Nicole Richie might be engaged

March 2nd, 2007 // 72 Comments

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden sparked engagement rumors when they visited a Los Angeles jewelry store last week and looked at engagement rings. Then on Wednesday Nicole Richie was spotted getting coffee with a turned-around diamond ring on her wedding finger. They’ve only been dating for a few months but the two are also reportedly house hunting together.

I don’t really care about the story, I’m just impressed Nicole Richie managed to carry her entire month’s supply of food in both hands.


  1. geek_uk

    Am i first? Or second? Who cares.

  2. God help us all if she has kids.

  3. 86

    2 there is NO way. She hasn’t had her period in years. I doubt she even ovulates anymore.

  4. 86

    I will say that line about carrying a months worth of food in both hands was awesome. I laughed.

  5. didey23

    wheres the rock??

  6. leezastudio

    misses Skeletor sucks!

  7. RichPort

    A tenth of a carat would look like the rock of Gibralter on this fat bitches hands. She should marry a fucking all you can eat buffet.

  8. LudivineKla

    if u go without ur period 4 mre than 3 years u develop osteoperosis when ur 30, so wonder if her potential beau is goin 2 b happy pushin her round in a wheel chair?

  9. gatorgirl

    Ok, she’s cute and all, but WHY oh WHY do katrillionaire girls have such icky poo poo fingernails? Come on! The Olsen sticks, Brit Brit, now Nicole? I swear if I was that rich, I’d have people at my house every other day making sure I was plucked, puffed, scruffed and manicured…she can’t be THAT busy, she ain’t taking time out of her day to eat or anything…

  10. LoneWolf

    In related news, the Vatican has announced that immediately upon her imminent death NR will become the patron saint of Ethiopia.

    Wait a minute…she’s marrying that fat sports commentator guy who always travels by bus? WTF, he’s old enough to be her father! Oh, it’s the shoe store guy? Well, that makes a little more sense.

    Speaking of shoes, I’m really liking hers. The manicure, I’m really hating. In Vegas they call that a push, Ms. Karen-Carpenter-wannabe. Thanks for playing.

  11. Luv717

    Her chipped nail polish on her gross hands must be from the stomach acid….LOL

  12. Dragulf

    Isn’t her being engaged also like her being a fat ass? Wait. She is a fat ass so that makes her engaged. Or does it?

    Damn you Homer Simpson, you are starting to make sense!

  13. olivia

    waaatt they hardly no each other! poor hilary duff they only broke up like 2 months ago

  14. Binky

    She should get engaged to a fat suit.

  15. MrSemprini

    She was rushed to the hospital after she got a run in her hose and fell out. This was in addition to her near drowning when she started sucking on a milkshake and the suction pulled her into the straw.

  16. Stink

    Now I understand why all her sunglasses look oversized – she’s frickin’ tiny! Too bad I don’t have a prepubescent girl fetish.

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Has this whore-bot done anything I should recognize her for?

    No fucking idea who she is. Has she done ANY porn, at all?

  18. NipsyHustle

    on a high note, i can’t see her sternum and she looks like she’s put on a little weight. good for her.

    too bad she’s marrying the biggest douche on the planet.

  19. IFuckingHateYou

    SHe was an ugly, fat cunt when she was Paris hilton’s side-kick.
    Now she’s just an ugly, skinny cunt.

    Haven’t seen it posted in awhile, so just as a reminder:

  20. xeurohottiex

    who cares she’s ugly, ugly chicks don’t deserve attention

  21. meee

    dude they are so not engaged. with the riches of these people, you really think she’d have that crappy little ring?

  22. Thomas the Wrapper

    Be weird to screw a skeleton. Also, she hasn’t had a period in years. I’m sure sandpaper would be more fun.

  23. Ahem Roid

    i hope she can stick with this relationship. celebrity marriages have such a razor-thin margin for error. they spend so much time away from each other that marriage starts wasting away until there’s almost nothing left. it becomes just a skeleton of a relationship. hopefully they’ll keep communicating in case one of them has a bone to pick with the other. humor is important but you must avoid excessive ribbing. relationships can get so lopsided if somebody has an oversized head. realism is important too, it just won’t work if you have giant rosy-colored glasses on.

  24. sevenandaswitchblade

    The only thing attractive about here are her forearms in the third pic, otherwise she just looks like she drinks lard milkshakes.

  25. Tits_McGhee

    Her left arm is probably now longer than her right arm due to the heavy weight from the ring. Fetus’ bodies cannot handle that much weight on just one side of their body.

    It’s science.

  26. “I don’t really care about the story, I’m just impressed Nicole Richie managed to carry her entire month’s supply of food in both hands.”

    Haha! Hey Superfish how about a beverage warning next time? My monitor will thank you.

  27. kate

    What is up with these retards getting engaged after knowing each other for a month? How about buying a fucking house after a month?

    Its amazing how money fucks up your thinking.

