Nicole Richie will do time

July 27th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Nicole Richie will do time for her DUI arrest back in December and is currently in court right now to either plead guilty or no contest. According to the law she’ll receive a minimum sentence of five days in jail. Keep in mind Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days and all she did was violate probation and drive on a suspended license. Nicole Richie was high and driving on the wrong side of a freeway. Which means if she gets the same judge she’ll end up in a zoo or something.


  1. Can they have a reality show where girls like Hilton, Lohan, Cardashian, Ritchie, whoever else stay on an island, and they’re there for forever? That I’d watch.

  2. jrzmommy

    Nicole Richie was high and driving on the wrong side of a freeway. Which means ………..she’ll get zero to five fucking days. A better punishment would be to force feed her.

  3. mrs.t

    But what about the baby?????

  4. mrs.t

    #1: Lesbian V.D. Island? They could fly over once a month and drop a kilo of cocaine to get the really hot footage.


  6. Itz not like zhez going to have a baby while zhez in jail1
    who told her zhe can’t go to jail pregnant?
    Zhe needz to znap into reality??

  7. jada

    whatz up with her nasty ass rat hair

  8. lapet

    God, I can’t wait until that bitch gets shanked.

  9. jrzmommy

    Richie, Hilton, Spears and Lohan……The Four Skanks of the Apocalypse.

  10. Nicole, it won’t be that bad. Just start crying constantly and lay in the floor
    in a ball, don’t eat. They’ll take you to the hospital and give you drugs. Love
    you so much, Paris.

  11. Lohan is an idiot

    Hey, and in other news, Lohan’s movie is getting ripped to shreds (big surprise). How are these perpetually high, ugly, no talent bitches getting any press time at all?

  12. lapet

    #7. It’s that cum and pussy juice conditioner she LOVES so much.

  13. I can honestly say that I know that Nicole is innocent. So, because I am black,
    Al Sharpton won’t lift a finger to make sure my little girl goes to jail. Nicole is so lucky that I am her father.

  14. freakflag

    Maybe she and Lilo can be cellies.

    Seriously, though…I want to see some pics of krazihottkelli. How can we make that happen?

  15. Queef Master

    Why do pictures of Nicole make me think of pussy farts?

  16. If Nicole doesn’t get jail time, then my daughter better not either. We need her
    to work and supply money for us. Leave her alone.

  17. polypam

    According to TMZ, “Wearing a skimpy black number with bug-eye sunglasses, a stoic but not-pregnant-looking Nicole Richie just arrived to the Glendale, California courthouse”. But then they refer to her boyfriend as “future baby daddy”. Comon, TMZ, eat some crow, okay? The reason she doesn’t look preggers is because SHE ISN’T! And YOU FELL FOR the con job she put on the entire tabloid media!

  18. 14??freakflag??

    I am way too afraid of ztalkerz to let U people into my picz??
    itz way too bad ??too??coz I now am dizplaying 500 picz??
    for my perzonnal friendz??zo zo zorry..U R mizzing out??????

  19. lambman

    I don’t know about California, but in many states being high on pot has much more lenient punishment than being drunk.

  20. Rimmy

    100.00 bucks says kelli is nasty. if she weren’t, she would show.

  21. jrzmommy

    Hold on….Nicole’s a skank….we know….but let’s go to the Blohan thing for second…..since the Fish isn’t capable of posting any of the interview with those dudes…..technically, didn’t Blohan carjack those dudes? And one could make the case that being drunk, that was close to attempted manslaughter.

  22. Mary

    Paris was sentenced to 45 days originally for her dui, then had the jail time suspended given that she didn’t violate probation. BECAUSE she violated probation she had to serve her sentence. Nicole will probably get something similar, but because her original charges were worse, is less likely to get all of the jail time suspended. She could get sentenced to something ridiculous like 90 days, with 85 days suspended, then end up actually physically behind bars for 2.5 days because of that “good behavior” rule that everyone should remember from the Paris incident, but then again, as number 13 said, her father IS black.

  23. man_phat

    @14 close your eyes and imagine an over weight man, late twenties wearing lipstick and eye liner, a dress he secretly bought from a catalogue and a bra he found in a skip. Thatz your “girl”!

  24. miss oblivious

    Yippee for a little justice in this world. Finally the little rich and spoiled brats of the world aren’t getting away with everything.

  25. I feel bad for her. While I’m here maybe I can help.

  26. Valkyrie

    Who flooping cares? It makes no difference how much time if any she does. She never has to apply for a job, apply for a mortgage, apply for anything credit or responsibility oriented. It’s just another experience for this whore.

    A nothing who was adopted by Lionel Richie. A nothing who claims to play piano, violin, etc. yet never lets us hear it. A nothing with Spuds McKenzie face and saggy tits, no brains to speak of and no redeeming qualities.

