Nicole Richie shows off her belly

August 14th, 2007 // 135 Comments

I know it’s normal for pregnant woman to get fat, but Nicole Richie looks like she put on a ton of weight overnight. She had dinner in New York City with Mischa Barton and Joel Madden last night, and for some reason felt like showing off her pregnant body in a tanktop. Four days ago she looked like this. Now she looks like this. What the hell happened over the weekend? I’m waiting for photos to surface of her crouched over and eating an entire water buffalo.

Photos: Splash

  1. Ukangelface

    I think she looks great. Maybe she will keep a little of the baby weight after she delivers.

  2. Renee

    I think Nicole looks so healthy and lovely. I hope she keeps this up even after the baby is born.

  3. Dan

    Fat fat fat fat fat fat fat!

  4. Tim

    You know how pregnant women taken pictures of them nude…Nicole should do that..haha.

  5. cocaKelli in Rehab

    ATTENTION loyal Fishers:

    11-16 + are PLANTED comments by publicists, friends, and others attempting to sway public opinion.

    It happens all the time. Ringers, dupes, rubes, and fakes. It’s the new troll-skill.

  6. beth

    you are a fucking idiot, men are so stupid. She hardly looks any different. This shirt is just tighter than the one she wore the other day. I think she looks damn good, and certainly doesn’t look 4 months pregnant.

  7. JustMe

    I think she looks healthy and pretty in those pictures. Now only if she can dump that ugly Mischa friend of hers. Did she know that friends are considered as clothing accessories in Hollywood too?

  8. I think she actually looks pretty good here, healthy for once.

  9. Doomhammer

    This is hands down the best she has looked in years. She actually looks kind of hot.

  10. FIO mama

    you are an ass when you get pregnant its not called fat its called a baby, a whole other person growing inside you.

  11. angelesque

    If you’re seriously going to start making fun of someone for being pregnant, then I hate to think where this site is going to go. Superficiality is one thing, asswipery is another entirely.

    Look at her wrists! Look at her face! Yeah, so her clothes are a little more figure-displaying than the flowing white she had on the other day, so what? She’s underweight to carry a baby to begin with, she NEEDS to put on some weight, fast, to make sure she and the baby stay healthy.

    Bagging on a newly pregnant chick who has always had weight issues is just…sad and pathetic.

  12. naming yourself "mama" is lame

    …no…REALLY? Pregnancy involves a whole ‘nother person growing inside you? None of us knew that! Thanks for the knowledge!

    While you’re on a roll (probably literally, but anyway…), howsabout looking up the meanings of words like “humor” or “irony” or “sarcasm” or “JesusFuckingChristSomebodyPleaseRemoveMyEnormousMetalAssRod”?

  13. mr sensitive

    If you’ve got “issues” of any type, this ain’t your place – obviously. We understand what you’re talking about (it’s very simpleminded and repetitive stuff) but here we make fun of “issues” and the people who have them. If you don’t like it, don’t whine, don’t cry, just leave. And don’t complain – people with “issues” own most of the internet blogs (and talk shows…and magazines…and…). This is a very rare oasis of “fuck you and your fucking ‘issues’” in a land filled with poor-me whiners.

  14. miwanna

    Hey #55, this comment isn’t from a friend, publicist etc., just a regular person who thinks it’s CRAP to call her fat.

    I think she looks beautiful, hope she’s enjoying those beautiful breasts her baby put on her.

  15. gmami

    to the writer of the story. Are you freaking kidding me? people are always going to crtitize this poor girl. First, she is too skinny then she is too fat. Leaving her alone you idiot. She is freaking pregnant. You must be a man to say such idiotic things. Try being pregnant and see how hot you look motherfugger. get a freaking life and leave her alone.

  16. Cherrypie

    You’re an idiot….When she was too skinny everyone had something to say. Now she’s gained weight because she’s pregnant, and now she’s fat??? What the hell? You are never satisfied I see

  17. Laura

    she looks great

  18. lalaland

    #19, that was just pathetic

    i think she looks great and she finally has some boobs back, wish i could get boobs like that without the baby

  19. haroof

    whoa, nicole’s looking very hot while knocked up.

  20. Hecubus

    Fucking disgusting, what a fat sow. Pregnancy is no excuse, someone please pass on the message to her that she really needs to lose alot of weight. I mean she always was a big fatso but now she’s practically obese.

  21. In-heat

    @63 Ya wanna fuck? ;)

  22. How is her fetus gonna survive off of pot, alcohol, cigarette smoke and redbull???

  23. somewhereinthemiddle

    Somebody get these freaking emotionally unbalanced semen receptacles a two handed sandwich so I can get back to my shallow existence.

  24. KT

    She looks a hell of a lot better then before she was preggers. Joel needs to keep her knocked up :)

  25. KT

    #70, your a freaking idiot!! She’s pregnant. Women are never skinny when they are pregnant.

  26. PsychoScout

    She’s looking great, she’s doing the right thing: eating!

  27. wedgeone

    Notwithstanding schack’s trollery in #19, I have to admit that she finally looks healthy. Pre-natal vitamins do wonders. I just hope that she hasn’t fucked up the kid from the start with her “pre-pregnancy lifestyle” (see #72 for that description), and the kid ends up looking like a hammerhead shark when born (like Brandy/Moesha).
    I also hope that her parenting skills are better than Britney’s, and that she realizes that she has to grow up and act like an adult now.

