Nicole Richie writes boring book

nrichie.jpgNicole Richie has written a new book called Rock + Royalty which is a fictional story loosely based on her personal life. Nicole admits she didn’t have to do too much research for the project since the main character is a socialite similar to herself.

“I would think about things that I have experienced and just twist it down and make them more exciting or a little less exciting.”

I’ve never written a book so I’m not in any real position to cast criticism, but that sounds like a pretty terrible premise for a story. Where are the ninjas and the pirates and the evil doomsday-machines? I’m sure a story about a spoiled kid doing drugs and buying cars has potential, but if Nicole really wants to take this thing seriously she should consider adding in some robots. A recent poll in Newsweek said that books with robots were 100% better than books without robots.*

*Note: I didn’t bother to actually check Newsweek so this poll may or may not exist. I just assumed it did because it makes so much sense. Robots are cool, man.