Nicole Richie’s ass surprisingly exists

November 30th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Let me start by saying there are several things I would feasibly believe Nicole Richie possesses:

Pirate ship.
One Ring to rule them all.
Jesus’ body.

But an ass? C’mon, there’s no way these aren’t Photoshopped. And, seriously, whoever did this, Optimus Prime’s face would’ve looked more realistic back there. You know, provided he was winking and smoking a cigar like Groucho Marx. I’m a helper :)

Photos: Flynet

  1. john

    first, i am gay.

  2. Rhode Island

    Anyone posting after me swallows Benji Madden’s creamy manjuice

  3. You call that an ass?

  4. rawr

    where is it? im looking but i cnt find it.

  5. Rhode Island's Mom

    Rhode Island, sweetie, momma’s getting tired today. If I take one more load there won’t be any room left to suck you off before bedtime.

  6. Douchie knows ass, well, male ass anyways.

  7. Aint it funny how Backwood boy just want to type to me! only not about the subject matter! and his comments are always violently gay!

  8. Rough Daddy

    i don’t know ass, but my ass is well known.

  9. Anexio

    Okay, to all those that posted before me….

    Jesus loves you.

    Unless you are a homo, then he doesnt love you.

    Unless you are unmarried and living in sin, then he doesnt love you.

    Unless you are black, yellow, brown or purple, then he doesnt love you.

    If you are white, a weekly church goer, and you have sex in the missionary position only then yes!!! Jesus loves you.

    If you voted no on Prop 8 then Jesus loves you.

  10. Aja

    I love her hair. Is it hers?

  11. Aja

    I love her hair. Is it hers?

  12. godless guru

    Fortunately for mankind, jesus only exists in the minds of the idiots who believe in him.

  13. ADF

    She has slender figure and is so hot…I’m a hip chick and interested in exotic things, I have my photos on ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***. If u want to chat with me, just find me out.

  14. Randal

    Nicole has always been a front runner for that part of perfection, be it the sparkle in her smile, the glitter in her eyes, the cascading effect of her hair which dangles right above her perfect bottom.

    A diamond in the rough when she became a star from the Simple Life and still a diamond in the rough today.


  15. lazy troll



  16. Randal akaJimbo
    Always good to see your posts. ;o)

  17. Sperm Bank

    I thought that this slut said that she and her sperm donor were going to get married, and that was about two years ago. What happened?

    I know the kid is ugly, but WTF?

  18. Mike

    Nichole who?

    Where’s my fucking check Obama?

  19. Randal is God

    I love you Randal!
    You brighten the darkest day in clouds of despair that depart from the soothing typing of your sweet words – a melody to the discerning listener and opiate for the cognoscenti!
    May I suck your cock?

  20. @19 sorry, but douchie handles all the cock sucking around here.

  21. kahlee

    thats not much of an ass, but Its getting there : ) she just needs to work on her glutes and eat a tiny bit more.

  22. What ever man

    Is there a man in this world besides the poor sap that dropped his dirty eggnog in that sewer hole that gives a rats ass about this chick? Just askin’ cause I don’t.

  23. She still has an ass. Everybody does. ;p

  24. This is so funny :) And she does look very hot too!

  25. Rynn

    I heard that she appeared on a dating community ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM*** with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some singles there. It is amazing.

  26. If jesus has the brains of this moron, YOU’D BETTER BE START PRAYING, folks!!

  27. AmberDextrose

    # 16 – did you miss the other day’s duplicate Rough Daddy/Randal posting?

  28. Aja

    I’ve decided that her hair, the hair I said I love in 10 and 11, is hers after all. It’s truly and genuinely attached to the skin in all its curly kinky fuzzy little glory. I could tell when I licked it!

    Now, is the hair on her head her hair, or is it a wig?

  29. Ted from LA

    It is getting more and more difficult to fine the fucking threads on this website with all the ads you have pasted everywhere. Give a few of them a rest. They also fuck with the security system of my computer and force it to abort opening this site often times. As for her ass, it looks like it is about 5 feet tall.

  30. Sure she has an ass, but I don’t see him in these pictures…

  31. she living off daddy still or living off of her hubby?

  32. Minty

    everyone looks like they have an ass when they wear spandex….Post a picture with her ass looking nice in a pair of jeans or it doesn’t count.

  33. Earl

    First and most important, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, Jesus loves you! As far as Nicole’s ass, I think it looks just fine. Her hair is also a big plus. She should be proud of both her hair and her ass and I’m happy to look at pictures of her. Girard, you’re right, If Jesus had only the intelligence of any mortal,we would’nt even be here.

  34. linda

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  35. Ted from LA

    linda, you’re a whore.

  36. Cliff Clavin

    Yes, Linda, Ted is correct you are a whore.

  37. Aja

    # 29, I didn’t say that….grrrrr

  38. I can attest that Linda is a whore.

  39. IKE

    She might want to have one more. The first one did her a lot of good (she no longer looks like a boy….an ugly one at that), so the second could put her into the downright attractive category.

  40. AJ

    Always wear comfortable shoes like spiked boots when carrying your toddler lol! I hope her daughter does not turn anorexic.

  41. jetadore

    great boots.

  42. If by ass you mean a poop hole stuck onto her lower back. How the hell can this be confused with an ass?

  43. eyepopper

    You say tidbit, we say TITbit. For crissake, it’s an arse. An ass is a donkey!

  44. Astrid

    Goddamn it #31, you beat me to it.

    And ‘Linda’ is an ageing slut’s name.
    So #35 is undoubtedly a whore.
    And an old one at that.

  45. el ces

    Yesshh, I likes it.

  46. gigi

    BOOOOTTTTSSSS!!!! yummy! :D

  47. tiffany

    no, no it doesn’t exist. there is nothing there…

  48. First and most important, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, Jesus loves you! As far as Nicole’s ass, I think it looks just fine

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