Nicole Richie is pregnant

June 15th, 2007 // 255 Comments

Rumors have been circling that Nicole Richie is pregnant with Joel Madden’s baby, but she’s been dodging the question in interviews. However, a good friend of hers says she’s definitely pregnant and is hoping it’ll keep her out of jail. She tells Page Six:

“Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail,” the friend said. Richie is facing time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year. But friends are concerned and “wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues.”

I can’t figure out what’s more horrifying, that people are actually having sex with Nicole Richie or that she’s carrying a baby in that tiny little body of hers. There’s no way she’s going to be able to carry this child to term. She can barely eat enough to keep herself alive. And can you imagine her trying to raise a child? An erupting volcano would make a better parent.


  1. Dave


  2. p0nk

    The father is a Catholic Priest.

  3. spencer

    The father is Mr Lionel Richi

  4. sea

    There is no better reason to have a child than to use as a get out of jail free card.

  5. That is unbelievable.

  6. Jesus Christ what will that fucking baby look like? Definitely of the alien variety. Her being a mother is probably worse than my 7 year old niece being a mother.

  7. Superevil

    This is it, This is the sign…..

  8. Hah I need to learn to read better. My first pass through I thought it said John Madden.

  9. Wanky

    she looks kinda cute pregnant….i know its nicole “chupacabra” richie..but…shit…i think i have a thing for pregnant chicks!

  10. bungoone

    how can someone so malnourished even have working reproductive organs?

    this seems next to impossible.

    although the pregnancy would account for the increased boob size. those might even be an A. Good job nicole!

  11. getyourhandoutofmycat

    How the hell is she still ovulating at that size…

  12. Aja

    Impossible. she is so skinny, it is not healthy..well good luck

  13. Dirty Sanchez

    Having a baby to stay out of jail is almost as good an idea of having a baby to save a marriage.

  14. PAT

    Well, you know what? I’m really glad for her. I wish her luck!

  15. RichPort

    How is this even gonna work? He body weight likely doubled as soon as he came inside her… disturbing, yes I know, and it of course brings up the issue of how one can stay aroused while rubbing their dick on what must feel like a cheese grater, namely the inside of her ribs. I bet that dude likes chicks to chew on his johnson when going down… sick fuck. It also amazes me that she is so anti-protein that she choose a cream pie instead of a cream face.

  16. No child could survive in there. Her uterus is probably just full of cigarette ash and condom wrappers.

  17. Andre P. Miles

    Congrats! I’m happy that she is pregos! I think that now, this will bring more purpose into her life! Congrats! Now…..she will be a thick chick! She’ll probably look hitable! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  18. bungoone

    based upon #15′s & 16′s in-depth research, it’s scientifically impossible for this girl to be pregnant.

    this rumor has to be false.

  19. joe

    nooo, fuck you joel whateverthefuckyourlastnameis, nicole is mine!

  20. MissMint

    I want to believe this just for the comedy value…however I think that once you get to about 70lb the chances of you still having a working reproductive system are pretty damn slim. This combined with the STD’s surging around her body make the chances of Nicole conceiving very remote.

  21. bungoone

    Bern –

    now you need to research how the middle chick in the DMBS is able to support those things with that halter top. She must have to inject steroids directly into her spine.

    And that space where her boobs meet is going to give me nightmares for a week.




  23. Jimbo

    I don’t see how she can be pregnant. A female will stop ovulating when her body fat gets below 10%. She can’t have more that 5% body fat

  24. I’d hit that! Oh wait, no I wouldnt…ewwwww…..*vomit*

  25. LL

    RE: 8. Posted by Josh on June 15, 2007 11:10 AM
    Hah I need to learn to read better. My first pass through I thought it said John Madden.

    Hee hee, that would be awesome. Let’s spread that rumor, it’s more interesting.

    I love the “______ would make a better parent” things. And including inanimate objects just makes it funnier. Let me try it:

    A drawer full of rusty knives would make a better parent.
    A rickety tractor would make a better parent.
    Floor covered in broken glass would make a better parent.


  26. PrettyBaby

    Wow- not much to say…. *hums to self*
    It will be curious to see her with big milky boobs though.

  27. LL

    I clicked on the Bern link: Jesus, that picture makes Nicole Richie look kinda good.

  28. Fuck all of you assholes! Everybody can get pregnant! How do you think that your mom got pregnant with you, bitches! Congratultions….to NICOLE and JOEL!

  29. Fuck all of you assholes! Everybody can get pregnant! How do you think that your mom got pregnant with you, bitches! Congratulations….to NICOLE and JOEL!

  30. PrettyBaby

    #15 heeeheee funny Rich- the cheese grater!

  31. BarbadoSlim

    That spawn of satan and rotten sperm will be a freak.

    Abort it, ASAP.

  32. Hecubus

    A baby to stay out of jail, amazing. Why are papparazi reporting on the lives of random crackwhores ?

  33. hahahaha. i bet you paris is laughing in her jail cell repeating the phrase “whatever, you fat” ahahhaha

  34. Britney

    thats a little weird… nicole richie… mother? but she does kind of look pregnant. she has boobs now… and a little bit of a bulge… and a sort of motherly glow. i hope for the childs sake shes not still heavy on drugs.

  35. bungoone

    29, really? everyone can get pregnant?

  36. Jimbo

    @35 WTC! She looks like an Ethiopian refugee. Where are you seeing boobs? My cat has bigger boobs than her and that little belly is from malnutrition

  37. BLT

    How is she physically able to deliver a baby? This is going to be interesting.
    The movie studio life.

  38. The only way she is preggers is if she found a used condom on the road and injected it in her box with a turkey baster. No one would fuck that.

  39. Dominique

    ummm…yeah, pretty sure that Nicole Richie doesn’t have enough fat to produce the hormones that cause ovulation.
    Therefore…I’d said that she’s just showing another sign of malnutrition. Her abdominal muscles are getting eaten away, since her body doesn’t actually have any real food source coming in, so her internal organs are distending and causing a stomach pooch.

  40. jrzmommy

    She and her baby can share clothes!

  41. cc

    actually she looks better in these pics. you can’t see her sternum anymore.

    like all women she’ll gain weight while pregnant so the baby will do her some good.

  42. Sweet_cheeks

    someone must have watched Knocked Up.

    and she’s not pregnant, lack of glucose and protein is making her go into delusions. she’s just mistaking her swollen abdomen for a fetus.

  43. Jimbo

    @41 Jrz – You are ruthless!! I think I love you

  44. I’m FRIST!!!
    Hey Jimbo, what’s happenin? When are you going to mow my lawn. And when did you become an expert on body fat and ovulation?!?!?

  45. katers

    poor thing.

  46. LOL


  47. costamar

    Someone should neuter these bitches (look at Britney’s concept of motherhood), and avoid the spreading of bad genes.

  48. Jimbo

    Hey FRIST – I am on my way to mow your yard. I saw your new picture on your myspace page. It looks good!!!

    Am I wrong about body fat and ovulation? That is the information I remember from my Human Sexuality class in college

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