Nicole Richie overheard

An employee at a Hollywood club writes in saying they overheard Nicole Richie and her friends making fun of Cameron Diaz’s terrible skin and weird smile.

Okay, so I work at a club in Hollywood and Nicole Richie and a few of her friends came in and were hanging out and partying a few nights ago. Nicole was overheard putting in her two cents when Cameron Diaz’s name was mentioned. Nicole said: ” She (cameron) dresses like a scumbag, she’s a hot mess.” A petite brunette chick with N.R. added, “Her acne looks really bad.” Nicole said: She doesn’t even try to cover up the blotches or anything like that…she’s no Britney that’s for damn sure. Justin could’ve gotten MUCH better cuz he’s still hot.” Brunette chick: cameron’s gettin’ up there in age, don’t know why he wants an old fuc$kin’ broad like that.” The last thing I heard was about C.D. mouth lookin’ like the Joker when she smiles, think a 3rd girl made that comment either way it got N.R. whole table dying laughing.

I don’t know about the acne thing, but that Joker comment is spot on. If they ever plan on bringing the Joker back into the Batman franchise, they should seriously consider cutting off the bottom half of Cameron Diaz’s face and surgically attaching it to whoever is going to be playing the Joker. Although then they’d be left with an even better villain: Half-Face Girl. Get it? Because she has half a face. Man, coming up with villain names should be my full-time job.