Nicole Richie shows off her belly

August 14th, 2007 // 135 Comments

I know it’s normal for pregnant woman to get fat, but Nicole Richie looks like she put on a ton of weight overnight. She had dinner in New York City with Mischa Barton and Joel Madden last night, and for some reason felt like showing off her pregnant body in a tanktop. Four days ago she looked like this. Now she looks like this. What the hell happened over the weekend? I’m waiting for photos to surface of her crouched over and eating an entire water buffalo.

Photos: Splash

  1. Annie Rexia

    I wish she would show off her death certificate. You know. Like, from her casket.

  2. mywellrehearsedmistake

    What the fuck was Mischa thinking with that dress? That girl wears the worst clothes ever. She tries so hard to be ugly.

  3. mdiz

    wow thats what she looks like when she eats….

  4. angela

    you’re an idiot. she looks exactly the same…. one shirt is just clinging to her belly where the other skimmed it…

  5. Robert

    Nice Cans, I would like some Milk Nicole !

  6. steve

    did school start back up? where’s krazihorkelli?

  7. N

    First she’s too skinny for you, now she’s too fat…shut up!
    This is kind of what happens when you’re pregnant.

  8. mdiz

    Yeah cause she always looked pregnant..uhh okay

  9. keri

    Looks about the same to me.

    When I first saw the photos of her in white her bump looked pretty small but as I kept coming across the pics I noticed it was in fact quite big.
    The new photos don’t seem to show any difference.

    I honestly don’t see how an anorexic would be okay with having a really big belly, even if it isn’t fat but pregnancy, it just doesn’t make sense.

  10. jenny

    I think she looks incredible.

  11. mdiz

    She looks a lot better – i’d take a solid 20 over than 20 under any day. Maybe this is what she needs to straighten out… But then again…

  12. notabastard

    i think she looks great.

  13. jiggatron

    She looks very attractive now.

  14. She’s honestly looking better every day.

  15. Zswan

    She looks fantastic. I understand you try to get a laugh out of everyone, essentially being sarcastic most of the time, but there seems to be a consistency here…too fat or too skinny. You are just so superficial!!

    Err wait a minute…

    *goes back to corner*

  16. Jen

    Is Mischa carrying a big manila envelope?

  17. She look like one of those Ethiopian refuges that Sally Struthers use to beg for money for.

  18. wedgeone

    Remember, Nicole used to be a big fat pig. Her inner sow is calling her now…oink oink oink…suuuuuuueeeeey! She’ll go from x-ray to blimp in just a few months, then get a post-partum depression and kill her baby in the bath. I’m laughing already!

  19. michelle

    she looks the same to me too…

  20. veggi

    In my best retarded voice (which isn’t fucking hard after reading all these stupid posts) “uuuhhh, thee lookths reawy good hewe. The’s weewl purwdy”.


  21. Susie

    Thankfully Micha Barton has the gift of dressing in a way that accentuates her horrible cellulite-ridden legs. Even Jeffrey Dahmer would have trimmed the fat off before tossing her in the kettle.

  22. comfortable shoes

    Now, now, veggi. Anger against breeders is so 1993 for your people.

  23. @21 Veggi, You sound like Larry the Cable Guy.

  24. Dorkfest

    WAY better. Tappable as long as the yap is shut.

  25. Susan

    Obviously she isn’t any fatter in the second picture than the first. It’s only the shirt. She does look a lot better though with some extra weight on.

  26. my comment

    Now she’s showing off her prego boobage like a 42nd Street hooker.


  27. rolf

    # 7 , 17 and 22 especially.

  28. Toy Ghenn

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  29. andymo

    yeah, normally I dont post, but personally I think she looks really heathy. She is putting on just the right amount of weight for being pregnant. For a person with an alleged eating disorder, it shows she cares enough about the baby to eat properly during the pregnancy. This is a hard thing to do for someone with a fear of being fat…

  30. comfortable shoes up your ass

    23- you make about as much sense as a backstreet boy song.

  31. Wow, she looks… healthy.

  32. lambman

    Nicole looks really great right now actually.

    Also, remember when Micha Barton used to say “I don’t even know Paris and I’ve only met Nicole once or twice at a party” yea well Micha’s a liar!

  33. I think she looks super cute. Mischa Barton on the other hand…I would say cover her face up with her dress, but it’s just as ugly.

  34. Bea


    Shut up man, she looks perfectly healthy, and FYI pregnant woman ARE SUPPOSSED to gain weight. She’s even too skinny to be pregnant.

    They pick on her for being anorexic, and now she’s finally eating up, you start picking on her gaining weight?

    Get a fucking grip.

  35. ErikHK

    WTF?? Are you insane? She’s still skinny as hell, just fucking look at her wrists and neck area.

  36. mdiz

    29 – blaaa blaaa blaaa blaaa..

  37. noneyo

    she looks fantastic you dumbass. do you go around pointing at pregnant women and calling them fat all day cause you’re too retarded to realize there’s an effing baby in there. must i explain where babies come from? oh and p.s. she looks bigger, because she’s wearing a more fitted top. where’s the old superficial writer, i miss him!?

  38. Bea

    #29 post this shit like someone’s gonna read it……… lame ass.

  39. Bea

    This has gone from SUPERFICIAL to SUPERASSHOLE

  40. Ihatecelebrities

    So she’s finally eating for one now?

  41. christina

    That must have been either a very early dinner or a very late dinner since I saw Joel in concert at the meadowlands last night :-0

  42. Ifuckinghateyou

    Looks like Mischa stole Nicole’s maternity dress.
    Silly cunt thinks she’s knocked up, but doesn’t realize she can’t get pregnant taking loads up the ass.

  43. holly

    Hey asshole! That’s what happens when women are pregnant, they gain weight! Props to Nicole, she looks great.

  44. *Steph*

    She looks healthy. So why don’t you post some more shit about her getting fat, that way she can start starving herself again and kill her baby? Too skinny, too fat. Leave the poor girl alone, she looks normal for a pregnant woman.

  45. richiesucks

    she still has zombie hands.

  46. woodhorse

    Looking at Nicole, I will argue with previous posts that all pregnant women look gross. Nicole looks cute to me, but then maybe it is just relief flooding over me that she no longer looks like a starving Ben Kinglsley portraying Mahatma Ghandi.

  47. Ihatecelebrities

    Oh calm the fuck down people.

    Um angry lardies I think you have somehow stumbled onto the wrong website and unleashed your pregnancy hormones on us. Don’t you idiots understand the concept of being superficial.

    “First she’s too thin now she’s too fat?”
    “what me no unerstand?”
    *wets pants and cries uncontrollably*

    IDIOTS that is “the superficial” NO ONE ever looks good enough… that’s the whole fucking point and more often than not we are being sarcastic. Now AGAIN calm the fuck down and just make sure you never watch Family Guy or South Park or you know the actual News because you may spontaneously combust.

  48. Valentine

    It’s normal for pregnant women to pop out all of a sudden, especially if it’s their first. Also, depending on how the baby is sitting, you could just wake up one day, in your seventh month and look like you lost your belly almost totally. That’s just the nature of having a live thing inside your body.

  49. mdiz

    Bravo 48!

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