Nicole Richie is probably pregnant

June 18th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Nicole Richie fueled pregnancy rumors Thursday night when she declined alcohol at the YSL Center Dance Arts party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There’s been speculation that this is all an act to get out of serving jail time for her DUI arrest, but Nicole Richie turning down alcohol? No, something is definitely afoot. I better put on my detective hat and do some investigating. I think I’ll start with the girl’s locker room. That place always needs investigating. Sometimes three or four times a day.

nicole_richie_candids_salon_01-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_02-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_03-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_04-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_05-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_06-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_07-thumb.jpg nicole_richie_candids_salon_08-thumb.jpg


  1. jrzmommy


  2. With her diet, she’ll have a miscarriage in not time. Flush the little guy right down the toilet.

  3. She probably IS pregnant, but I wouldn’t put it past her to avoid alcohol and show off a non-existent bump to gain publicity.

  4. The kid is mine.

  5. RichPort

    She’ll go full term but deliver only a tiny tadpole clinging to the placenta, and Tom Cruise will eat the whole thing in one expertly deepthroated swallow.

  6. mong_head

    He looks like a skunk, a skunk with a really weird taste in women (ones that look like little boys)

  7. Victor

    I am SOOOOO fuckin glad she is pregnant. Maybe we she will gain some weight and be fuckable again. Once she gains like 20 to 30 pounds I will be all on that bitch, and fuck her until I make that troll face go away.

  8. Jimbo

    Just because the stupid bitch has not had a period in 3 months does not mean she is pregnant. She is only doing this to try and keep her boney ass out of jail and she want to attention

  9. PrettyBaby

    Hey Victor – when her water breaks, will you drink it?

  10. NicotineEyePatch

    Girls need to have periods before they can get pregnant…

  11. Victor

    #9, good point. But not on her. Now if it was Jessica Alba, then would be a totally different story, I would drink her water, then douche her, and drink that also.

  12. NicotineEyePatch

    Haha, Jimbo, beat me to it!

  13. bungoone

    judging from the size of her feet in pictures 4 & 5, she’s clearly a Hobbit. she seems so tiny. why the hell are her feet so huge??! and i’m suprised she dates a guy with a double chin. he’s such a tool to begin with, i don’t think he needs his hair like that to prove it.

    lastly, i hope these two are either walking to or from the abortion clinic.

  14. pheetus

    She went to an abortion clinic to get an explanation for how her boyfriend survived the procedure.

  15. mia

    It’s not an abortion clinic because you don’t see any religious psychos with dead baby signs and bloodlust in their eyes.

  16. She’s not even big enough to get preggers

  17. Coco

    spawn of satan?

  18. Jimbo

    @16 – nice description of yourself on your blog

  19. sea

    Isn’t this old news?

  20. Kennedy

    First off, Nicole Richie is awesome. Second, she must be knocked up cause she’s actually developing cleavage.

  21. Shelby

    Hello, Cruella DeVille

  22. polypam

    She is milking this rumor for all it’s worth. Is she also going to fake a miscarriage so that she gets all of our sympathy?

  23. havoc

    Isn’t getting sober chic this week in Hollyweird?

    We’re not supposed to cycle the rampant drug problem again for a few more weeks.

    Get on schedule people!

  24. I’m telling you, there is no way this chick can birth a healthy baby — she’s going to pop out a carton of Marlboro Reds and and a field mouse.

  25. Papa Smear

    Sounds like she’s hoping for a miscarriage – of justice!



  26. Bugman4045

    @22 That is exactly what she is doing. I doubt she menstruates, due to her malnourishent, so I am sure she could not conceive.

  27. Brink

    I love me some Nicole baby! She is so cute and hippy chic you just want to give her kisses. Did I ever mention her sexy skin color, hair over one eye look and that little angelic face?

  28. Shammy

    I wonder what the baby will look like!? And seriously what is up with her feet, those are some haggard ass toes.

  29. Jimbo

    @27 Brink – You have to stop sniffing you finger after you scratch you ass, it is melting your brain

  30. Jimbo

    @27 Brink – You have to stop sniffing your finger after you scratch you ass, it is melting your brain

  31. 15piecesofflare

    Oh no, it’s going to spawn?

  32. Did a Flock of Seagulls re-form?

  33. DancingQueen

    That’s going to be one ugly ass, half-half-breed Pepe Le Pew m-f-er.

  34. She’s not preggers, she finally brokedown and ate a hamburger about a week ago. She is so emaciated that a single meal engorges her to the point of appearing with child. Her metabolism has so slowed that, not unlike an anaconda, she takes weeks to digest a simple lunch. So it’s no kid, either a burger or a bellyful of jid. Take your pick.

  35. Lisa

    Hum,, bra, and cleavage…….thats differant.

  36. jus'stupid

    Who the hell is this nerd? At first look, before clicking on the pix, i thought he just shaved the side, but what a f’ing dork, bleached the sides, adn dyed the top? Geez, I’ve seen better heads on a zit. And then I squished them.

  37. Bugman4045

    That is her boyfriend DJ Scro-Tem.

  38. Ally

    Hey Nicole,

    I’m sorry to inform you, but you probably aren’t really pregnant. Have you ever seen pictures of starving children in Africa? How they have those little bellies? That is called Edema…caused from a severe lack of blood protein. This is what happens to people who go months without eating. There is absolutely no way you are pregnant.

  39. RoastBeef

    @24 the Boob Shots on your site have gotten a lot better under the new format. Nice job Bern.

  40. Quinn

    uhoh she’ll have to lighten up on the coke and eat a few meals… in no time she’ll be fatter than ever MWAHAHAHAA

  41. TigerLilly

    “Ugga Wagga Wiggwam”

    Peter Pan and I think she’ll have a cute baby and we have plans to fly away with it before anyone gets to see it, then she’ll have to go to jail. Who is the ugga wagga
    uggly guy with her?

  42. WowJustWow

    She mated with skunk boy?


    World’s Ugliest Bebeh comin’ right up!

  43. jrzmommy

    Anorexics stop getting their periods…Nicole, you ain’t got a bun in that oven……you just got amenorrhea

  44. Waffleholic

    Ricci makes my throw up in my mouth.. a lot.

    Even with bewbs there is no denying that THE MUMMY RETURNS!!! in these pics.

  45. hey buttfuck:
    #15==yea, who the hell iz
    talkin about abortion clinicz?
    your zuch a, go
    back to your dungeon!

  46. Lowlands

    If i was the judge who’s in charge of her case.I would say;’oh yeah sure,Nicole Richie is pregnant and the earth is flat and water is dry as dust’.

  47. Lowlands

    Believe me folks,she isn’t pregnant.Maybe she will one day but at the moment this girl’s worst nightmare is a thick belly.

  48. jrzmommy

    She’ll be a Soccer Cadaver.

  49. Guy

    His hair looks cool, shame about EVERYTHING ELSE (Including Nicole)

  50. for news, photos and videos on Nicole and babywatch!

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