Nicole Richie hates breasts, eating

December 19th, 2005 // 25 Comments

richiekellyshow79wu2.jpgThere are some real benefits to not eating. You can save tons of cash. You can free up about an hour and half each day. You don’t have to worry about spilling ketchup on your shirt. Unfortunately, there are a few side effects like death or, even worse, boob-shrinkage. Nicole Richie disagrees. She loves her barren bosom.

The sexy TV star said she used to want to be curvy until she realised she could do without underwear.
The star revealed: “I think there are things that everyone wants to change about their body.

“I used to want a bigger chest, but now I like being flat. Clothes fit better, and I don’t really need to wear a bra.”

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  1. longcoldstare

    Does anyone really care what this no-talent twat does or says?

  2. doom

    why is ever other post here bashing women about not having large enough breasts? Sure I like a little meat on my girls chest but I definently don’t find a girl unattractive if she doesn’t have them. And I would sure as hell prefer a thin, small chested women to a fatty (the old nicole).

  3. Synthwhore

    Nope, no one really cares what she does or says, but the writing on this site is insanely amusing, which is why I check it daily. I think that’s why most people read The Superficial, not because they actually give a flying fuck about any of these people. I know I’m certainly not in the habit of caring about PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW. Now I get to read the comments that people write where they take comments about tits and ass REALLY SERIOUSLY, so it’s double the fun!

  4. sadietolstoy

    What an awful picture. She looks like a clown.

  5. dhampir

    Screw Nicole Richie- I wanna have hot lesbian sex with that chic from the bt ad, with the shirt that says “Sex- do it for the kids”. Damn she is gorgeous…

    Even if she DOES look a teeny bit like Winnie The Pooh.

  6. She’s pretty, she really is…but i’m going to shove a cheeseburger down her throat….not only to help her get to a healthy size, but to also shut her up.

  7. Sheva

    I’ve locked Nicole in my basement and am force feeding her my Italian pasta dish until her breasts appreciate into a decent handful.

    Then after we have our fun, she’ll be released into the wild: to terrorize and frighten society for as long as LA photographers can score at least an eight ball for the shot.

  8. Jewbacca

    You gotta be double d’s!! Flat chested girls get no play they better practice tha deep throat!!! Big titted blonded are the best, remeber that!!!

  9. Juliette

    What a great role model.
    She’s such a dumbass.

  10. nikki

    this 24 YEAR OLD WOMAN is on the cover of Seventeen magazine. she is selling anorexia to young girls. it’s time her parents staged an intervention. i’m proud of her fiance that he had the guts to call it off. who wants to marry an addict? now she’s become addicted to being skinny. congrats DJ AM for insisting on remaining healthy. go find yourself a real woman. or call me, whichever is easier. :-)

  11. I agree with her; who wants to see massive boobs on an eight year old boy? I have a taller version of Nicole’s body with size D boobs and I look ridiculous! Not to mention the back aches from carrying 3 kilos worth of tit in heels… Genetic lottery my ass…

  12. Juliette

    The point is she would not look like an 8 year old boy if she ate properly. Yes, some people do have very skinny bodies naturally that are perhaps out of porportion, but her natural size is very curvy and she used to have medium sized breats. The shape she is now is not what her body was meant to look like…it is evident from the bones popping out from every angle.

  13. hafaball

    I’m sure the people at FOX will be happy to here about this. Didn’t she have something going on with FOX? No? Not anymore? oh well.

  14. cap077

    her boobs never really were proportionate to her body. even before her “makeunder” she was chubby but had maybe a B cup. btw, i dont get how she thinks clothes fit better when you are female and your top half looks like a surfing board.

  15. doom

    cap077, what she means is that when she had bigger breasts, she was also a little chubbier and clothes don’t fit well when you’re chubby. Anyway, why do you think most fashion runway models are skinny and small breasted, because clothes does fit them better.

  16. slinkhard

    ‘And I would sure as hell prefer a thin, small chested women to a fatty (the old nicole).’

    Ew. Please let that be a joke.

  17. AmberDextrose

    I bought some tits and they’re a bloody nightmare to fit into anything – a dress that fits the rack AND the booty? No chance.

    Nicole is right: skinny = good; fat = bad (obese people are always getting ill and force up the cost of medicaid for the rest of us)

  18. SpiderMomma

    It’s true, clothes do fit better on smaller breasts, but that is only true if you are trying to fit in a shirt not meant for your size. What a dumbass! People are designing clothes for this chick, you’d think they would be able to provide enough fabric for her dimensions. Being at an H cup size myself is no picnic when it comes to finding shirts, but its a real problem if you are trying to squeeze them in to an outfit not meant for something that big lol. Thats why I either buy the right size or just sew my own clothes. I, personally, think she’s full of it.

  19. SpiderMomma

    By the way, if a “celebrity” makes enough money, they can afford to have clothes tailor made.

  20. JudithJetson

    She has completely lost her mind! The lack of nutrition has warped her (miniscule) brain.

    Thin = GOOD
    Flat Chested = REALLY BAD

    She needs to gain about 15 pounds and buy some boobs.

  21. nikki

    she chose starvation over her man, so the man said bye, cya later. that’s her choice. you can’t have it both ways. if you’re engaged to be married to a man, some of what turns him on has to be left in the package. to say that you like not having boobs means that you should find a man who is turned on by woman that look like scary-faced 8 year old boys. DJ AM is clearly not in that category.

  22. PostAcidYouth

    This forum tickles me. You’re either too fat or too skinny. Too flat chested or a chubber. What’s so bad about small breasts? I think if she filled out a little bit around the middle she’d look fine.

    Wait, if she had a C/D cup, most people would be praising how hot she is.

  23. doom

    you remember the 1920′s when it was really cool to be flat chested and you were considered really ugly if you had boobs? Just proving that the only thing that effects what turns you on and off is what the media tells you. I really don’t understand the obsession with breasts. They’re just a little bonus. With everything else that makes up a woman, i don’t see how one little part of her could be that important.

  24. Juliette

    I don’t think its bad to have small boobs at all. I think it looks very attractive on some women. What I am saying is that it is NOT attractive when those small boobs are the result of starvation. Then its just gross chest bones with nipples, which is clearly what she has left. All sizes of boobs are cool as long as it is how your body is supposed to look like (aka no implants and no starving tits!)

  25. ThatsHot

    Dear Lord, the Boob Battle rages on……. I hate the fact that she’s so skinny, but she digs the emaciated look, so waddayagonnado? I don’t think she’s “advertising anorexia” to teen girls, but maybe she should have included a quip about how unhealty it is and not trying to live up to some unattainable standard, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is, people like what they like and to bash others for their preferences is hella stupid (I can say “hella”; I’m from the Bay Area, so don’t even start). I’m flat as a board, but in a month I’m gettin fake titties…… ‘CAUSE I LIKE ‘EM. Don’t knock the knockers, whatever the size. Just love yourself. THAT is what’s hot.

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