Nicole Richie pregnant again

February 22nd, 2009 // 94 Comments

Seen here leaving Cruz Beckham’s birthday party Saturday, Joel Madden has announced that he’s knocked up Nicole Richie again:

What’s better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now………

Of course, the news was posted on Good Charlotte’s website, so God knows how long it’s been there. Harlow 2′s probably been born by now. And in college.

Photos: Flynet

  1. StEvectpa


  2. resla

    Couldn’t she have taken a breather before poppin out another one?

  3. Thank goodness… she’ll gain some weight back!

    Paris will be so jealous! What will she do to keep up with Nicole?

  4. TJ

    Has to be the ugliest half-breed celebutard ever. Eew.

  5. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on mad penis

  6. me

    I apologize for that last remark…

    Go ahead and post and I’ll suck on mad penis myself.

  7. Angeleyes

    We should all go to virtual church!

  8. missloopy

    nice of them to dress up for the occasion….

  9. Shelia

    Bibleguy keeps posting Psalm 103 and Fish keep deleting it.

    It looks like you can say any nasty racist, misogynist remark, but don’t quote the Bible because THAT offends. Unbelievable.

  10. StEvectpa

    Wait a minute! DELETING POSTS? What’s up Fish? Bible hater?

  11. missloopy

    I LIKE Psalm 103!

  12. Megan

    Why do people always say “God has blessed us!”?? You fucked her. Your sperm went to her egg. You dumb cunts, how the hell is that God blessing you? That’s nature. It’s only your second kid… some dumb woman just had her 14th kid and you’re going on about the “miracle” of a second one. I’m sure that God blessed someone’s husband on 9/11 while he was working on the top floor of the WTC. Religious people are fucking idiots.

  13. Shelia

    I should probably also point out that I’m the same person as BibleGuy and StEvectpa because I have a shitload of free time to repetitively SPAM bible verses without even thinking that might flag the system. Because I’m a fucking idiot.

  14. Shelia

    I should also mention that I am FISH and I am going to hell!

  15. Megan

    What is wrong with me?

    Help me Jesus!

  16. Megan


    Aw, I have a troll now? That’s kind of gay.

  17. Rewritten it might sound like this…

    my soul, bless God. From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!
    O my soul, bless God,
    don’t forget a single blessing!

    3-5 He forgives your sins–every one.
    He heals your diseases–every one.
    He redeems you from hell–saves your life!
    He crowns you with love and mercy–a paradise crown.
    He wraps you in goodness–beauty eternal.
    He renews your youth–you’re always young in his presence.

    6-18 God makes everything come out right;
    he puts victims back on their feet.
    He showed Moses how he went about his work,
    opened up his plans to all Israel.
    God is sheer mercy and grace;
    not easily angered, he’s rich in love.
    He doesn’t endlessly nag and scold,
    nor hold grudges forever.
    He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve,
    nor pay us back in full for our wrongs.
    As high as heaven is over the earth,
    so strong is his love to those who fear him.
    And as far as sunrise is from sunset,
    he has separated us from our sins.
    As parents feel for their children,
    God feels for those who fear him.
    He knows us inside and out,
    keeps in mind that we’re made of mud.
    Men and women don’t live very long;
    like wildflowers they spring up and blossom,
    But a storm snuffs them out just as quickly,
    leaving nothing to show they were here.
    God’s love, though, is ever and always,
    eternally present to all who fear him,
    Making everything right for them and their children
    as they follow his Covenant ways
    and remember to do whatever he said.

    19-22 God has set his throne in heaven;
    he rules over us all. He’s the King!
    So bless God, you angels,
    ready and able to fly at his bidding,
    quick to hear and do what he says.
    Bless God, all you armies of angels,
    alert to respond to whatever he wills.
    Bless God, all creatures, wherever you are–
    everything and everyone made by God.
    And you, O my soul, bless God!

  18. Shelia

    Megan, get used to the trolls. That is all that live here under the bridge.

  19. StEvectpa

    Hey asshole! I have nothing to do with these loonies!

  20. Megan


    I am sick of all this shit!

    I am NEVER visiting this stupid site again!

  21. StEvectpa

    I agree. Require logins or I am out of here to!

  22. Shelia

    The ship is sinking and we are all rats!

  23. Jesus' Voice

    i love you children
    lost I will find you
    cold I will warm you
    hard I will melt you
    found you will join me

  24. excuse me?

    Did I stumble onto the wrong website?

  25. Just what the world needed in its time of crisis…

    Check out this hilarious video from the GIRLS GONE WILD PORNO BAILOUT (but beware the man in the mustache!)

  26. Akirakirimaru

    login..smoggin….. Who cares if you come back or not? Threatening not to visit isn’t a way to get what you want, just ask nicely like good lil Christicles. Otherwise go have your elitist circle jerks on another site :D

  27. lola

    I have a lot in common with this girl, but no eating disorder. She is so cute and I wish her the best of luck!

  28. theurge14

    Psalm 103 uses the word “snuff”? Wow, Bibleguy must read the New King Porno Version.

  29. dave radio

    Good Charlotte has a frickin website?!

  30. john

    King James doesn’t use snuff!

  31. Akirakirimaru

    Jesus loves me too!

  32. john-john

    Hey theurge14,

    You read it and now you’re blessed! Better run or God’ll get ya

  33. CandyO

    Who cares about Nicole? What has she done to be worthy of fame other than to be adopted by what’sname?

    I write beautiful poems now for all to read
    If you are sad and in times of need
    All you have to do is come on in
    I will relieve of sadness and most of your sin

  34. Sheila

    34. CandyO

    Nice try… but you are NOT CandyO.

    However this is your BEST writing EVER

  35. steve

    What’s better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now………

    your = indicates posession
    you’re = you are

    why is that so difficult?

  36. betty

    To my surprise,I found she posted a profile on a famous millionaire & celebrity dating club____MillionaireLoving. C O M____. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  37. Teddy

    she looks like a hooker in those shoes, srrryyy!

  38. sin

    She is an ADOPTED half-breed celebutard . Don’t blame her adopted parents on her looks. Blame them for all of the other shit they let Nicole get into.

  39. I apologize for offensive comments on this website, but I am not responsible

  40. quadman

    now they need to get lots of stuff at

  41. quadman

    Whatever you do don’t visit becasue I’m stupid

  42. sin

    theSuperficialWriter – You ARE responsible because you are the retard putting these stories here.

  43. Racer X


  44. Racer X

    But GOD will not fail you!

  45. Daniel

    There is a H-O-T place for all big, strong guys and H-O-T m-Odels and girls, it called: _____Tallmingle Co M____, You should have a try to find more friends and fun, even l overs.

  46. PostmortemG

    Where’s the seal? That poor bastard was only on this site a few days, before being removed. Who else wants the seal back? I want the seal back.

  47. bmose

    Religeon is why people pray to a spaceship–or better yet wear Nikes and cut off their balls.

  48. Rachel

    man, mr. superficial has been slackin lately… and that makes me sad… :\

  49. bmose

    I found Jesus!

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