Nicole Richie is a brawler

Nicole Richie hit up Vegas this weekend with Paris Hilton to watch their boyfriends The Elmer Fudd Brothers perform at the Hard Rock. Apparently, things got heated and Nicole found herself scrapping with an unidentified woman outside, according to Vegas Confidential:

Richie, who recently had a baby with Joel Madden, Benji’s brother, was involved in a catfight in the valet area at the Hard Rock Hotel. Security whisked Richie away, according to spies.
Richie, whose daughter is 5 months old, recently vowed she would not be getting in trouble anymore “because I want my child to look up to me. … I want to show her the right path.

Nicole Richie in a catfight? That’s like watching Gollum get in a slap-fest with a cocktail waitress. But, in Nicole’s case, minus the erotic undertones and any chance I’ll ever have an erection again.

Photos: Flynet