Nicole Richie still eating

December 27th, 2006 // 11 Comments




  1. Bioplant

    Beside whore herself for photogs, what exactly does Nicole Richie do for a living?

  2. Harry Dijon's Ghost

    I love NR heaps ;o

  3. Her tongue looks like my dogs wang

  4. blueman

    i feel like i have so much in common with her. I have been known, in my past, to on a rare occasion eat something.

  5. NicotineEyePatch

    I wish she wouldn’t eat for 2 reasons. Reason the first, the pictures are disgusting, and I don’t necessarily need the documentation (although she might if it comes up in court) and second, if she doesn’t eat, she keeps wasting away, and we get to witness her slow demise.

    Sorry, Lionel, and whoever else might care, but it’s survival of the fittest, not fattest. That burger isn’t doing her any favours. Look at her shoulder blades! They’re not even stabbing through her shirt! She can still support her own head, gross! She’s even still strong enough to WALK! Ewww! Fucking porkpie fattie fat fat.

  6. woodhorse

    my collie has better table manners. and he’s cuter too cause he looks like lassie. and his tongue doesn’t hang out before he takes a bite.

  7. Nicole Richie is disgusting. Shes a blemish on the earth and shes a complete waste of flesh and money. She has the face of a mouse and stringy hair. She should take a bath with her toaster.
    All my best Nicole.

  8. ivy

    isn’t the second girl from the right in the last picture lauren conrad?

  9. Laffinmybuttoff

    Okay Nicki, heres a step by step plan for your PR recovery.
    1)Lay low for about a week. Be seen only twice and being driven by someone else.
    2) Be seen eating. That means actually putting the food in your mouth, chewing and swollowing. Yep thats right, youre going to have to eat more than sugarless gum. The hardest part will be purging without anyone noticing.
    3) Hold your little sisters hand. Shes really cute and innocent looking.

  10. yeah, she’s such a waste of skin

  11. damn her tong is long.
    i bet Paris likes it…

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