Nicole Richie seeks weight help, is a liar


Nicole Richie is seeking treatment to figure out why she’s so thin and can’t put any weight on. Her rep says:

“Nicole Richie has decided to undergo diagnostic treatment to determine why she’s not been putting on any weight. She is working with a team of doctors and specialists whose focus is nutrition. It is important to Nicole that she achieves this goal in a healthy way as this is not a treatment for an eating disorder.”

“She’s tired of everyone saying you don’t eat, because she does,” a source close to Richie tells People. “She wants to gain weight. It wasn’t anyone saying you have to go do this – it wasn’t an intervention. It was her saying I’m tired of people saying this about me, I’m going to go get some tests. It was a personal decision.”

Unless she has cancer there’s no reason Nicole Richie shouldn’t be gaining weight if she’s eating the way she claims to be eating. I’d buy that it’s her metabolism or genes except that I’ve seen what she used to look like. Her natural state is that of rotundness. Pretending this is a medical condition is about as believable as claiming it’s the work of a magical fairy named Butterscotch she found in her attic.