Nicole Richie pregnant bikini pictures

September 24th, 2007 // 160 Comments

  1. steve

    And satan will find an earthly vessel for his seed JUST AS THE PROPHECIES FORETOLD!!

  2. whatever

    she needs to cut that straggly, bleached hair off.

  3. Tits McGee

    Man. She is ugly pregnant, too. Jesus Christ.

  4. PunkA

    nappy. some celebs just should not be allowed to procreate. poor kids.

  5. Rebecca

    The real problem is her hair. She should dye it brown and keep it out of that scraggly bandana headband thing. Why does she wear that all the time? It’s like she thinks she’s Rambo or something. Other than that I think she looks okay…tired but still okay.

  6. Walking around like that is just asking to get harpooned!

  7. Gross

    I won’t make fun of her because the sad thing is that I bet that I would look like that if I were pregnant.

  8. blar

    baby bellies are cute.

    unfortunate tattoo placement, however.

  9. bob

    wait for the barrage of comments that will ensue because of the fish’s hatred for pregnant chicks.

  10. adeliza

    Me eyes! Me eyes!

    Put some fucking clothes on bitch!

  11. She is an ugly slutty girl. Sheesh..

  12. Lexoka

    Pregnant women aren’t gross, but she does look a little like Gollum… Which is weird since pregnancy tends to make women sort of glow, while she looks more dead than alive.

  13. Sarah

    Pleeease, pregnant women have every right to wear a bikini. Get over it.

  14. lalaland

    eh, her body doesnt look bad at all for a preg chick, but she def needs to do something with that hair…or at least put it in a pony tail, she looks like a dirty hippy

  15. bob's hand

    Hey bob. Why am I the only thing to touch that rediculous thing you call your penis.

  16. swan

    She looks better pregnant than any of your disgusting wives or girlfriends will ever look! I’m not into nicole richie but she doesn’t look bad. Just needs a haircut.
    Fish should hate his mom too! I bet she looked hideous when she was pregnant with that shithead.

  17. themoose

    How can you be preggers and still have a flat ass????

  18. Texas Tranny

    Thar she blows………………….

    Fucking Whale

  19. Sheva

    I didn’t know Golum was broke. Someone should donate some matronly swimsui wear. What about her frenemy, that stupid whore Paris?

  20. swine


  21. Ooba Gooba

    Why does Hollywood continue to shove this talentless waste of space down our throats? She doesn’t do a damn thing except party. She’s never had a job that I know of. All because she has a Daddy who was famous in the 80′s? It’s become very tiresome.

  22. bob

    well, 15, i’d hate to break it to you but that must have been someone else’s penis, because i don’t have one. sorry you’re an idiot, nice try though.

  23. whitegold

    She starting to put on a bit of weight. Looks good on her (comparatively speaking).

  24. NO PECKER???

    Bob! Sorry to hear ’bout your problem, dude.
    Good luck squatting to pee, man.

  25. KO

    Pregnant women are not gross. She looks a hell of a lot better now than during her “I don’t need to eat” phase, anyway.

    You have issues with women, which you might want to start working on.

  26. @18 TT you are going to be that mean to a pregnant women??

  27. I hate celebrities

    I cannot believe there is a baby growing in that THING. Looks like a dangerous inhospitable wasteland to me, unable to support any life form.
    Scientist should find this fascinating.

    Poor precious it’s moma is fucking scary.

    Psssssss baby as soon as the doctor gets you out… RUUUUUUN!

    Crap you’re Nicole Richie’s and that ugly douche’s offspring you’ll never ever be able to run in your entire life. It’s hopeless. Oh well, just take comfort knowing that genetically speaking you didn’t have a chance at a respectable life anyway and your parents will do an abismal job raising you so just give up now, it will be a lot easier that way.

  28. veggi

    your name is bob without a penis? hmmmm, outlook not good, bob.

  29. bob

    that’s right 24, it’s called a vagina. i’m sure it’s something you’re not familiar with.

  30. gemini

    bob. I think you lose this one. bob’s should have a penis.

  31. Perhaps it would be best if she wore a 1-piece bathing suit.

  32. bob

    yeah i agree, except my name isn’t Bob.

  33. bob

    enough about my lack of dick, back to this ugly excuse for a pregnant woman.

  34. whatever

    ^ it’s hard to work with some of these people isn’t it, bob, lol

  35. supes

    13: I categorically disagree. Fat people should not wear bikinis and/or speedos. Pregnant women = fat people. Math is my friend.

  36. Hey BOB

    Listen up, hombre, I’m all up on them there Vagina thingys. That company Vicks Wagan, or something, makes them. They’re fun to drive.
    Yours get good gas mileage?

  37. jrzmommy


  38. Nikky Raney

    she looks better than britney spears at the VMAS!

  39. jrzmommy

    *Sniffs air* Wait……….wait wait wait wait wait!!!! WAIT!!!
    #13…………..can you repeat that? You’re not Sarah as in Sarah Jean the Lilac Queen, ARE YOU?

  40. robin

    I find your comments very offensive. Pregnant women are not gross. It is part of life. How the hell did you get here? Your mother must be so proud.

  41. ell

    noticed how few responses you’re getting to your boring posts superfish? it’s cos you’re a moron. and you site is shit now. ah humour… i remember humour….

  42. ticklemyfancy

    you know what is gross? a bob with no penis.

  43. Bob loves Britney!

    I must say, I DO agree with Robin. Pregnant women aren’t gross.

    At least Robin is proud to be a woman. Unlike some…..don’t worry BOB I won’t mention any names. :)

  44. krazyhotkelli

    she looks hot now that she has a lil meat on her bones

  45. Sam Hain

    i gotta third that… i think pregnant women are hot…

  46. Ted from LA

    I am so lazy I married a pregnant woman. Last night my wife and I were making love and nothing was happening. So I said to her, “What’s the matter, can’t you think of anyone either?”

  47. moobs

    one piece bikinis weren’t meant for fattys and pregnant women….

    bikinis were meant to get unpregnant women pregnant.

    start acting like a “mom” if you want to be one and get a damn one piece.

  48. moobs

    sorry, disregard the “one piece” in my previous posting cause it makes no fuggin sense.

    logic should help you along through the rest.

  49. BunnyButt

    #35, technically speaking, pregnant women aren’t fat. That’s all baby and amniotic fluid and other baby-related stuff, so pregnant does not = fat. Not that some women don’t pack on the fat when pregnant …

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