Nicole Richie in a bikini

July 13th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Because pregnant women wearing bikinis seems to be a theme I can’t escape for the life of me, here’s Nicole Richie and Joel Madden on the beach in Malibu Sunday. Nothing like keeping a streak going, even if it’s a losing one. Pregnant Again Nicole knows what I’m talking about

Photos: Splash News

  1. BJ

    Fire away, assholes.

  2. eric

    I’d probably still hit it.

  3. uh

    Aw, that’s a nice smile.

    Good Charlotte is the fucking worst band in the world. It’s so wrong that they get a marginal amount of publicity because the lead singer is plowing an heiress.

  4. dk

    I like the way that little fetus in there pushes on your cock, thats quality fucking! Pregnant bitches im free on Tuesdays.

  5. Whats with the pre and post pregnancy belly bumps with superfish lately? Is he trying to impress someone?

  6. dk

    I like the way that little fetus in there pushes on your cock, thats quality fucking! Pregnant bitches im free on Tuesdays.

  7. Darth

    She doesn’t look that creepy skinny anymore.

  8. EB

    at least by being pregnant she grew some boobs.

  9. shortypeople

    i’m cracking up you posted this pic. i saw it somehwere else but i had to look at it again here just to see you torture yourself, mister superficial writer.

  10. Oh God, another one? Like the world needs more of her hellspawn inflicted on it.

  11. erect

    Do you think she would still have room to take my hard cock up her ass?

    ……………\m/ \m/ ……………………………….

  12. She’s actually sexier pregnant than not! I’m with ya’ #4 dk

  13. Max Planck

    For a moment I thought it was Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers…my mistake.

  14. jt


  15. anon

    @13 Ahahaha, oh god, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

  16. dirk

    OMG it’s a HUMANZEE!

  17. shar

    She looks to happy and beautiful being pregnant. So much more human than the idiot Paris that he hung with. There is one loney looking woman.

  18. shar

    She looks to happy and beautiful being pregnant. So much more human than the idiot Paris that she hung with. There is one loney looking woman.

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  20. Courtyardpigeon

    Who is this again?

  21. Randal

    Nicole looks so adorable and is showing off her motherly curves with a passion like never before. You’ve already brought a beautiful child into the world and congratulations on the second, Nicole.


  22. Donica

    She looks good, though. And I’m not one to blow sunshine up someone’s ass.

    No gaping stretch marks or excessive cellulite.

    Don’t see what the horror is in her wearing a bikini? Because she’s pregnant? So?

  23. EK

    Aw. She looks really cute.

  24. lola

    She is the cutest famous person out there! I think she is a great mother.

  25. WTF? Pregnancy is beautiful, but this is fucking ridiculous.

  26. JungleRed

    Superfish, you douchebag, stop posting pictures of pregnant women. Your troglodyte readership can’t fathom why women would want to do anything with their lives other than facilitate jerk-off fantasies.

  27. cavy

    I never thought I’d say this, but Nicole looks a million times better than Laetitia Casta in a bikini while preggers. Maybe it’s because Nicole still looks hip, cool and like she’s still her own person, where Casta looks like she’s been impregnated by a parasite and has lost her identity (Mom + Zombie + Mombie).

    Yeah, I’m as shocked as anyone, but Nicole works it!

  28. cavy

    ….oops….typo…..I meant:

    Mom + Zombie = Mombie :0)

  29. Jaxon

    Strange reaction here. Last week when the Casta model chick was on here the comments were universally negative. Even hateful. Here Nicole is and the comments are mostly positive and the ones that aren’t don’t really flip out about it. Why such a huge contrast?

    I think it’s that Casta’s belly was just so aggressively OUT THERE. There was something almost hostile and alien about it, while NIcole’s belly is just a nice gentle round wholesome looking belly.

    Both women obviously revel in being pregnant and here’s wishing them healthy deliveries and healthy babies.





  31. josh

    Whats up with these comments?
    Has nobody noticed her ugly fucking face?

  32. It’s called a salad, ya fat bitch…

  33. dirk

    Guess he read the “come in my pussy” tramp stamp. So charming.

  34. She is gross not pregnated, so why would anyone take or publish this pic.

  35. uh

    I think seeing the daddy right next to her makes it feel more natural. Like, they’re out having a good time, it’s less about her looking for a photo op (even though like all celebrities, she probably is).

  36. Insecthero

    At least she doesn’t look like she just got out of the concentration camp anymore.

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  38. JJ

    Being pregnant is a miracle but after one gets big; cover up. Nobody wants to see your big prego belly except for you, your mom, and your bf.

  39. gotmilk?

    Randal obviously hasn’t seen their first kid.

    what’s so miraculous about becoming pregnant? pregnant chicks are a dime a dozen. and i couldn’t care less about anything to do with your baby.

  40. WHO'S NEXT

    Now it’s Paris’s turn to get knocked-up! If Paris needs any help, she knows my number#.

  41. what?

    I’ll never understand it when people say, “Pregnancy is a miracle”…..just about every fucking organism reproduces. all you gotta do is spread your legs….nothing magical, miracle or mystical about that. Now, raising a child into a productive, decent human being….THAT’S a miracle!

  42. Eirin

    She looks so good being pregnant!

  43. She looks gorgeous, a pregnant belly is nothing to hide!

  44. hate mean people

    #30 – wow. You must have really great self esteem. And let me guess – you’re not white. Like anyone cares that she’s white. Racist bastard.

  45. Superfish, you douchebag, stop posting pictures of pregnant women. Troglodyte your readers can not fathom why women other than his brother-in-fiction feature would like to do anything with life.

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