Nicole Richie isn’t anorexic

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Lionel Richie says he was so concerned about Nicole Richie’s weight loss he took her to a doctor who assured him she wasn’t anorexic. He says:

“I stood in front of [the doctor], just like you and I now, looked him in the eyes, and I said ‘Is it anorexia?’ And he said ‘It isn’t anorexia,'” the musician told the Swedish newspaper Expressen, according to our translator. He says Nicole’s weight loss is “stress-related” and he believes it’s due to his divorce from her mother and from all the media attention his daughter gets. “I live with the constant fear that Nicole is going to become the next Princess Diana,” Richie said, apparently referring to the late royal’s death while she was being pursued by paparazzi. “Just to give an example of how crazy everything has become, I always know when Nicole is on her way home because she is always followed by a helicopter and seven cars. It’s harassment.” But, he claims, photos of Nicole have been digitized to make her look even skinnier than she is. “Many times, they manipulate pictures of her,” he says. “She’s shown me the difference between the original and what’s published in the newspaper. They make her look much worse.”

I don’t know much about anorexia, but I know if your legs look like that you’re either anorexic or a giraffe. And last I checked nobody follows around a giraffe in “a helicopter and seven cars.” Unless maybe it knocked over a bank and had a cool nickname like Giraffey McCool.

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