Nicole Richie is malnourished

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Nicole Richie reportedly fainted while shopping at LA boutique Kitson, refusing some food afterwards but taking some water.

?She was looking through a rack of clothes when she suddenly fainted and hit the floor,? an ?eyewitness? told the mag. ?The staff helped her to a chair and offered her something to eat. She shot back, ?No!? and mumbled something about it being ?so hot.?? Although Richie turned away food, she did accept a glass of water, reports the mag, and after about 20 minutes ?was steady enough to leave.?

That’s what happens when you replace your meals with laxatives. I don’t know a single person who’s fainted from the heat, and yet every other teen celebrity has. Unless it’s not the heat. Unless it’s because they’re starving themselves. I don’t even dare to imagine such a thing could be true. The shock! The horror! Why am I yelling!

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