Nicole Richie might have cancer

January 2nd, 2006 // 68 Comments



  1. diddleysquat

    WOW, she looks so freaky that it looks almost photo-shopped… disturbing. She looks like a bowling ball on top of a hockey stick!

  2. Lynette Carrington

    Oh, that’s just scary. Really, Nicole, there’s nothing wrong with being a size 4, please eat a burger!

  3. Lynette Carrington

    Maybe that’s why her engagement fell through…….Nicole turned sideways and her fiance lost her!

  4. E. Jones

    her glasses are bigger than she is.

  5. pirhan

    That’s quite possible Lynette. (Reminds me of Chris’ engagement to Kate Moss in Family Guy.) I can not believe how skinny she is.. there’s thin beauty and then there’s Skeletor.

  6. Juliette

    Poor thing…she needs serious help

  7. SpiderMomma

    Gross!!! Someone..anyone…..get this girl to a buffet and chain her to it!

  8. Captain Awesome

    Concentration camp survivor is the new skinny.

  9. suzy

    i think she’s skinnier than how mary kate was… and mary kate didn’t even put much weight back on…. the only person who really has is lindsay..

  10. firestar

    omg those size 0 shorts look big on her..doesnt she have friends to tell her that she needs to eat a sandwich


  12. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Hmmm… that’s nasty. She looks like an after school special…

    I understand stress and breaking off an engagement… but most people lean towards comfort food… looks like Nicole leaned a little to hard towards the candy, the Brazillian Disco Nose Candy, that is.

  13. nikki

    Jewbacca you’re hilarious!!!!! LMAO.

    Yes Nicole, you fat cow. Keep losing da weight. Clearly Mom and Dad don’t see the need to hospitalize you yet. Keep going til they get the message. 15 more pounds is just about right.

  14. Leyland Austrian

    We can do with out the so called clever bits that are posted. They are not really clever just jealous people jumping on the negitive badwagon. Sure this poor little rich girl has problems , but don’t we all. I hope she does not have cancer and that one of her ” so called friends” can help her to live a better healthier life. of course friends are a rare comidity. I mean real friends that care. Not for thier personal gain but actually give love and help

    I watched a dear fried go from a too tubby stature to a nice bod to the dreaded chemo bod and then ultimately death. I watched my friend fade away over a period of months. the good thing was his memorial. He would have loved it. We got together and told great and funny stories of the good times we spent with our friend. We laffed and cryed it was a special day.

    Leyland Austrian

  15. Virginia

    It’s the glasses. Yes, she is dreadfully skinny, but I predict that if she were in a normal sized pair of sunglasses she wouldn’t look like Skeleton Jack. It’s all in relation to your surroundings, ie, if you stand next to someone fat, you look thinner. But with those glasses she seriously looks like a bobble-head

  16. the_snitch

    Lol, i love the google ads that appear alongside this article:

    “Alternative Anorexia
    Difficult cases only please, and your daughter also.

    get skinny
    Dieting, weight control programs Select from different approaches.”

  17. Solaera

    She looks like a praying mantis…

  18. eringirl

    Even more frightening, the camera adds weight! I saw her at La Conversation about a month ago and was taken aback at how sadly skinny she really is. It’s beyond making fun of her, she seriously needs help. It makes me wonder if we’d be harping on Karen Carpenter had there been a back then

  19. The Devil


  20. Bogart

    That’s got to be photo-shopped.

  21. fatgirl

    Leyland Austrian GO TO OPRAH!!!!!

  22. BillyGurl

    Leyland, take your whiny ass to your HS counselor and keep the Lifetime stories off such a fine site.

    Nicole Richie is pointless and ugly.


  23. Tha-Flash


  24. Um… Just above you referred to Angelina Jolie as ‘fat’. Fat? In whose universe. Perhaps it is attitudes like that which lead women to starve themselves.

    It’s like the Who magazine articles that sandwich the disgust at women like Kirstie Alley and the horror at women like Lara Flynn Boyle in between cosmetic surgery articles. Perhaps if people like you spent less time picking over women’s bodies and how they do or don’t measure up, there wouldn’t be so many grappling with eating disorders.

  25. sarakai

    Ur a dickhead Janiebabes, they referred to Angelina Jolie as fat because shes pregnant u tool! We make comments about Kirstie Alley, Lara Flynn Boyle and Nicole Richie because theyre weight is a danger to theyre health and unnatural. I have never seen anyone make comments on a celebrities weight at a normal healthy size. I can only imagine this attitude of yours has come from the fact ur obviously a fat bitch and always have been. U better run, I think I smell hotdogs…

  26. doom

    Every other girl in Vogue looks like her, she should just take up modeling. Except she’s really ugly too so maybe not.

  27. flamarkel

    Hey, in Somalia they’d be calling her lard-ass or tubby or something like that. It’s all relative.

  28. Linnea

    She looks like an Ethiopian child in a drought year.

