Nicole Richie is pregnant


Rumors have been circling that Nicole Richie is pregnant with Joel Madden’s baby, but she’s been dodging the question in interviews. However, a good friend of hers says she’s definitely pregnant and is hoping it’ll keep her out of jail. She tells Page Six:

“Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail,” the friend said. Richie is facing time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year. But friends are concerned and “wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues.”

I can’t figure out what’s more horrifying, that people are actually having sex with Nicole Richie or that she’s carrying a baby in that tiny little body of hers. There’s no way she’s going to be able to carry this child to term. She can barely eat enough to keep herself alive. And can you imagine her trying to raise a child? An erupting volcano would make a better parent.