Nicole Richie is a brawler

July 7th, 2008 // 24 Comments

Nicole Richie hit up Vegas this weekend with Paris Hilton to watch their boyfriends The Elmer Fudd Brothers perform at the Hard Rock. Apparently, things got heated and Nicole found herself scrapping with an unidentified woman outside, according to Vegas Confidential:

Richie, who recently had a baby with Joel Madden, Benji’s brother, was involved in a catfight in the valet area at the Hard Rock Hotel. Security whisked Richie away, according to spies.
Richie, whose daughter is 5 months old, recently vowed she would not be getting in trouble anymore “because I want my child to look up to me. … I want to show her the right path.

Nicole Richie in a catfight? That’s like watching Gollum get in a slap-fest with a cocktail waitress. But, in Nicole’s case, minus the erotic undertones and any chance I’ll ever have an erection again.

Photos: Flynet

  1. She will never stop being a spoiled brat, no matter how many kids she has….

  2. sixpack

    Thought we would never hear from this one again. Top 3!

  3. OMG!!!!!!

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I’m weetaded

  4. Crazy Old Bitch

    Gollum is way hotter than Nicole Richie. I’m glad we can all agree on that.

  5. veggi

    She should just give her daughter the entire contents of one of her laxative packages, then put her in the tub, lock the bathroom door, and let her shit herself to death. That girl has no chance.

  6. AJ

    The Elmer Fudd Brothers; hillarious!

    She walks around braless all the time; I guess her husband Elmer Fudd likes saggy tits. At least she is not starving herself.

  7. random

    She was probably just trying to do some dancing on the ceiling.

  8. Spanky

    Cat fight , Cat fight .. Ya ya Cat Fight .

  9. don

    personally, I don’t condone violence, however I hope that the unidentified women bitch-slapped this spoiled beotch!!

  10. Candy

    She is pregnant again

  11. sammy

    I bet you the chick who nicole got into a scrap with was tall, slender and attractive. Nicole can’t stand that she is a fugly midget. The same way she hates Paris who got all the attention between the two. Guys want to bang Paris over Nicole hands-down, not even close.

  12. Kate

    I loved it how the media and Richie’s camp tried to portray her as “a changed woman” who was more mature and “wise” and “respected” now that she has a kid……however, once a skank always a skank and now that the kid is out, she’s gone back to being a druken skank. :( poor kid.

  13. honey

    she looks sexy and cute with that sunglasses.His photos were seen at millionaire persoanals site
    “”"”"C e l e b C u p i d.c o m”"”"”yesterday. It is said he is already in relationship with a young man on that site now.

  14. Even Gollum wouldn’t sleep with this skank. Gollum would be all, “Ooooh, I’m not putting my precious in that!”

    Oh, troll #4 – you are a total douche. Almost as much of one as #15!

  15. Paris looks like a tranny

    I like petitie girls
    Paris is also disgusting… and dumber than Ritchie.

  16. megan

    Her shirt is hideous.

  17. Jamie's Uterus

    I hope this ugly ass bitch gets her ass kicked. How long before her next DUI? Driving on the wrong side of the road? Strung out on Vicodin?

  18. chupacabrator

    i like how she made all the other bitches in her “squad” wear the same big white billowy shirt and shorts. what is that? their uniform? are they going to brawl during a tune from “west side story” or what? where are the pitchforks? (‘the state’ reference. god, I’m old)

  19. Bozo Goop

    I bet that talentless whore takes it up the butt repeatedly and then lets you spoot on her face. What a stupid cunt.

  20. Anyone surprised with such a boy-friend?

  21. MYLTF


    Very funny comment!

    One of my favorite musicals as a kid.

  22. luna

    She is BEAUTIFUL! She is my idol! So cute! F* you haters. I am the same height and build and everyone thinks I am hot

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