  29. slinkhard

    ‘I can only imagine this attitude of yours has come from the fact ur obviously a fat bitch and always have been.’

    Wow, sarakai, that comment sure proves you have a healthy attitude to weight.

  30. ebayfan414

    I actually think nicole is pretty, but shit her weight now is terrifying…none of you people’s jokes are even funny because she seriously needs some help soon or she will die of starvation…it’s fun making fun at fat or really skinny celebrities, but not when they literally look like they are on the brink of death.

  31. aims_25

    Solaera: She actually really does look like a preying mantis what with the big glasses and all. Good call!

  32. Hara

    Wow. Her head is humongous. Someone get that girl a sandwich. Her legs turned lumpy and her rib cage is looking a little Sub-saharan-famine-ish.

    For the disgruntled, the last time i checked this wasn’t a community service site. It’s probably hard to convince her to gain weight when her designer gowns fit so much more easily now. So sorry — it may be tragic, but it is also gross. And So hard to feel quite sorry for her when she doesn’t seem to put too much of her fortune towards the kids she’s starting to look so much like instead of running around with ex-model heiresses milking cows.

  33. hermanita

    Dear God! She looks like she’s going to fall apart any moment! There are girls born skinny, but nobody looks THIS skinny by nature. What is she doing to herself?

  34. ShanDourdan

    I don’t know what’s more scary… The fact that the camera actually adds ten pounds or the fact that young, impressionable girls probably look up to Nicole and want to be just like her. It’s sick.

  35. Geminat

    she needs to take some og Kiki Dunst’s pre-natal pills…her hair looks awful.

  36. PapaHotNuts

    According to Sally Strothers, for only $12 a month, we can rid the world of hunger and save people like this. She should call Brittany and ask her how she beat anorexia. Because she did. Like a motherfucker she beat it.

  37. ~S.Starr~

    Okay…to all the people suddenly growing a concious…SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Check your web browser…it doesn’t say It says http://www.THE!!!! So what if what people are writing is disturbing and mean…go donate to some anorexia fund and stop bugging us people who just want to vent about poor retarded celebs!!!!!!!

  38. HughJorganthethird

    Shes so small and thin Star Jones could use her as a sex toy. Or an apetizer

  39. Seamus Begonia Smell

    lol #16

  40. ashlee

    no she needs to lsoe more weight shes still fatter than a skeleton, she need to keep going, come on nicole you’ll get there just try harder. Obviously no1′s gunan send you to rehab so just get worse then they’ll freak and kick emselves’

  41. stephanie

    i think nichole needs to read this page…

  42. araiza

    seriously, you could be hot. Guys like boobs. maybe gain some to get them back… just dont lose any more.

  43. omg…you guys need to GROW UP and stop critisizing her!! shes a living breathing person… that your body? no…becuase it’s HERS!! stop saying those things!! if she thinks its best for her then LAY OFF!!! I have a friend like that….with that kind of body…and its not because somethings wrong with her….it’s because she loves to EXCERSIZE…and she eats HEALTHY!! maybe you guys honestly don’t know what healthy is….you guys are being jerks

  44. stephanie

    Kelsy- that is so not true……maybe with yur friend, but not withe Nicole……she is a skinny ugly bitch!!!!NO boy would want to go out with her, thats why her finace left her!!!! DUH………..Stupid

  45. milo

    if you have ever seen anyone with cancer or watched someone die of any form, you will realise how “so not funny” it is to compare whatever is wrong with nicole richie to cancer.
    there is a thin line between trying to be funny and being downright mean.that caption crossed the line.

  46. Jesus, what’s with these young, female celebrities and wearing sunglasses that are 10 sizes too big for their faces? First the Olsen twins, Mischa Barton and now Nicole Richie. Oh wait, did I say the sunglasses are too big? What I really meant was that their faces are collapsing upon themselves under the glasses.

  47. Dragon

    Milo, you comment kind of offended me, cause if what is wrong with Nicole is an eating disorder, it is just as much a deadly DISEASE as cancer.

  48. What is so crazy to me is why to my knowledge at least there has been no intervention. And then a public confession is expected prompted from someone like Katie Couric (????!!!!!!!!) during a book tour? It look Lindsey a few pounds, a trainer, a good year or so and an article in Vanity Fair to reveal her ordeal. She was always a bit more on the edge though too. Nicole I probably in a hell of a lot of pain. But she thrives in the celebrity live so in the end she’ll either smarten up or live thin and ….oh and side note. I’ve been in the beauty and fashion industry for several years. I will say I really don’t think she looks that bad. Sorry, but have you seen the girls in the anorexia hospitals at 50 pounds? This is slightly different you realize.

  49. ir0ny!

    Looks like Paris stole her food while filming The Simple Life. Maybe that’s why they had a big fight & starting hating each other.

  50. tyshkers

    #47 – Eating disorders may be considered diseases, b ut its hard to feel too sorry for people who make themselves sick. People who suffer from cancer don’t .

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