  28. Clete

    Congratulations to that adorable couple (sarcasm). I wonder how much Joel will like visiting his fiancee in the big house? I imagine her lesbian cell mate would even find her repulsive. I understand the quick engagement since Joel is on the rebound from Toothy no muff stuff Duff – gee he is really getting even.

  29. arden

    She is looking SO much better.

  30. 29

    If by better, you mean “less like death on a stick”

  31. misanthrope

    That scarf weighs more than her.

  32. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    She actually looks like she’s gained a little weight. She looks healthier. She’s still underweight, you can tell by how thin her forearms are, but I do think she’s put a little bit back on.

    Maybe soon she’ll actually do some work or something, you know, make a few ducats for herself instead of sponging off other people like a damn parasite.

    But Nicole, skip the sex tape thing. It’d be scary.

  33. smashboogie


  34. allykitten85

    I dunno, I think she actually looks way better/healthier than she used to…

  35. Bugman4045

    Nice shoes though.

  36. Meow

    It’s like.. why would you even bother turning the ring around? If you really didn’t want people to know you were engaged, you wouldn’t wear the ring out at all, now would you? No, you wouldn’t.

    ..damned attention-seeking recovering addict anorexic daughters of 80′s R&B stars that date lame ass pop-punk band members…

  37. NicotineEyePatch

    23, agreed, as long as she doesn’t flush it all down the toilet, it still has a slim chance of survival…

  38. neatgirl

    Ol boy’s probably so excited he’s having sex after two year’s of forced abstinence that he’d marry a goat as long as he could stick his dick in it.

  39. Lowlands

    She needs the handbag as a counterweight while carrying those latte macchiatos…

  40. whackjob

    #22, it’s ok, although the distraction of hearing all the bones creaking and cracking when you’re on top is a little much, but hey, I never let it slow me down!

  41. crestlin

    is it a requirement for all female multimillionaires to be ugly beyond rapair? i mean, these people don’t even look NORMAL.

    on a separate note, this is one of the funniest threads i’ve read this week. thanks guys for making me crack up during this hellish week of midterms :)

  42. dancehallcrasher75

    Since I cannot stop thinking, laughing, pondering about Cisco Adler’s balls, I have to say it. Okay, here goes…

    Cisco Adler’s balls weigh more than her.

    Whew, there I said it, I am done for today. No more thoughts about those balls.

  43. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    You know, when I saw that pic of Cisco Adler, and knew I could click and see it all, something in the deep recesses of my subconscious said “No! Don’t look!” I am so glad I heeded that cry, because it sounds like many of you are haunted by those balls, haunted in your nightmares, haunted in wakefulness, haunted beyond redemption. I feel for you.

  44. dancehallcrasher75

    Please, if you haven’t looked at them, go look. It is the eight wonder of the world.

    When I am having a bad day, my children are driving me nuts, the toilet is overflowing, the mortgage payment is due, I close my eyes and picture those things, then I think about all the hilarious comments from that post, I laugh, then I cry, and all is good with the world.

  45. I think she looks fine. Her fingers are fine most piano players i know have fingers like that. She was not fat before on her own it was coming off of drugs. It makes you gain weight. SHe dieted and did not know when to stop kknow shes fine. SHes what 5’2″ 85-100 pounds is normal.

    I know someone will respond later. How many piano players do i know alot to school some nights practice everyday. Im on Rachmaninoff prelude c and g, beethoven moonlight sonata, and per lasson crescendo.

    I am not stupid im pretty sure you are not and will never be in my status as you will find from going on my myspace. Yiur only proving what i have in my profile.

    Finally why cant we realize peopl are of different bidy types naturally. I think the reason we bitch about anorexia, steroid use, and inheritance is because they potentially make that person more attractive. Their are more obese or pretty damn close people on this board and america than anorexics in this world.

    I defend her because i can associate with her.
    Who knows if it will last look at reese and ryan.

  46. Jimmy Showbiz

    I think you may be right, Nicole and Joel, excuse the rhyme, visited Los Angeles jewellery store XIV Karats on February 19. Nicole tried on several ruby necklaces before buying one for half-price at $7000. Then they both looked at the engagement rings, which were also in the sale…by they way..she must have shit the tape worm…she’s getting fat

  47. So is that how desperate you get when Hillary Duff holds out on you for 2 years? You finally bang a skank and you are ready to marry them?

  48. NicotineEyePatch

    When clowns like this gain three pounds, everyone says they look so great, when in reality, they still look anorexic, just not in danger of dying anymore.
    However, she loves compliments, and teenaged girls love role models! So let’s all encourage her to just stop where she is, before she gets pudgy – alllllll over again.

  49. me0w

    Lifestyles of the rich and the famous They’re always complainin always complainin If money is such a problem They got mansions I think we should rob them Lifestyles of the rich and famous

  50. MadameO

    You know, she actually looks pretty great in these pics. She was too plump when she was Paris’s bestie, and she was hideous when she looked like an orange and emaciated horse foetus, but now her arms and legs look really healthy-sized…it’s just the sunnies that are ridiculously large.

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