Nicole Richie hits the beach

May 30th, 2006 // 316 Comments

  1. Jacq

    What is that thing around her neck? It makes her look fat.

  2. fukusan

    fat bitch

  3. Dr.Rokter

    #1 Hee, hee. It’s actually a brace to keep her neck from snapping in half from the weight of her sunglasses.

  4. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Ew! I hate it when you can see the sternum between the breasts..not attractive at all!

  5. squirlgal1

    She looks like an eleven year old playing dress up with her Jewish grandmother’s sunglasses. Eat some carbs for petes sake!

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Yeah eh …nice ribcage honey, now can you give us a view of your sexy coccyx.

  7. lovesIT

    ohhhh nicole… were so much more fun as a fatty

  8. tarjamarja

    Shouldn’t the title of this post be “Skeleton hits the beach”..?

  9. spatz

    this is the ugliest most wretched woman to walk the face of the earth. she is so disgusting and so ugly i want to punch her mother right square in the v for giving birth to this thing.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again cows in dark floral prints should not be allowed anywhere near a beach.

  11. PapaHotNuts

    I knew if I just studied this treasure map a little longer I would eventually find that sunken chest I’ve been searching for.

  12. Jacq

    She should put her huge upper teeth away. Unless she’s so hungry that she’s trying to eat her own head.

    That wish sandwich diet seems to be working well for her – as in, gee, I really wish I could have a sandwich.

  13. squirlgal1

    and who are all these people walking with her? How do you get that job??

  14. Fisher55

    oh my god i just saw these photos *vomits*

  15. Tracie

    Spatz, that’s probably why her birth mother actually gave her up for adoption.
    Note to self: Remember, allowing others to see your femur bone without an xray is NOT a good thing.

  16. Fisher55

    is that karen carpenter’s daughter?

  17. BoredBlonde

    She looks gross but better than she did when she was a fatass on the Simple Life.

  18. 86

    Do guys like fucking little boys?

  19. fukusan

    I’d hit that fat pig. Two times.

  20. Jacq – couldn’t agree more. Since she went on the Auschwitz diet, it looks like she stuffed her Grandma’s dentures in her mouth. The sad thing is you can tell she’s delusional from lack of sustenance – she thinks she’s sooooo hot. Look at her leading those pack of “fatties”, like she’s some anti-food goddess. How can you fuck that? Her pelvic bones must be like a food processor on your cock.

  21. Ever seen a ninety year old woman naked? Um… now you have.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    What is it with these women and ugly feet. Skeletor on the left there looks like she has talons and don’t get me started on the canckled wonder on the right.


  23. tits_on_snack

    Stop making fun of grandma.

  24. Ari

    I really hate that despite being skinny… she is still flabby. Dammit, eat a sandwich, lift some weights.

  25. Ari

    And I swear, the next person I see in sunglasses like that… will be eating them.

  26. FloydGator

    a pirates wet dream…a sunken chest

  27. suzy

    lol, that thing around her neck looks like it’s being used to keep her head on, because she doesnt have enough meat to do so on it’s on lol

  28. pinky_nip

    She’s a shoe-in for the Ethopian Bikini Contest.

  29. Jacq

    This is a rare case of someone actually being skinnier and looking more strung out after they’re OFF heroin. Isn’t it normally the other way around? There is nothing, short of a drug test, that would convince me that she’s not on coke – only because I can’t think of another appetite supressing drug that gives you a horrible case of the shits. She looks like someone who’s been stranded on a deserted island for weeks. *parched mouth, hoarse voice* Water! Water!

  30. tits_on_snack

    Ok look again at the first pic at the top.
    Look at her face. Look at those clown glasses. Look at the face that she’s making.

  31. pinky_nip

    I’d like to tie her up with dental floss and force feed her Weight Gain 3000.

  32. pinky_nip

    BTW, I’ve seen bigger arms on a clock.

  33. Redeemer

    I love it when a photo captures how truely retarded a person really is. In this case this cabbage-headed twig. That’s not a really good comparison though being the twig has a larger body mass index.

  34. bogarty

    She has a fucking tattoo of a cross on a chain around her ankle. She ought get some nice shadow work done around her ribs, and maybe a pool of water tattooed into that pit between her deflated little titties.


  35. ayteesevn

    BarbadoSlim, your coccyx is actually your tailbone…

  36. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Where’s He-Man when you need him?

  37. chryssy11

    Apparently she’s not ready to give up her winter scarf!

  38. Why isn’t Harrison Ford in the pic? Did he and Callista break up?

    What the hell is that tattoo of? A diagram for “Insert Dick Here”?

  39. BarbadoSlim

    @35 exactly…in her case I’m pretty sure you can see it.

    I don’t like bone on my tail I’m from the Sir Mix A Lot School when it comes to bootay.

  40. ultra8201

    her glasses weigh more than she does

  41. Italian Stallion

    Alice In Chains once sang:

    I believe them bones are me
    Some say were born into the grave
    I feel so alone, gonna end up a
    Big ole pile a them bones

    Dust rise right on over my time
    Empty fossil of the new scene
    I feel so alone, gonna wind up a
    Big ole pile a them bones

    Toll due bad dream come true
    I lie dead gone under red sky
    I feel so alone, gonna end up a
    Big ole pile a them bones

  42. Bitters

    I bet her boobs are concave too.

  43. PapaHotNuts

    What they’re not showing you in the pics posted above is a crying Sally Strothers hurling handfuls of deli meat and mashed potatos at Nicole’s feet pleading for her to eat something.

  44. Bitters

    That sounded dumb. I meant… I bet all the bras/tops she wears are stuffed. Only, professionally. With silicone.

  45. Ari

    I love Alice in Chains…
    Stallion, wanna go riding?

  46. SparklingStarlet

    The thing is, she was actually very pretty when she had about 15 – 20 more pounds on her frame.

    Too bad she’s still a low class skank at any weight.

    How was everybody’s holiday weekend?

  47. jrzmommy

    those glasses are as annoying and garish as she is

  48. Italian Stallion

    I liked Alice In Chains too, but she got smarter and managed to get the key from me, it got pretty ugly after that…….Ari In Chains just sounds better anyway……..

  49. Saucie

    Time to ixnay the cocaine and laxative diet. Wonder if DJAM split with her cause he couldn’t stand that he was literally boning her.

  50. yeah so, I wonder what she would do if she read these posts and the other hundreds of posts about her all around the internet? She is aware of how yucky she looks, how about she starts doing something about it? She’s a dumb-ass and I don’t think she’ll ever give up her addcition to not-eating.

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