Nicole Richie picks on 11 year old

March 20th, 2006 // 66 Comments

richie-boy.jpgDuring a recent taping of Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Part, Nicole Richie decided to harass the only thing flatter than her: an 11 year old boy. According to the AP, she approached the boy and asked in graphic terms if he found her attractive. The boy


  1. ESQ

    I guess she was hoping SOMEONE would find her “hawt?” Fuckin’ pedophile. What is she trying to be the next Mary Kay Letourneau?

  2. tits_on_snack


  3. Aimtrue

    It would be a great clip if the boy said she looked liked a dried up crack whore or an uglier version of Paris Hilton.

  4. Italian Stallion

    Why would they only show the picture of the 11 year old boy? I was expecting Nicole!!!!!!!!!

  5. o-n

    That’s hot!

  6. Vampyreska

    In the real world people get arrested for that and they are listed on the Megan’s Law website. Of course Nicole is excused becuase her has-been father was once famous. You gotta love Hollywood!

  7. Tha-Flash

    The boy wont want her sued, the boy will love it!

  8. CheekyChops

    People who say things like that to children are usually considered child preditors.

  9. inspector11

    when you’re a kid, you imagine the characters of cartoons coming to life, etc. but no one should have to look back at their lives and vividly remember the time Skeletor made a pass at them on TV.

  10. bigfatmomma

    love it? she looks disgusting ever since she stopped eating. I bet the kid is traumatized.

  11. HughJorganthethird


    Sorry but I really fucking hate this inbred piece of shit.

  12. Food deprivation rots the brain. Next, she’ll be trying to drive a Matchbox.

  13. OH. MY. GOD. The difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’. PLEASE LEARN IT.

  14. CoJo

    PULLLEEEEZ! She was an asshole WAY before she developed her eating disorder. Who even swears in front of 11 yr olds, let alone asks them sexually explicit questions?

    She’s just another spoiled bitch from LA who thinks she can get away with whatever she wants. This shouldn’t suprise anyone.

  15. Kelly

    Poor Nicole, she just wanted to prevent Paris from spreading herpes to the 11 year old boy so she decided to do something funny.

  16. Aw, that’s sweet… she’s harassing little boys now? If I was the little boy, I’d think ‘Sweet! I’ve got superpowers, I can see dead people!’

  17. mamacita

    I read about this on another site. What she actually said was “Do you think I’m a MILF?” and the kid didn’t know what a MILF was, so she told him and it, of course, included the F Bomb. Inappropriate, sure, but gimme a break. The kid’s heard a lot worse at school.

  18. asenath7766

    This pathetic anorexic bitch is obviously so insecure she needs validation from a 11-year-old boy. I would say this is a new “low” but I bet it won’t end here not by a long shot.

  19. Please People, you’ve missed the obvious here. She was trying to get rid of the competition…since the only people that could find her new body attractive are people that want to F**K 11 year old boys. She’s flat, she’s boney, she’s basically an 11 year old boy with a wig.

  20. And Paris is an 11 year old boy with Herpes.

  21. sometimesboy

    See what happens to those foreign orphans when Angelina doesn’t get to adopt them?

  22. gammanormids

    #4: in the picture of the source article, she really really looks more like a very ugly 11 years old kid than ever…

  23. Binky

    Nic. Dear. The only time to talk to a little boy is when you have a problem with your computer, have to design a web page, or need to know the latest in Japanese cartoons.
    If you have any sex ideas – I’m finding the best place to consult is your IMAGINATION ! Now THAT’S HOT !!!

  24. krisdylee

    Does Nicole know what a MILF is??? What a noodle-brain.

  25. LickyLicky

    13… who are you talking to?

  26. not-one-of-you

    maybe the kid has heard worse at school, but an ‘adult’ accosting a child re. sexuality is not the same as the kids showing off using bad words in their schoolyard. ya, it happens, but when the ‘adult’ is filling an 11-year old in on the meaning of vulgar slang, sorry that is wrong. she’s an amoral whore pig.

  27. Ultraviolins

    #26: I remember a lot of grade-school classmates running around, spouting off the crap they heard at home from their own parents.

    Talk about some amoral whore pigs.

  28. Dee

    check out her huge bobble head.

