Nicole Richie pregnant again

February 22nd, 2009 // 94 Comments

Seen here leaving Cruz Beckham’s birthday party Saturday, Joel Madden has announced that he’s knocked up Nicole Richie again:

What’s better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now………

Of course, the news was posted on Good Charlotte’s website, so God knows how long it’s been there. Harlow 2′s probably been born by now. And in college.

Photos: Flynet

  1. PostmortemG

    Pray for the seals!

  2. 49. Rachel

    You know very well I am here as a troll!

  3. lola

    I haven’t heard really any bashing or spiteful comments?!! I guess most people like Nicole Richie. I don’t see why people get off on making fun of famous teenagers anyways. They are kids and I expect them to act as such. She is a woman now, so I wouldn’t bash her for what she did 5 years ago, but anything new is fair game. Congrats again!

  4. 10pound

    gag…you and your fam look like a shit I took this morning.

    I hope god blesses your fam with AIDS. Suck it fag ass.

  5. 10pound

    I am a piece of shit! Someone put me out of my misery!

  6. Teddy

    She is so pretty! God must love her very much!

  7. God Bless Nicole and her baby!

  8. StEvectpa

    I HATE this website and I’m never coming back again!

  9. resla

    I HATE this website too!

  10. mztry

    I HATE this website more than any of you!

  11. Jesus' Voice -

    Rest easy my children
    the light will touch you
    my wings enfold you
    my word enrich you
    I will bring you home.

  12. lola


  13. Rachel

    man, mr. superficial needs Jesus very badly! :/

  14. CandyO

    While I have been gone today

    stranger people came to play!


  16. So carry an angel in your pocket!

  17. cuttie

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  18. JJ

    hahaha i dont look on this website for a day
    && holy fuck what the hell has happened here??

    im like reading all the great comments..and cracking up
    whats all this about religion and crap?
    you got a problem with jesus?
    what the hell is wrong with you ppl?
    dont you know jesus loves everyone? yes that means nicole richie too
    who is a fine ass bitch i might add. she looks so tiny and pretty

  19. Proud Atheist

    I watched the film Religulous the other night, and I have to say I’ve never been prouder to be an atheist in my life. I’ve never been able to understand how some people can believe in that religious nonsense. To me it’s no different than believing in the fucking Tooth Fairy. Give me science and rational thought any day!

  20. Not CandyO

    68. JJ You are funny! Jesus loves you two!

  21. Proud Atheist


    I was just hit by a bolt of lightening and now I SEE!


  22. JJ

    #70 Not CandyO
    why thanks
    your pretty funnny yourself there
    i must say tho..jesus does NOT love madonna and that chin hair
    nope madonna is going to hell for sureee

    and mimi wherever that bitch is at these days
    where are you mimi?
    have you gone and slashed your wrists like i requested??

  23. Not CandyO or mimi

    Why no, Fish-Gutz.

    She has been keeping you busy because she loves you!!

    BTW… you’re is the contraction of you and are.

    Hope you Had a Happy Sunday!

  24. Someone on the site is advertising for an online redemption club ” W e L o v e J e s u s . N e t “, I have just read the news on the soul seeking club that “W e L o v e J e s u s . N e t ” advertisers you need to stop! This is a controvercial site for high quality athesists!!

  25. JJ

    Come to think of it… Jesus didn’t shave either!

  26. jj

    wow i hate when ppl like *cough * #75 pretend to post under my name


    BTW i know its a contraception of you and are you my english teacher or what??
    if im wasting my time on this stupid website im sure as hell not gona try to be all grammatically correct

  27. Did my last post fool anybody? Am I paranoid? What do you think?

  28. Teach

    As a matter of fact I AM your English teacher!

    Now shut up stay after school and clean your eraser!

    Time for a WACKING!

  29. I AM FISH SH!T.

  30. trisha

    omgg ewww her tits in the last pic! how gross! from the side theyre like 2 little mosquito bites!!

  31. trisha

    What is wrong with me? I am an idiot talking about tits like this!

  32. Don’t forget God loves you!

  33. Fati

    Is this ugly bitch capable of wearing anything but hideous sunglasses? She is such a worthless piece of crap.

  34. lola

    I do not believe in “the bible”. There may be a god, but there is no definitive proof either way. We probably just die and our bodies are recycled back into the universe as dust.

    Religion causes people to hold back today and live for a theoretical future, which is a shame. It has led to the worst catastrophes in history and people need to realize that. Regardless, it seems to also bring out the best in human nature so I have no place badmouthing it either. If it gives you peace then I respect your faith, but if you are living to die then please reevaluate yourself.

  35. CandyO

    Hi it’s the new me and I just want to say as a practicing Budhist that I hope noone ever mows their lawn again. I know you are all worried about the seals, but think about all that grass and the pain they suffer! Murderers.

  36. cady

    Ladies all like to join _____Millionaire Romances com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  37. growabrain

    #16 – i think # 15 was trying to say you’re fucking stupid and wanted to know what is wrong with you (see your comment @ #12).

  38. Valerie


  39. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    This foul-mouthed slut thought snorting heroin was a good method of birth control. I was thinking she needed to get punched in the face, but now I think she needs to get punched in the stomach. HARD!

  40. Mommy Dearest

    Just look what she did to her little dogie, so how does she even think she can take care of another kid

  41. Mommy Dearest

    Just look what she did to her little dogie, so how does she even think she can take care of another kid

  42. sin

    Is she pregnant or did she actually eat a hamburger? The bulge in her belly would be the same size.
    I wonder how long it took her husband to get used to fucking a skeleton? Maybe she learned a few pointers fromParis and gives good head. Its obvious she does not swallow.

  43. I have much in common with this girl, but not an eating disorder. He is so cute, and I wish him good luck!

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