Nicole Scherzinger in a bikini

June 15th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Here’s Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls in Hawaii over the weekend, and I love how in shape this woman is yet still has some padding in the back. It’s like she was carved by Michelangelo out of Kim Kardashian except let’s not act like he couldn’t have made two of her if he wasn’t such a lazy Italian. Seriously, dude.

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  1. richard

    …. back in 5

  2. happy trail

    is that a happy trail?

  3. Venom


  4. Eddy

    Actually if Michelangelo carved her, she’d probably look like a chick with breasts stapled onto the front. I mean the guy didn’t exactly do a great job with women.

  5. When are they going to invent permanent makeup? I didnt even recognize her…anywayz that bod was built to practice the kama sutra on, Im in da mood for curry for some reason…

  6. Eddy

    Actually if Michelangelo carved her, she’d probably look like a dude with breasts stapled onto the front. I mean the guy didn’t exactly do a great job with women.

  7. CJ

    Body is a 9. The face is about a 5

  8. Silly

    her body is quite near flawless.

    and she has quite the voice.

  9. Tom K

    Finally!!! Jackpot!!! This woman is gorgeous! I don’t give a fuck what anyone says not too skinny, her boobs are not gigantic and fake looking, nice waist.

  10. dude

    when they carved her, they carved her fucking gut to hang over her bikini’s front panel.

  11. Richard McBeef

    hot body, rat face.

  12. Initial_G

    She actually looks pretty good without 6 pounds of stripper makeup caked on like frosting.

  13. Some Girl

    She looks amazing! Are those real boobs?

  14. Smokin’ body, but the face of a male 12 year old italian pickpocket.

    And the latter is not a good thing, at least for me…

  15. gil

    not sure who she is but shes looks UGLY

  16. love too fuck her all nite long. p.s #18 you suck gay balls

  17. Wow! She’s really hot. And one of the prettiest woman I have seen. Have you, guys know that she’s half-Filipina?

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  18. RtSS

    Now you’re talkin’; the fish has just came through… Don’tcha, don’tdha, don’tcha wish your girlfriend was just like her. I’d hit that twice every day, and four times on Sunday. WooooHoooo! Nicole Rules!

  19. I need to find out if shes doing any face sitting for her favorite charity! I need those soft fuzzy cheeks spread on my face like a plateful of hummus….

  20. RtSS

    Nicole has the most smokin’ hot moves on the stage. Plus, PCD outfits that leave little to the imagination. I would indeed push her button, many, many, times. If only I would ever get the chance. All you haters (#18) can just sit down and shut-up. As long as I have a face, Nicole has a place to sit.

  21. I like how she’s picking her peas in #2. Classy.

  22. ___

    This chick’s ass is about 800 million times better than Kardashians. If you like Kim’s better, well, then you just love fat asses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  23. Mr. Smooth

    Please, may I insert my stiffened penis inside you until I squirt my ejaculate?

  24. Natasha

    Michelangelo Buonarroti was gay, dummy. Anyway, If you combined Kim K’s face with Nicole’s body you would get the most gorgeous woman ever. Not that theres anything wrong with Nicole’s face or Kim’s body. I’m just sayin’.

  25. Crocoduck approves!

  26. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    So what if she’s a butterface? That’s what paper bags are for!

  27. me

    Ok, she’s squinting in the sunlight. Her face is completely gorgeous too, but she looks almost human when the sun’s right in her face. I love to hate her for being so effing perfect!!

  28. Me

    Anyone posting after Me likes to eat the dingleberries that Nicole Scherzinger picks out of her ass

  29. pinky

    hey Me I THINK THOSE DINGLEBERRIES would be so good!!!

  30. pinky

    Hey Me! I think those dingleberries would be so good to eat from Nicole Scherzinger!!

  31. hgsh


  32. HoodFellaz

    One of the most amazing body, but her face without make up meeeeh, it’s okay though, still love her.

  33. Superbiggerevil

    Anyone posting in #31 spot eats refried beans out of the late David Carradine’s shriveled asshole.

  34. How sexy, Pussy cat dolls is currently here in the Philippines to have a Concert I really love their music.

  35. alisa

    wowwwwwwww do you guys ever see women without makeup? or do you only look at celebrities in posed pictures.. which by the way…. is after they had 2 hours of makeup done.

  36. Blue

    Never been a big fan of hers but I got to say that she looks so much better without her layers or makeup and fake lashes! Almost unrecognizable!

  37. rogoller

    i want nicole now..shes freakin hot and i want to bone her now!

  38. tc

    A genuine feast for the eyes.

    Natural looking, other than the fact that she isn’t begging me for sex, I really can’t think of how I might improve her

  39. tibi

    ha we have the same bikinis!

  40. I wouldn’t even be able to recognize her on the streets. She looks so plain.

  41. Yeah

    Hey now.

  42. Darth


  43. She is so sexy and gorgeous.

  44. OMG! She is so sexy. I like her

  45. n

    either she has a very padded bikini top, or she had a boob job. google old pics.


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