  29. brewerpatriot

    #13, I must defend Mr. Superfish. YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!! “Than” is the proper word in the sentence “…to harass the only thing flatter than her.” “Than” is used as a comparative adjective, “then” is used to denote what happens next in a sequence. What kind of moron points out an alleged mistake and is so obviously wrong about it? Even if you were right, no one cares – half the posters write “should of” instead of “should have.” Get over yourself. BTW, your space site sucks.

    Nicole is a stupid a-hole. The Fox network (and now E!) must be held accountable for unleashing these two whores un the world.

  30. brewerpatriot

    Oops. Should be “on.” OH MY GOD, MUST LEARN IT.

  31. bunnyhugger

    #29 brewerpat
    you are absolutely right, grammatically speaking.

    but are wrong about the site, IMHO. and i swear upon a stack of dianetics, i thought NAMBLA was something matt and trey made up!!

    i told you before, i’m way too old for this site.

  32. brunette15

    it looks like her necks gunna snap cuz it can no longer support her huge ass head

  33. Nicole Richie… what a JOKE.

  34. CINDO

    FYI #24-The reason behind nicole using the term MILF, is because in season 4, these twigs (paris & nicole) take on the roles of mothers.

  35. LoneWolf

    What they aren’t telling you is the kid’s response when she asked him if he thought she was a MILF. It was “Yes. And by yes, I mean no, because you’re the white Whitney Houston only without the talent who’s such a vapid idiot that you don’t even know that you don’t qualify because you aren’t a mom, and you never will be because your uterus is as wasted and dried out as your brain.”

    Turns out the kid is a big Superfish fan.

  36. BarbadoSlim

    I guess is my turn to bite the bullet *sigh*
    here I go:
    I’d hi….,,Ok ok, I’d hit..i… NO! I just can’t sorry.

  37. Juhaina

    ok i don’t want to seem foolish.
    but what does MILF mean???

  38. Discourses

    Supposedly there’s a sex tape forthcoming.

  39. BarbadoSlim

    I think it’s Mother I’d Like to Fuck…I think.

  40. mamacita


    I must defend #13. Before she said that, it said this

    “the only thing flatter then her: an 11 year old boy”

    and then they changed it to this

    “the only thing flatter than her: an 11 year old boy”

    So, she was actually correct in her correction.

  41. sid

    Fuck…justice here in America. She should be in jail. Poor people, go out and steal a loaf of bread to make up for it. You should see her pre-makeover over at awfulplasticsurgery. Woof! Woof!

  42. Who do you think has bigger boobs? Lionel or Nicole?

  43. Who do you think has bigger boobs? Lionel or Nicole?

  44. TaiTai

    I don’t get it. When did Nicole Richie become a Mother? It must have been having that baby that made her stick-thin. It had the opposite effect on Britney. And even if she were a mother she would still not be a MILF. Yuck.

  45. krisdylee

    I’ve been told I’m a MILF, but there’s no way in hell I’d ask my son’s best friend that question. What a twat.

  46. popsi_zen

    Nicole Ritchie is just a mean little bitch, spoiled and completely classless. I bet being anorexic hasn’t made her any nicer, I know how bitchy I am when I’m hungry.

  47. nikki

    Ms. Ritchie has ALWAYS had a potty mouth. this is not new. she also has ALWAYS played the role of flirt on the simple life. remember when she asked the guy how old he was and when he said “18″, she replied “OK that’s legal”. this is Nicole Ritchie. you can dress her in a gazillion designer outfits, at heart she is a spoilt potty-mouth. even Lionel says that he is “just observing” her. earth to Lionel — she’s way outta control dude.

    this time however she may have gone too far. i for one seriously hope so.

  48. Binky

    # 45
    I was talking to your son’s best friend (just outside hell) and he said :
    “Levetra could be a problem if your erection lasts more than four (4) (F O U R) (Quatre) (Quatro) hours.”
    No word on the ‘Twat’ angle. Will keep you posted.

  49. sander

    “Nicole Richie picks on 11 year old.” Hey, at least she can say she was picking on someone her OWN size!!! :)

  50. Mr. Fritz

    What do you expect from an exjunkie whose parents used to beat each other up in front of her? Does anyone remember when her dad was caught cheating by her mother and the police had to be called?

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