Nicole Richie is pregnant and in a bikini…again

September 24th, 2007 // 89 Comments

  1. First time

    Ouch! my eyes

  2. first time

    and I was the first??

  3. kelley

    shit i wanted to be first.

    she looks healthier.

  4. wickedspice

    I don’t think she is going to be able to stand up straight when she is like 8 months pregnant. That will make for some hilarious photo-ops.

  5. we hate joel, yes?

  6. Dr. Xtapa

    She better get out of the sun soon, or the baby will start to cook in there. In the medical profession we call this the Easy Baked Oven Effect.

  7. Rebecca

    “…watching his pregnant girlfriend do all the work…..”???? All what work? Laying a towel down on the chair? Fish dude….she’s PREGNANT not CRIPPLED. She’s perfectly capable of laying a towel down for herself.

  8. Does she just hang around and lounge all day in a bikini? So basically she does the same thing that she did before she was pregnant. That kid is going to be so alien looking when it comes out.
    Where celebrity goes hip-hop

  9. darren

    Wow, she’s got tits now. And she looks waaaay healthier with some more meat on her too. Too bad she’s so fucking ugly, good god.

  10. Christine

    I wouldn’t call laying out her towel “work”. She’s pregnant, not handicapped. I had my third baby in three years last February. My husband is helpful enough, but he works all day. I did everything around the house (laundry, cleaning, bathing kids, etc, etc) right up until I gave birth. Pregnancy is tiring, but it’s not an excuse to be a lazy bum.

  11. I thought you weren’t “into oxen” Fish? What gives?

  12. Miguelito

    Ameeerrrrica, Amerrrrica, God shed His grace on thee!

  13. fjioarue

    Gawd…imagine popping out your first day on earth and these two faces are the ones staring back at you?

  14. Mike

    MmmHmm tasty looking hottie! My tongue and taste buds are aroused!

  15. Binky

    My sources are saying she now implores :
    “No. Wait. Two…TWO fries with that “

  16. drewski

    Looks like Joel needs to try tattooing some hair onto the back of his head…

  17. Amanda

    They are such a cute couple, and she is such a cute prego.

  18. She looks great! Joel, however, he could use some help!

  19. She actually dosent look that bad. Can someone explain to me why she is famous again. I forgot what she has done.

  20. dffd

    nice tits

  21. lola

    really ppl I am not seeing the reason for these two making news …who the f*ck really cares about these two nobody’s!!!

  22. polypam

    The baby belly is kinda cute, but her naked face just proves why Hollywood make-up artists make so much money.

  23. Kati

    Her ex-fiancee is the DJ, who holds the earphones and occasionally shifts his weight. This guy must have some kind of musical ability, he’s a singer

  24. fsds

    Nice bald spot Joel.

  25. mrs.t

    That Joel Madden is one inbred, double-Y chromosome, punkass little bitch. I would LOVE to punch him in the face.

  26. wow her boobs grown larger. stil i prefer skinny nicole. she looks sexier.

  27. Nikk

    Stop it, enough! Thats disgusting and the fact your reporting on her is even more disgusting. She’s just gross.

  28. First time

    I’m sorry that I’m a huge fucking tool and my mom’s a cunt. It IS retarded to go about screaming first all the time…I’ll leave now…

  29. he wasn’t referring to only laying down a towel. click the pictures. view them. she was carrying TWO full bags, while he carried a laptop and grabbed a juice or some whatnot out of the bag.

  30. Jen

    She looks great! Healthy. Yay!

    She will be a cute mom…and I think she will take good care of her kiddo for some reason, even with all of her antics.

  31. Riotboy


  32. Amber

    is it just me or does she look like Bonnie (Joe’s wife) from family guy? only when she wearing a bikini. just picture her with black hair. I tried to find a pic but i couldn’t find one.

  33. Puhleeze……slow news day?

  34. Right #33 – So I’m about ready for -
    And in other news…
    I’m banned from Huffington Post again. Some guy named Mort won’t tolerate any comments from the Binkster on the ‘Left Wing’ site.
    (After seeing Bill M. argue with a CIA guy about foreign policy – I’m beginning to see a pattern. )
    Huf-po’s Brownshirts on Morty’s blog won’t let this one by:
    {“‘How do I get this comment pass the ‘Truth Police’ guidelines ?
    ‘This site is a joke for allowing this crap.
    Maybe not.
    ‘Ms Huffington is a cutie, but, Mort, 9-11 was an inside job’?
    I think that one’s gone as well.
    “Mort I’ve googled : ‘Urban Moving Systems’ and still have a few questions about the ‘Five Dancing Israelis’”
    Probably not. Oh Well. The truth will set you free… “}

    Oh and Nicole – you look gr8 !

  35. Binky

    The Fish – all the news that’s fit to print

  36. aaaaaaaaa!

    OMG this Joel guy is hideous…… how could ANYONE want to reproduce with him?? and Nicole Richie was the LAST person i thought would get pregnant
    WTF their kids are going to be really hideous

  37. aaaaaaaaa!

    PS: Joel’s toes are really gross

  38. aaaaaaaaa!

    PPS: and his body is disgusting. WHAT A FAT ASS.

  39. Binky

    TMZ , like a show, was on the TV tonight apres Colbert.
    Lost the remote.
    Suddenly I realized I was in Hell – and aaaaaaaa! was watching.

    John Carpenter couldn’t make this stuff up….

  40. Binky

    Oh and ummm,,,, no offence aaaaaaaa!.

  41. sayll

    You forgot to describe him as, ‘balding’.

    That is gonna be one fugly baby.

  42. Professor Docktorson

    I haven’t seen Hilary Duff lately, has she been knocked up too?

  43. yAWnnnnnn

    F*ck !!!!she’s a nobody HOE
    no talent usless cold fish

  44. Mable

    who the f*ck gets “sock” tatoos this guy is a freak
    Nicole is just white trash adopted by a black man with $
    trashy pregnant hoe

  45. Binky

    “trashy pregnant hoe” ?
    I’ve heard she was a LADY.

  46. Binky

    Once, twice,
    or three times…

    (Then again I heard 9-11 was an inside job, but that would be repeating my usual material lately so I won’t say that right now…)

  47. Alex

    She’s looking healthy for once in a long time. Good for her!

  48. The Talking Penis

    Joel is NOT FAT! He’s normal. Maybe if you stopped looking at pictures of anorexic bodybuilders you’d know what a normal male body looks like.

    …see how silly you sound when you say that crap, ladies?

  49. The hottest sex is with pregnant girls!!!

  50. jrzmommy

    Her and her kid can share clothes!

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