Nicole Richie is addicted to pills

March 15th, 2007 // 149 Comments

Nicole Richie is allegedly addicted to the prescription drug Adderall which is used to treat ADD and is a powerful appetite suppressant. A source tells In Touch:

“She loves Adderall because she stays awake, and it makes her not want to eat. And she takes it even more when she’s filming.”

So there you have it kids. If you want to look like a 14-year-old dude like Nicole Richie just get your hands on some Adderall. I know people take ADD medication to study for college finals, but that’s not even close to applying to Nicole Richie. I’m pretty sure she can’t even read, so she’d probably just end up curled on the floor trying to count all the cells in her body. And after running out of toes and fingers she’d declare triumphantly, “19!”

nicole-richie-addicted-pills-02-thumb.jpg nicole-richie-addicted-pills-03-thumb.jpg nicole-richie-addicted-pills-04-thumb.jpg nicole-richie-addicted-pills-05-thumb.jpg


  1. BarbadoSlim

    I wish someone would just, punch her in the face…

  2. biatcho

    hhmm, it helps her stay awake & makes her not want to eat? Yeah, it’s also called cocaine.

  3. cteresa

    i thought only overachievers popped adderall

  4. whitegold

    #1 – Huh? I thought someone already did…isn’t that why she looks that way?

  5. BarbadoSlim

    “she takes it even more when she’s filming”

    Wait, wait, Then, when is she actually taking this thing? I mean, this is not Helen fucking Mirren when is she ever filming anything?

    I don’t see how this could possibly be a problem.

  6. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Who’d a thunk it? No way! Not that health conscious Stickole.
    She does shop at Whole Foods, after all.

  7. Kitty

    She looks like Rachel Zoe in that picture!

  8. CarnieWilson

    Typical hollywood anorexic, she needs to come up with something new like the paparazzi getting candid photos of her shooting bacon in her arm.

  9. reading about nicole richie addicted to meth is like reading about the next o.j. simpson trial or courtney love drunk at the oscars. we’re all jus gonna laugh our asses off and say “DUH!”

  10. Donkey

    Why does anyone care what this walking stick figure does?

  11. schack

    adderol is the poor man’s cocaine.

    better hope daddy writes you into the will, or you may have to work for that adderol someday, sweety.

  12. Lionel, Lionel, Lionel.

    Where did you go wrong?

  13. i wonder…is she ever gonna be addicted to food? maybe her and jack black should trade places for a while. or better yet, just tie her hands behind her back and shove food in her mouth…wait, she’ll just end up throwing it up anyway claim later that a half an apple almost sent her into obesity.

  14. Donkey

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Whole Foods use plastic bags. The ones around here use recycled-paper bags.

  15. Sho'Nuff

    She looks like my pet rat from Germany. The rats name is Eatnbarfin

  16. fergernauster

    I think this woman is beautiful. Even when picking her nose.

  17. GAWD! not to brag, but I am a Caucasian male and I’m pretty sure my penis would break her malnourished vagina in half! After all I am Caucasian!


  18. Sho'Nuff

    By the way, what exactly does Nicole Richie do?

  19. DrPhowstus

    So Adderall turns black chicks into anorexic old Jewish ladies? This bitch needs some Fatterall. And a pair of Applebottoms.

  20. Big deal. Nicole Ritchie’s addicted to pills. So am I. Who isn’t???

  21. schack

    that song on your myspace page is AWESOME, btw, Frist

  22. bungoone

    why are these fools wearing rings?

  23. monkeyrotica

    Baseball cap tilted at a rakish angle? He’s a dead ringer for the crippled newsie I used to molest. All he needs is a Radio Flyer buttwagon and a couple of bricks.

    Oh, and nice poopy pants. ASSHOLE.

  24. FRIST!!!

    #21 yeah, I like it. It makes me happy

  25. schack

    is the album any good?

  26. FRIST!!!

    I don’t know. I’m too poor to afford the whole album.
    But Mika’s got a MySpace too, and you can hear more songs. You can click on it from my page.

  27. vixamy

    2 things:

    1. her little boyfriend was the ‘guest of honor’ at a parade here on mardi gras day in new orleans. only it was a bit parade… and any mardi gras vet knows, that unless you’re in bacchus or endymion- you are just cheap enough that the other guys could afford you and still look like they have a ‘celebrity’ guest. most everyone who saw them up on the float laughed at them. not to mention, they’re facial expression was like, ‘we’re too cool for this’. really, ‘too cool’ for a cheap parade?

    2. adderall is basically cocaine. now, i am starting to stop pointing the finger at the celebrities and i am starting to wonder about the doctors out there. who prescribes this crack to all these people? and who keeps giving them surgery (in general…)? maybe i’ll save up enough UPC’s from my eggos and i’ll get to be a hollywood doctor too.

    why does money make some people stupid?

  28. vixamy


    look at them! is it a wonder these people are on a fast ride to death?

    let’s tally, shall we?

    caffeine, check

    nicotine, check

    cocaine friendlies, check

    man, makes me want to cut back down my coffee habit.

  29. schack

    i guess you’re a tool fan, too. nice.

  30. vixamy

    how do these people stay functional?

    i buy cakes at a bakery run by retarded kids here in town sometimes. the cakes are great. delicious, and the kids learn to run a business.

    i bet if nichole worked there for the day, they’d have to help her constantly.

    “No, Ms. Richie, we like to put the cakes in the display case… not rub them on the windows…. and please take your face out of the icing…”

  31. schack

    wow. that is a luscious young man. i think i just drooled on my keyboard.

  32. FRIST!!!

    Huge Tool fan. I love music. And pills.

  33. schack

    just be careful, hon. pills CAN kill people. take it from one who knows.

  34. schack

    i mean, not that dying is necessarily bad. but, know your options.

  35. jrzmommy

    She looks like a really ugly wasted Lohan. Okay, an uglier, more wasted Lohan.

  36. FRIST!!!

    No…it only hurts when I’m out

  37. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  38. tinbird_01

    #22 – I agree -WTF is up with that and why hasn’t anyone else picked up on it?

    God those would be some fugly kids

  39. bungoone

    38, assuming she’s able to ovulate. i’m sure she shit out her shriveled up fallopian tubes a few years ago.

  40. tinbird_01

    #39 – You’re right – she’s probably already sold all her organs so she can be even skinnier


  41. burningsensation

    God, she looks fat. If she’d just lose 5 more pounds……

  42. hollyhood insider

    dude have any of you ever been to hollywood or done drugs?
    check her pupils…she’s always “pinned”…a sign of opiate use…she used to be a heroin addict…if she’s poppin adderall, her pupils would be huge…. she probably takes adderall every now and then to mix it with her opiates (vikes, oxys, or smack) to give her a speedball effect….she’s a skag head….nicky is a fun and very nice chick though… give her a break…she just dont eat….its ruff out here in hollyweird and most of us have some kind of drug problem…
    its ABNORMAL to not have drugs here…why do u think evryone checks into rehab all the time…peace and love…

  43. schack

    someone once said that the only way to fix L.A. is to “flush it all away.” what do you think of that?

  44. FRIST!!!

    Ugly piece of shit yellow sweatshirt doesn’t even fit her, looks like it was made for a 6th grader

  45. FRIST!!!

    #43 heh heh I love that. Guess they better learn to swim

  46. schack

    did you see the al gore movie?

  47. FRIST!!!

    No way

  48. Lowlands

    Everybody get starbucks except us…I need some Aderrall right now to fight this upcoming ADD-depression…

  49. ihateyoutoo


  50. schack

    you should really see it

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