Nicole Richie unofficially officially pregnant

July 3rd, 2007 // 133 Comments

I don’t know if this is news since we’ve already known for weeks, but several sources have confirmed that Nicole Richie is indeed pregnant. She’s been dating Joel Madden for over six months and In Touch reports that the two will get married this summer. She also faces DUI charges from her arrest last December when she was found high and driving the wrong way on a freeway. Her trial is set for July 11 and, if convicted, she’ll spend a minimum of five days in jail.

I still don’t know how she got pregnant though. Her body doesn’t seem physically capable of carrying a child. I’m pretty sure when she gives birth it won’t even be a baby, just a giant pile of cigarette ash and used condoms.



  1. fatty

    fucking dirty whore bitch, trash bag, cum filled rag mother fucker!

  2. “When she gives birth it’s just gonna be a pile of cigarette ash and used condoms.”

    Credit due, that was amusing.

  3. Sportsdvl

    Seriously, who would fuck this nasty skank? Her BF should be killed.

  4. SOFab

    That HAS to be physically impossible…

  5. mrs.t

    #4: Have you SEEN her boyfriend? YY chromosome with extreme prejudice.

  6. sir scottie

    Give her a chance. She might be a caring, loving mama

  7. woodhorse

    she should have listened to jrzmommy. Not only will that not keep her out of jail, she will be so tied down with the kid just like Britney….

  8. mr sensitive

    If she’s really pregnant, there are two possibilities: she blimps out well beyond her maximal weight during her fattie days, or she leaves a red spot with a little gristle in it on the couch during the next month or so.

  9. cosmetologist

    She’ll have to hire a wet nurse once the kid is born. I’m sure anorexics can’t breastfeed, but then again, I also read somewhere that they can’t get pregnant either. This is very strange indeed. I always thought she looks like an alien.

  10. Jimbo

    I wash i was that skinny…

  11. cosmetologist

    At least they know how to take care of heroin babies in prison.

  12. Ginger

    I hope she is not pregnant! That poor child!

  13. mrs. t

    She’s probably trying to get another reality TV show. I bet it’ll be picked up by the “E” channel on cable. Wait until they start shooting and one day the star of the show is suddenly floating in the toilet…

  14. Ooba Gooba

    This will be the unhealthiest kid ever born, if it even lives. Oh well, Twitney’s kids will have a playmate now when their mother and Richie go out clubbing every night.

  15. Dennis

    Well, there goes another Hollywood body that will be streched out of proportion and permenantly scared!

  16. Jimbo

    @11 if you are going to troll me check your trolling before you send it. My spelling and typos are bad enough, but my troll is supposed to be better than that.

  17. ohmygod

    oh my god.. nicole richie is a clone of the olsen twins!!

  18. Becky

    Unless she swallowed a bowling ball, she definately looks preggo in these pics.

  19. susan

    Hey Jimbo – you’re a brave soul! You’ve got KraziKelli all hot for you (Michelle Rodriguez thread). I didn’t think any guy here would have that type of courage!

  20. Jimbo

    @18 Didn’t you know she was their mother? She had the twins when she was very young

  21. Condom Man sends 1,000 condoms to Nicole Richie

  22. ali

    nicole richie has really cute style. wait, her stylist has really cute style. either way, she definitely looks pregnant. im sure it would have been aborted if the jail thing wasnt an issue. oh how tragic it must be to be a celebrity. not. she wont go to jail im sure of it.

  23. ali

    ps. this is ‘the superficial’ so i’ll be it. i have that exact balenciaga bag!

  24. bigDINGdong

    FIRST… bitches!!!!

  25. J

    Nicole Nicole

    she is not healthy to have kids

  26. Jimbo

    @20 Susan – Thanks I missed it. The stupid little bitch has ripped on my before. Have you seen my troll in action. Kind of a quiet day for her. She was on a roll the other day.

  27. This kid will be hanging out with Britney’s spawn in about 20 years…….raising hell, drinking, and smoking their way into the record books.

  28. Lux

    She’s probably faking a pregnancy to cover up her eating disorder. As she get’s closer to her due date she’ll grow panicked to produce a child, and then abduct a pregnant woman and steal the unborn baby from her womb. Then she’ll have an exclusive 8 page spread with Vanity Fair of her and Joel smiling with their asian baby, and tell the magazine that she dropped the baby weight with pilates.

  29. MrSemprini

    Well, she’ll be eating for tw… uh 1.3?

  30. Jimbo

    Now I feel better. Buttuglykelli was ripping on my troll not me.

  31. polypam

    OHMYGOD PEOPLE, let’s get to the bigger issue here.

    She is supposed to be such a fashionplate and she is wearing UGGS???


  32. dr phil

    In her case, an abortion would only require a paperclip, not a coathanger.

  33. Jimbo

    Nicole is in training for her new role as an Ethiopian villager

  34. JIMBOsucksBALLS

    wait a minute….he’s a girl??

  35. michelle

    she is probably not pregnant just swallowed one too many olives…

  36. Jimbo

    @32 OMG YOU SAW THAT TOO. I thought I was the only one that caught that faux pas. What is she thinking wearing UGGS in July?

  37. lambman

    She’s eating for two now, so for lunch she had 6 grapes and 2 cans of diet coke

  38. Lux

    32: The uggs are to soothe her swollen (from pregnancy) feet. Pretty soon she’ll be wearing mom jeans with Keds.

  39. Jimbo

    @35 You so funny

  40. Probably Too Old

    My god. She’s so thin she was showing at 30 minutes.

  41. Lux

    Uggs are quite fashionable her in Los Angeles in July, particularly if your from the valley.

  42. TRoller

    What did A-Rod’s wife’s shirt say? and where are the pictures of Nick & ‘Nessa??

  43. She’s not even that skinny anymore. Hardly anorexic. Thin but not unhealthy.

  44. only me again

    Nice plagiarism, Superficial. You suck.
    June 15, 2007
    Nicole Richie is pregnant

    16. Posted by Bern on June 15, 2007 11:19 AM
    No child could survive in there. Her uterus is probably just full of cigarette ash and condom wrappers.

  45. Lux


    Nina why didn’t you list the URL for your pro-ana site?

  46. RichPort

    Fuck all of you, I think she’s hot. I’d have her sit on my face and I’d lick her pussy until she orgasmed so hard she spontaneously aborted into my mouth. Then I’d swallow and kiss her while junior bits were still dribbling down my chin. That’s love, baby.

  47. Jimbo

    Hey Nina – WHy not hot photos of you on your blog?

  48. I think C-Rods shirt said “Fuck You”…?

  49. Jimbo

    @49 Yes it did and I think most of us would

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