Nicole Richie shows off her belly

August 14th, 2007 // 135 Comments

I know it’s normal for pregnant woman to get fat, but Nicole Richie looks like she put on a ton of weight overnight. She had dinner in New York City with Mischa Barton and Joel Madden last night, and for some reason felt like showing off her pregnant body in a tanktop. Four days ago she looked like this. Now she looks like this. What the hell happened over the weekend? I’m waiting for photos to surface of her crouched over and eating an entire water buffalo.

Photos: Splash

  1. kidzooo

    besides her belly with uhh a baby growing in it & it’s normal for it to get bigger.. she looks healhy & in shape.

  2. Lux

    I don’t think she looks like she’s gained that much weight. She still has skinny arms and legs, she just has a pregnant belly and boobs on her.

  3. skinybtch

    let her eat man. she looks like a fricking scarecrow when she’s not eating. I say, good for her she gained some weight

  4. salmon

    her baby is f*cked SHE is a drug addict period.
    a self indulgent immature loser, the baby is screwed..what!! a pillipinio nannie is going to fix it all???

  5. Frick!

    okay, that water buffalo comment was damn funny…funny fish writer dude must be back…thank god no more lame ass comments…at least for the day! But I really don’t see what he’s talking abt…Nicole doesn’t really look much different to me from the 2 pics. I think this one was just taken at a closer angle so it makes her look bigger. Anyways, she IS preggers…so yeh, she’s gonna keep growing wider. I still can’t believe how ironic it is that the biggest anorexic in Hollywood ends up knocked up. Fricken bizarre! It will be interesting to watch her grow and see how she handles it. That fetus is one fighter, thats for sure!!!

  6. sean

    OK, i hate nicole richie, but you really gotta lay off the pregnant women

  7. pleasestopicanttakeanymore

    Fish, you are very funny at times, and I like your sardonic sense of humor; but please get a grip on yourself. You spend 99% of time on your Nicole Richie posts whining about what a skinny, skanky bitch she is, and the SECOND she looks healthy you rag on her for putting on weight. You are a fucking idiot. Stop it now.

  8. tanya

    …fat? Nah… she looks gorgeous, infact better than she has for a while!

  9. Her face looks beautiful.

  10. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Gee, there’s a lot a fat bitches on the fish today.

    105. Please look up ‘irony’. That is not it. Bizarre maybe, ironic, not so much.

  11. mandy

    How can you say she gained a ton of weight? She looks beautiful. If people start making fun of her for gaining weight, I’ll go nuts. Make up your minds, not happy when shes skinny, not happy when shes fat

  12. Frick!

    #110…Isn’t it IRONIC that Mischa Barton is wearing the maternity looking outfit, yet Nicole is wearing sexy clothing, even though it is Nicole that is pregnant….That’s fricken ironic, right? Irony definition in the dictionary…”incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result”. Anyways, good ole Alanis Morrisette messed up the whole ironic thing for a lot of people. I thought I got it, but I could be wrong. Plus, I was also saying from a personal perspective that its ironic that Nicole can get knocked up when she was anorexic (they usually stop menstruating)…and yet here I am, healthy and fit as a fiddle…but haven’t been able to conceive….That bitch!!! (yes, a bit jealous)

  13. ella

    its mischa that seems to have bulked up
    you cant see her cheek bones anymore!!!
    as for the dress, who cares, as if you always look really good in what you’re wearing!!
    also nicole has an amazing bone structure. she might be messed up but lionel has to be happy he adopted such a pretty child

  14. purplehaze

    @99 I never gained more than 20lbs when I was pregnant but my belly always got huge. As if I was carrying twins or something. My problem wasn’t that I was fat afterwards, but that I had stretched out hanging skin which was just as depressing as being fat. I was obsessed with exercising daily and keeping a diary of everything I ate and definately ate less than the typical American, so you can’t put me in that stereotype. Just unlucky I guess. But thank God for plastic surgery; tight flat stomach again.

  15. Patricia

    The reason why she is looking so big is because of her small size and stature.

    Women who are generally smaller looker larger than others of average size at the same pregancy cycle.

    Also lets remember that she was grossly underweight to begin with.

  16. jenny

    ATTENTION # 55
    I posted #11.
    I swear to god if someone wanted to pay to plant comments I would, but until they do, try not to talk out of your ass and accuse me of something I didn’t do. Go fuck yourself. Having an opinion does not make me a plant.

  17. kw

    nicole actually looks prettier like this.

  18. Kit

    omii!!! She actually has skin tone again! She looks warm and human! Might I say…attractive? She looks attractive?!!! That should be Nichole’s ideal weight (without child). She looks better than the first season of that crap show she was on…and waaaaaay better than before the pregnancy.

  19. Ewan

    She looks pretty good, she must be eating alot, cause she’s put on ALOT of weight in a short time o_O

  20. PC

    Oh god, I hope she doesn’t read about people calling her fat – she will regress to her old anorexic ways.

  21. ellie

    #48 the point of the website is not to say how shit people look, it’s to say how STUPID they are. Which I wouldn’t care about except for the fact that he only ever comments on women, most of whom look fine, especially compared to a lot of the male celebs. There comes a point where you aren’t a celeb-basher, you’re a basic misogynist. i could find at least two examples from each day on this site of a faulty ugly radar.
    Superfish is really started to boil my shite.

  22. Lola

    I hope you’re joking about her looking fat because, seriously, she looks amazing. I never thought I’d say this about Nicole Richie, but… here goes… she’s beautiful. There I said it. She’s never looked better.

  23. purty

    She is so beautiful now.. she looks sane, and healthy and like an actual human being!

  24. El Ces

    So jealous.
    Joel Madden can kiss my ass in hell! The fucker!

  25. meee

    wow. her boobs sure grew. maybe i should get knocked up by a chubby dude who i’ve known for 6 months.

  26. Anna

    Nicole, you look never looked so good before! i think your a great person aswell you will be a good mum

  27. lady

    id just like to say, shes not even fat at all! shes pregnant dude and when youre pregnant your boobs get bigger and you put on a little bit of weight.. and its better than her looking like bones anyways

  28. Terry





  29. Gabriella

    I’ve always loved Nicole since day one of the first season of The Simple Life.
    She definitely looks better in these photos.
    I wish her all the best.

  30. adamvermouth

    This ugly,bug eyed bitch,doesn’t deserve to be a mother.
    She hasn’t worked a day in her life & has lived off her has been fathers money all her life.
    She went from being on heroin to being Anorexic,what a winner!
    What is she going to teach her child? The correct way to insert a needle, or, if you don’t eat,you to can be famous like me or my ugly friend, duck face,big foot, Paris.

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  33. phylise

    you people really need to get a life , she’s having a baby, and she look good. get over it, and think abut your own life and stop hateing on her’s.

  34. C. Jackson

    She looks exactly the same as she did when you thought she looked good in the four days ago picture, only now she’s wearing some sort of hideous, baggy sweater. So to that I say, whatever.

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