’ve thought of it too. Shudder.

  22. Barak Obama

    #8, she found out there was no fried chicken at the finish line.

  23. kat

    just the fact that she got to sleep with Nick Hexum makes me want to drown her in the ocean. how does this skank get a piece that damn sexy? no fair. i’m twice as shot as she is!

    /end pout

  24. Too bad she has “I’m mad because someone is filming me” face. Just relax and enjoy the attention; it won’t last much longer.

  25. #8 who cares? Your comment is irrelevant to this topic, and running btw is far from a lazy sport. Go back to bed.

  26. #26 many celebs have the, “Im mad because someone is filming me,” face because at least 50% of the time or more they know they’ll get bad press or bad comments. Im sure NIcole knows about Superficial’s reputation.

  27. wellsley snipers

    99% of women would look masculine compared to you metrosexual fags

  28. bosendorfer

    i just remember a few scherzinger (real last name prescovia) posts ago where you shot her doing yoga on the beach in red sweatpants and her labia were bulging out of the crotch like an octogenarian’s ball sack and someone actually wrote something like: “Now is the time to sniff the pussy hole,” and various offended parties wrote back in protest. it’s a gas every time you have this whore on!

  29. you douchebag

    The typical comment from a douchebag is to call a hot chick a whore because the douchebag knows he would never have a chance with her so he tries to sooth his ego by putting others down. I’ve known those douchebag types all my life and those douchebags all have the same annoying mentality

  30. That’s right tell they azz #31.

  31. weirdo

    I’d smell that bikini morning, noon, and night, front and back and love it every time!


    Kim Kardashian facial hair?? YOU ARE FUCKING GAY, GAY GAY GAY.
    Kim Kardashian is the hottest woman on the planet.

    You are a fucking absolutely GAY queer sissy lady.

  33. the smell of lazy persons?
    be sure: IT’S ALL THERE!!

  34. Kukore

    Nicole is like Kim Kardashian only with smaller ass/tits. In other words Nicole looks like a strange Armenian he-bitch.

  35. biki

    She is really nice !! It is said she is at a beautiful models site where more bikini photos of her can be found.

  36. She is really nice and sexy!!!

  37. calton

    probably a MUDSHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. GC TAylor

    Number 8 your K-9, dog-ass mama should have taught your bitch ass something besides being an asshole and a coward! it’s faggots like you that make me want to beat the shit out of all you little pink bitches! Soft ass bitch!

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