Nicole Richie’s Memorial Day Party invitation

May 30th, 2007 // 192 Comments

  1. She definitely has the invitation thing down to a science. How about the whole party dress thing? She may need some work in that area. I suppose losing another 15 lbs and shopping in the 8-10 Ms. area wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  2. KatieKates

    While I hope most of that was tongue-in-cheek, somehow I doubt it. How pathetic.

    And Bobblehead needs to learn to spell. “Seems”??? WTF.

  3. How can one look anorexic and fat at the same time? Another Hollywood mystery!

  4. elisa

    someone please tell me why she is barefoot?!?!

  5. Mo

    That HAS to be a joke. Seriously. A scale at the door? Even Paris weighs more than a hundred. Oy.

  6. Mo

    #4 – Someone please tell me why she’s BRALESS.

  7. Fuckers

    She matches the mentality of her fellow Americans. And they wonder why the world mocks them…

  8. Marcos Glez.

    Who cares about this stupid girl? Put interresting things like paris in jail sniffing cocaine or lindsay throuing a molotov cocktail to the white house or britnispirs farting in your president face, thats mor interesting stupid burrito eaters! America sucks!

  9. bitacho

    That is one fucked up looking, caucasian-esque Ethiopian.

  10. NicotineEyePatch

    She looks like a velociraptor in that first pic. And her attempt at being self-deprecating might work if she wasn’t actually a shallow anorexic retard. Sarcasm really should be reserved for people who understand it.

  11. biatcho

    holy shit, damn you typekey! Misspelled my own fucking name. I am worthless, I blame Nicole Richie’s sternum.

  12. Chrisman

    She has no idea what memorial day is for?! That is pathetic and she should be shot. Make her serve in a war

  13. Gas With Oily Discharge

    Holy shit…she got fat!

  14. getyourhandoutofmycat

    What’s going on in between her boobs…I don’t know how she can look in the mirror and honestly think that she looks good…she looks like more like a chihuahua than a person…bet daddy is real proud he adopted her now…

  15. mindgam3s

    #6 … When you dont have boobs its kinda pointless to wear a bra.

  16. leila

    gee that dress would actually look nice on someone with quite a less prominant sternum and boobs that weren’t so sad and droopy. haha and how dumb does mischa barton sound? she always did seem like a cocky bitch.

  17. FattyMcCake

    Ooh a scale. Hope they hand out cocaine at the door, too.

  18. Patriot

    Who could possibly be proud of not knowing what Memorial Day really is?

    Bush provides tax breaks to the richest so they can mock those who have served in war.

    Truly shameful and unpatriotic.

  19. fergernauster

    “… pants ripped open at the seems…”

    Hmmm. Didn’t Ms. Richie famously pen a semi-autobiographical novel recently? I’ll bet the editor had a royal field day.

  20. Skinny Nichole

    Must’ve been a scarf and barf party! woof woof woof woof, wretch!

  21. KaeSeb

    @ #7, yeah, Kate Moss is such a good example.

  22. titsonsnack

    Is it a “thing” for Americans to walk through nasty parking lots barefoot? Then put their shoes on to go inside their house? What’s up with that? Why do Americans wear their shoes inside, eh? EH?

  23. deaconjones

    God shes disgusting. Her cunt probably smells like a dead jellyfish.

    • tbone

      HA HA! You really hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t go near that malnourished, withered cunt with your nose!

  24. Steph

    She’s obviously joking. You guys are morons.

  25. Fuckers

    #21 you assume I am British? You think the British are the only Amerihaters in the world? lol, see how fucking stupid you are? Yes, I am mocking you. Idiot.

  26. Fuckers

    The only people in the world who don’t hate Americans are Americans. The funniest thing is is that Americans just keep killing each other. More guns in the ‘land of the free’. More guns to kill each other. It is working out perfectly.

  27. hungmaster

    Wow she looks so emaciated it’s not even skinny anymore, she looks like one of those teenagers from the impoverished Sudan, except thinner!!!!!!

  28. teetee

    She should have added that
    “you must be skeletal, yet have spongy areas of weird fat here and there. That would describe Misha and Nicole perfectly.

  29. polypam

    Is that for real? Really? Even the last part? Because I was really expecting a little note from Superfish saying, “I made up that last part”. But no? Christalmighty, that’s not even funny!

    Needless to say, girl has the grammar skills of my 18 month old nephew.

  30. Marion

    #3: when you’re starved, naturally or not, you often develop hernias or other stomach distortions. That’s why a lot of pictures of children in third-world countries have enormous bellies. When it happens to extreme anorexics, they don’t realize the problem and just starve themselves more.