    She’s going to be fine for the rest of her life because she doesn’t fucking care and neither does the rest of the world.

  27. gay4girls

    Hey look, 23 just described his dream guy! Seriously, cease with the airing of your personal laundry. Please.

  28. Judge Judy

    I’ve studied the Lohan carjacking case extensively, and I believe there’s only one valid legal interpretation: those guys are fuckin fags.

  29. sickof these bitches

    Lmao @ #4

  30. all these girls Briteny or how ever the fuck she spells her ruined…nichole..they are a disgrace to our country and I don’t even want to hear their names anymore…is this what we are all about in this country…they need to go to a real jail….and do real time…only in cali can you commit felony’s and get a slap on the wrist…it’s bullshit….felony after felony and still no time for the cali’s why??? Go to Georgia and try it just once…your going down out there………..

  31. IhateHollywood

    why are all these stupid bitches going to jail now? its like the new trend

  32. Baboo Bhat

    What about the baby?
    Where is the baby?
    Show me the baby?
    There IS no baby!!!!

  33. man_phat

    ahhh, number 27, look at you! fluffing your little feathers like that. Stop yourself really, you’re just getting all krazzi and hott aren’t you darling? Now get fucked, asshole.

  34. Bite Me!

    @27 Yeah I think Phat man has the hots for Kelli. Everyone knows Kelli is a guy right?

  35. ?20? Rimmy?

    I do want to zhow U that I’m not nazty, but my mom forbidez me??
    The main reazon iz==my mom almozt got kidnapped at the ?
    beach with me ?? zo now zhe freakz out about every little thing??????

    Zorry…all my guy friendz R hott for me, but I want them az friendz??
    and not enemiez…flirting with them iz zo much more fun?

  36. 23/ man_phat alzo know az DrPlowzhitz?

    fuck U and I know itz U….U alwayz called me a boy
    fuckface….I like your new zcreen name
    COWARD…MAN U R PHAT *fatt* fuckerface bitch?

  37. gay4girls

    @33 Okay, I get it now. You are an emotional exhibitionist. What’s that . . . ? Leather too? Wow, you do like telling all, don’t you. I hear that your daddy fetish isn’t really that uncommon . . .you can find lots of older “daddy” types at your favorite local bathhouse. I’m sure you’ll look fabulous in a leather thong and lashes on your back. You probably are going to have a little more trouble finding somebody who will still do you if you insist on chewing on the doggy squeak toy while getting ass pounded, but who knows . . . for every masochist there is a sadist, right?

  38. michelle

    so much for her “accidentally” getting pregnant to keep her out of jail… hahaha.

  39. whitegold

    Isn’t she supposed to be pregnant? That’s gotta have an impact on jail time? How crazy would it be if she was faking this whole being pregnant thing because she knew she’d have to do jail time but this could get her out of it, maybe just house or hospital arrest or something. Could you imagine if she was smart cunning enough to try something like that?! And if they found out it was all a lie, man, she should be locked up for a while! Either way, the girl should be in jail for at least 2 months in my opinion!

  40. 33/ U juzt confirmed to me that U r the real DrPlowzuz

    did U think that I really would forget how U write? U hate

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    trazh me…..zorry I ruined your DrPlowZhitDickBrain name,,really?

  41. man_phat

    you are a boy you fucking wierdo, wearing a dress and fucking makeup and taking it up the wrong’un doesn’t make you a girl, no matter how many times you pout in the mirror sweetheart.
    Who the fuck is DrPlowzhitz?

  42. 33/ grow the hell up DrPlowZhitfacefucker?

    I’m allowed to act ztupid…I’m at the ztupid age..fuckface dickbrain?

  43. Nicole Who

    I thought this was the celebrity category.
    Why is Nicole Ritchie on here?

  44. kelli’s email on myspace links to a 21 year old guy in New York named Dennis…

    Oh Nicole, dick doesn’t count as a food group. Eat something else already.

  45. gay4girls

    @42 He knows . . . it’s the heartbreaking truth he is forced to live with every day.

  46. 33/ zee there azzhole…even the gay4girlz knowz what u r….
    dang that girl iz zmart…zmarter than U …DrPlowzhitfuck?

  47. 45/ evidently..U wizh I waz a 21 yr. old boy from N.Y. gay or what?

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  48. lost in the sauce

    What happened to the FISH? people used to be funny. Seems like it’s full of lindsay lohan types all trying to out-do each other. bring on the funny people.

  49. man_phat

    Hey, gay4girls, I just finished with your Daddy here in my boathouse so he should be home with you soon. Be sure to spit in your hand for him and lube yourself up, wont you? *clears throat, spits on the floor*

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