Nicole Richie prefers shopping to living

November 2nd, 2006 // 72 Comments

  1. Tracie

    Oh baby, those legs are so S E X Y!!!

  2. Italian Stallion

    She should try food shopping……….

  3. jrzmommy

    She looks so much better in her reflection!! That’s hilarious! I think this is the first documented case of a person looking better in a distorted reflection on record. THAT’S IT!! Maybe when Paris got pissed off at her she secretly replaced all of Nicole’s full lenght mirrors with fun house mirrors and she really doesn’t have any idea that she looks so skinny!!!

  4. Tracie

    Wait a minute, a sign that says “Labor Day Sale” and Nicole’s looking at bikinis? Are these recent pics?
    Since she’s wearing the stupid red string, I assume her diet consists mainly of Kabbalah water.

  5. $80,000 a month for rehab? How much did she make doing the “Simple Life”?


    Man she’s an idiot. But those bones jutting out are so sexy.

  7. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    It would be like fucking a pile of coat hangers…

  8. Oh Yeeeah, I almost forgot. There’s an all new My Name Is Earl on tonight at 8e/7c on most of your CBS stations.

    “Made a Lady Think I Was God
    Earl confronts number 12 on his list when Joy needs a restraining order lifted to improve her image; Earl disguises himself as the voice of God.”

  9. She’s damn close to just withering away

  10. gatorbates

    I offer a limerick:

    There once was a chick named Nicole
    so skinny, she looked like a pole.
    she ate a celery stick
    then got real real sick
    and ended up puking out her soul.

    Rest in peace, Nicole … your time is coming.

  11. jrzmommy

    Just between the 200 of us, I prefer shopping to living, too.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    Death has a dignity all it’s own Nicole.

    embrace it….it’s your destiny.

    Truly Yours,

    Emperor Palpa…err…Barbado The Slim

  13. Ed Bambrick

    Nicole, for the last time- you are a fat fucking pig and need to lose more weight!

  14. Scott

    HI GUYS! Nichol Richie here! Hey-A! I’m here to comment on how my body rejects everything except cocaine and large doses of oil-based paint. And yes I know I’m getting a little under-weight, thanks for pointing that out. But that’s okay, because I have the perfect solution. I’m gonna bring my skinny-ass to McDonalds right now and help myself to a McWater and a McShut-the-fuck-up. Because I’m boring as hell.

  15. I wish she’d pull a Karen Carpenter already, this shit is tired.

  16. polypam

    She really broke out of rehab because if she had stayed in, it would’ve been a full 4 days of no new paparazzi shots and the attention whore didn’t want to be out of the public eye that long.

    Plus, she just HAD to have the latest ugly Balenciaga bag. Dur.

  17. Steeno

    prefer-shopping-to-living haiku:

    fall leaves chilly breeze
    choc’late cashmere spiced velvet
    whet my appetite

    yummy down on that, basho

  18. #1

    Sexy like gonorrhea.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t find rotting skeletons attractive.

    No tits.

    No curves.


  19. Superevil

    Jesus Nicole, just die already.

  20. BriBri

    She must be stuffed after all that shopping.

  21. #21

    Mmm, wool is good eating.

    And it’s high in fiber.

  22. Courtney

    #20, I was so gonna post that. But at least she’s contributing the economy and not wasting much needed foodstuff.

  23. shell

    C’mon guys, you know you can’t carry the same bag 2 days in a row in rehab

  24. DrDanny

    (singing…) I hope she die-ies, I hope she die-ies!

  25. assfacecocknocker

    she is skinnier than a skeleton (a skeleton that has been on a diet for 100 million centurys and has diorea!)!

  26. Must be quite something to shop all day with no responsibilities. No wonder she is suffering.

  27. Morticia

    Where is she getting all this f-ing money? Lionel Richie has been washed up for years! Those are the ugliest legs I’ve ever seen too by the way.

  28. Morticia

    Ugliest feet too. Honey don’t bother painting your toenails..

  29. DansGirl

    I pity her :( I hope she goes back to rehab quickly :(

  30. BoognishRising

    Looking at that pic makes me want to throw chicken feed at her feet and see what happens. A kindful soul might add crumbled up bits of cheeseburger in with the mix.

  31. 86

    I think everyone prefers shopping to living.

  32. I think the best thing about hanging out with her is how handy she is if you lock your keys in your car.

    I just twist her in to a little loop and slide her in the door.

  33. RichPort

    If that hungry looking beeotch walked into my store, I’d definitely has security follow her around.

  34. therapture

    That dumb bitch, she’s a fucking worthless waste of time, so fucking nasty….

  35. D'oh Eyes

    She looks like a Daddy Long Legs spider in that 1st picture.

    Where’s the Raid?

  36. squirlgal1

    Aren’t ones thighs supposed to be bigger than ones calves?

  37. tsarinaamanda

    god, her feet look HUGE! Is it just an optical illusion created by the fact that her legs are basically twigs? Or are they just ginormous? Either way, if I was her, I would cover those bad boys UP! Nobody wants to see that, or any other area of her grotesque, emaciated body. I also agree that she should just die already…with all the money she’s NOT pending on food, she could donate it to starving people, but nooooo, she’s gotta buy some more overpriced crap! Gotta love being famous and rich for absolutely no worthwhile reason!

  38. polypam

    I was Nicole Richie for Halloween. From the neck up, blonde wig, big glasses, bandana. From the neck down, one of those black jumpsuits with the skeleton printed on it. I won $100 for most original costume. See, something good came out of her anorexia after all.

  39. Sheva

    Aw fuck this chick is gonna keel over. Those legs are gonna snap and the injury will just kill her skinny ass.

    Really sad. She’s on her way to the grave.

  40. sugarplum

    I’ll finally say it, why won’t she just die and get it over with.

    Then we won’t have her dried prune face with a blond wig all over the internet anymore.

    She’s clearly being beyond stupid, so Nicole, just get it over with quickly and spare the people who care about you and the world from having to see your slow self-imposed decay.

  41. Dory

    She checked herself out of rehab to go shopping at the grandma wears superstore 50% off clearance sale??

  42. becca11

    red string bracelets show anorexic pride. im not joking, google it if you have time

  43. jazzmine

    Why is all this hippie shit in style now?
    And I kind of think someone should put her out of her misery, sorry to say. Shouldn’t be too hard, maybe give her a firm pat on the back and watch each rib fall off. Her hand is a damn withered leaf. Gross.

  44. She must be one painful shag.

    With all that bone, it must be like putting one’s penis into a meat grinder.

  45. Marjolein

    # 17 . True. I guess she thought the whole media would jump on it, but instead no-1 really cared so she had 2 come out herself 2 get some attention. Nice clinic btw, or is it a hotel?

  46. Baby Girl

    She used to look cute when she was chubby, but now she looks like she’s one skipped meal away from having a feeding tube shoved down her anorexic throat.

  47. BeaGass

    the whole time she probably bitched about how huge she thinks her thighs are. and for $80 large a month? she can come live with me. i’ll bitch the weight right on her narrow ass.

  48. BeaGass

    is Brain Embolism aka Iambananas?
    they have the same moronic way of talking.
    just curious.

  49. sayll

    Pft let skeletor die already.

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