    Topic: of all the holidays to turn into a meaningless celebration of sex and drugs. That’s more disgusting than she is.

  31. biatcho

    Fuckers – we’re all really sorry mommy didn’t love you enough but don’t come around here looking for attention. That’s clearly all you’re pining for. Now if you’re such the non-American you think you are can I ask you to please cut my lawn & clean my house? For free? Thanks.

  32. TaiTai

    Damn, look at that fat stomach! Girl needs to do on a diet, fast.

  33. Proud to be an AMERICAN!

    Ok, this is sort of directed at “Fuckers”, but also any other Amerihaters. If America sucks so bad, then why does every other nation want to come here and demand our rights without becoming a citizen (Mexico)! Move in then change the way the country is run. Focus on your own fucking country!

    Ok I know that had nothing to do with Nicole Richie, but who really cares about her anyway.

  34. titsonsnack

    #21 get a grip. For one thing, don’t even get me started on what a waste of taxpayers money and a false sense of security “gun control” is, and for another thing just stop typing anything. Thanks.

  35. CheChe

    Please, someone, explain to me why any guy would want to be with a pile of bones like her. In what universe is that considered attrative? Ugh.

  36. erinmaiden

    no clue what memorial day means. i never post on these things, but i had to here. this girl should be shot. i know its asking alot for a twat like this to have a clue about the world, but thats a slap in the face to the people that died, so she’d have the right to be this worthless waste of space. I hope she DOESN’T get help. i hope she wastes away and soon. she’s not funny, she’s just an ignorant cow. yup, nicole you’re fat, keep fasting, maybe you’ll be dead by the 4th of july.

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    Goddamn! Why would anybody fuck her when there are perfectly good corpses available at the local morgue?


    No, seriously, folks. Nicole Richie is so fucking skinny, she looks like she’s about to fold in on herself and create a singularity that could swallow Planet Earth.


    Thank you, I’ll be here as long as this disgusting cunt continues to draw breath. Or, at least, until somebody force-feeds her 50 Firehouse meatball subs and brings her weight up to -7.

    Ba-ding! Ba-dong! BA-WHUMP!

  38. galmourfan

    Yeah, nice invite. She’ll probably be sending them from jail (saw something about it at perez and voterazzi:

  39. titsonsnack

    #36 – Pile of bones WITH a beer gut, don’t forget. Just like Paris. Fucking skin and bones with a giant saggy alcohol paunch.

  40. KaeSeb

    @25, Heh, yet here you are obsessing at a mostly American celeb site.
    At least Americans bathe and have good oral hygiene. Now off to the dentist for you, young man.


  41. caljenna66

    My friends and I were all about the parties when I was younger, but they very rarely resulted in injury to myself, others, or personal property. And I knew what Memorial Day was for. These girls make me sick.

  42. Wow is she fugly. Doing her would be like doing a pile of bones, but with less lubrication.

  43. Come on, let’s be fair, Nicole really had become fat before all this wasting started…

  44. titsonsnack

    Oh and not to be all celeb-defender or anything here, but the email is obviously tounge in cheek you homos. Lame, yeah. A tasteless mockery of everyone who had their heads blown off for america’s “freedom” whatever that is, (what exactly is America “free” from that the rest of the world’s developed nations aren’t? I never got that) yeah. But a joke nonetheless.

  45. bungoone

    although i wouldn’t be suprised if she didn’t know what memorial day is all about, but i doubt this is real.

    #7, you are wrong. most americans honor our lost heros & definitely don’t share in her mentality or come even close. so you should probably just fuck off right…about…now!

  46. Nicole was hot once, believe it or not.

  47. sweetnsnooty

    Serious now, my left boob weighs more than her! *shudders* What’s with the missing shoes, ewwwwww.

  48. WhyIsThisImportant?

    #7 – Wait, do you actually believe that every single person in a country with approximately 300 million people has the mentality of Nicole Ritchie and the rest of these “famous people”? And that all Americans want less restrictive gun laws and are pro-war? Get real. I bet you have pro-American neighbors, so wake up and face reality – people NEVER agree on everything. But if you want to go on hating for the sake of being a rambling imbecile, go right ahead.

  49. K

    That’s not a beer gut. When a person is malnourished, the body begins to break down muscle and other lean body mass. And in late protein deficiency, the body is unable to regulate fluids properly, which leads to the accumulation of excess fluids in the abdomen. This is not a beer gut. It is a serious medical condition.

  50. reina

    That isn’t fat you see on her, its her internal organs. Her body is feeding on whatever muscle is left on her body, because there is no fat left. Which means she is probably already having heart problems.
    Nothing funny here, just saying….

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