    She looks healthy – that doesn’t mean that she looks good! Just healthy.

  28. ifuckinghateyou

    #72 – her kid will survive the same way Britney’s did.
    It’ll stay alive, but it’ll be an ugly little fucker that will be consider legally retarded, or in other words “country”.

  29. Lexoka

    I really don’t see much of a difference — if any.

  30. Neocleo

    She looks beautiful. I hope she’s eating enough to produce a healthy child, however. Her arms are still like sticks. Best I’ve seen her look in a while.

  31. JrsyGrl

    You’re an idiot.

  32. Lindsie

    She looks great! If you call that fat you have some major issues!

  33. no1justminda

    Forget the pregnant chick in a tank top…what the hell is Mischa Barton wearing? Fuuuuugggggllllllllyyyyyyy!

  34. Christina

    There’s a baby growing in there you fucktard! Jeez, you really need to get a life. No wonder people have eating disorders with dumbasses like you running websites.

  35. Italian Stallion

    @84 I get the feeling you’re a fat-fuck………….

  36. Shep

    wow, she actually is hot when she doesn’t look like a skeleton, so now all her bf needs to do is keep her pregnant, lol. You know the only reason she’s eating is because she is actually concerned about the welfare of her baby, as soon as she pops it out. Back to throwing up in the back of restaurants or well just plain ol not eating at all. But I give her props on putting her anorexia on the shelf until after her pregnancy, nice to see celebrity mothers worrying about the welfare of there children *ahem* Britney Spears

  37. toto

    She looks healthy and very good. I hope she’ll keep her weight on

  38. Nicole Richie's unborn baby

    Someone kill me. Please. You know what my life is going to be like. I’ll be lucky to have someone confuse me with the chihuahua….

  39. She’s super cute. And I have the feeling she’ll be a great mom because unlike many socialites she’s actually got a functional brain.

  40. Bugman4045

    What I love is that in her little anorexic brain she is hating herself for getting fat. The torture she must put herself through every meal:
    ” I have to eat for the baby to grow” ….” “I hate how disgusting and fat I look!”
    Miscarry already.

  41. Stephanie

    Going through this myself at the moment (I’m a couple of weeks behind Nicole, actually — though god knows I think she’s one of the last people on Earth who should be breeding), and you would be surprised at how fast one’s body can change.

    The fetus doubles and triples in size quickly, and on a smaller frame (like Nicole’s or mine, though mine’s not skeletal) that size change can look far more significant than on someone who was larger to begin with.

    Also, if she’s not drinking and doing drugs anymore and is actually eating a healthy diet, that could also be contributing to the more immediate weight gain.

    She’s what, four months along or so? The baby is a good three or four inches by now, and her uterus is well over the size of a grapefruit. That combined with the better nutrition…

    Well, again, you’d be surprised how quickly your body can change in just a couple of days while pregnant.

  42. MosesGabby

    Nobody cares about this fucking skank. She has negative zero talent. Fuck her and fuck you for caring about her.

  43. Are You People Serious?

    I simply cannot believe that anyone is taking the Fish’s sarcasm this fucking seriously! Honestly… this isn’t or… it’s the fucking Superficial! It’s. A. JOKE! And I LOVE the “oh, now she’s going to go back to being anoxrexic because you said that” comments. Right. Because she gives a fuck what anyone says. That’s obvious.

    Seriously. I was pregnant. I got huge. And I laughed my (less copious now) ass off at the water buffalo comment. Get a freakin’ grip, asshats!


  44. Robin

    Why can’t you just shut the fuck up and be happy she’s eating again?

  45. shanipie

    What is everyone talking about. look at her wrists and hands! She has not put on weight. Hell she isn’t even wearing children sized pants yet, forget maternity clothes, those will never fit.

  46. APS

    Dude, she looks better than she ever has. Her hands are still skeletor, so what’s your problem???

  47. Blah

    Girl’s gaining weight like crazy cause she’s eating food again, thank GOD. At least now these thinspo sites cant use her because shes looks like a human being again.

    I think she looks lovely. Shes gained some weight in all the right places

  48. Mr. Right

    Her fetus will dribble out soon and become a mere red spot on the couch. Then Nicole can get her bones back, and feel in control. She’ll be happy then.

  49. ob-wankenobi-gyn

    Bah what a bunch of bull from all the fat female commenters. You don’t need to become a fat pig when you’re pregnant. Sure, you’re eating for 2, but most of the time one of you is very very tiny. Women use all the pregnancy bullshit legends just to let go and become hippos – food cravings at all hours, cravings for unusual foods (usually deserts, surprise surprise), and all that. Total bs from a medical perspective. Then, postpartum, they blame their busted up bodies on the poor innocent babies! Jesus. Face it, women are hopelessly weak. I hope Nicole has the strength to maintain her self-discipline and self-respect during this time. Like the 1% of pregnant women who do, she’ll be happy for it afterwards.

  50. kitty_kat

    I find the fact that she’s pregnant absolutely ridiculous.

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