Nicole Richie has some In-N-Out

June 28th, 2006 // 123 Comments




  1. shoof

    Kelly Clarkson is fat.
    Just sayin.

  2. okiedoke

    The very picture of anorexia. It’s a shame.

  3. volcanoesmeltme

    i came on this website to say EXACTLY the same thing as #100.

  4. jrzmommy

    fuck her and her anorexia. she claims she knows she has a problem and is working on it….she has a shitload of money to get the absolute best private treatment IF SHE WANTED TO GET BETTER. She doesn’t want to get better because then no one would want to take her picture and then she’d have to come up with something to actually be famous for to get back into the limelight. I say hurry up and do the deed and die already.

  5. spatz

    100 i think by law he cant post those pics yet. some sites already got a “cease and dessist” (SP?) letter to take the photos down. mr superfish doesnt like to break copyright laws.

  6. jrzmommy

    anorexics all have their reasons….some want to become invisible because their minds got destroyed by abuse and it’s a self-mutilating protection mechanism, some take vanity way too far, some are pissed off because somewhere along the line someone made a passing comment about their appearance and it flipped them out, some do it for the control, some do it to hurt other people that have hurt them and some do if for the attention. Dick-hole Richie does it for the attention.

  7. ultra8201

    I miss In and Out Burger

  8. BigJim


    Still here, but just barely. I had lot of work to do to get ready so I’ve not had time to visit, and am heading out this afternoon and saw your impassioned call.

    I must say that I desire to insert my erect penis into your well lubricated vagina and thrust repeatedly until semen ejaculates from my urethra. It would be fortuitous if you were to also achieve orgasm during the above mentioned activity.

    I am now officially out of here for three weeks.

    Hugs and kisses,


  9. I miss the TV show with her and Paris. Two dumb hot blondes makes for a lot of laughs. I wonder if they’ll ever make anymore episodes?

  10. jFp

    Barbera Walters is really pissed at her now!
    She is suppose to be on Larry King to bitch some more. Maybe she’ll explain this ugly photo……….

  11. sue

    My grandfather died last month of cancer and his hands looked exactly like hers right now. Poor girl she’s killing herself

  12. somedayshine

    Iam just glad they are still together.

  13. jrzmommy

    I don’t actually see any FOOD from In-and-Out, just a cup….probably a cup of DIET soda.

  14. HughJorganthethird

    Why hasn’t she died yet? Why? DIE DIE DIE already you skinny talentless hag. And take your ridiculous pipe cleaner of a boyfriend with you


  15. pop

    ah – apparently she’s dating matt dillon now…

  16. youdontknowanything

    EMILIO PUCCI !!!!!

    You idiots.

  17. Why does DJ AM have 2 heads in that picture and why does Nicole Richie look like Star Jones?

  18. BronwynIsaac

    Food’s “In-N-Out” oh that one AALLllll the time, this is nothing, seriously.
    Stcik woman.

  19. prideofchucky

    Jeez-US. Look at her hand in that first picture:

    “E.T. Home Phone”

  20. cockroach and a chihuahua, good one. I am jealous though. maybe if I did meth or heroin I would be that weight.

  21. vargas_grrl

    Look at those ginormous man hands! Sex change anyone?

  22. Bubby

    Ever wonder what happened to Gollum from Lord of the Rings? He moved to Hollywood and threw on a blonde wig and some old granny dress from a donation bin and called himself “Nicole”. Sometimes late at night he lurks in the streets, standing behind hot dog vendors saying “prrreccious, yes, just one hot dog….no, no, no!! Yes, the prrrecciousss would taste very good….no, no, no!!!

  23. Pucci or not, its still an ugly retro dress

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