Nicole Richie has some In-N-Out

June 28th, 2006 // 123 Comments




  1. bigponie


    you wanna spit shine my face meaning you wanna kiss me, not only are you an illegal terrorist, your also a freakin queer.

  2. CoJo

    Go easy on her for god’s sake! She was friends with Paris Hilton, remember? I don’t think anyone is capable of coming out of that without some mental disabilites.

    - Team Richie

  3. jane's eyre

    Sure, you pick a unflattering picture of her when she was normal-sized. What about this one?

    And an anorexic one:

    Sorry, but I don’t think many men find skin and bones and no curves attractive. And if they do, then they’re probably closet pedophiles.

    Go back to your “ana lifestyle” website.

  4. Boy, that AM is sure cute!

  5. RichPort

    Her loss of appetite has coincided with her loss of fashion sense. I must say, I thought she looked quite pretty in that second picture. I must also say I did pay a bit extra for this weed tonight.

    When I was younger I had vivid nightmares of what it would be like to passionately kiss a skull. The fourth picture was like a fucking flashback and I’ve been hiding under my chair sobbing ever since…

  6. IGotAnFCandK

    OLD LADY HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    I am not digging this old ladyness trend. It kinda makes me sick.

  7. LilRach

    #51 – Did i say which i preferred – NO! refer to my comment #33.

    I like Nicole as it happens before and now! so calm down and stop accusing! your one of those ones that just wants an arguement cos got nothing beta to do.

    oh yeah and you could of picked a beta pic of Nicole when she had some meat on her bones:

  8. Grphdesi23

    I hope Nicole can stay with Adam for the rest of her days on Earth.

    I think she really needs him to help her through this situation. I believe Adam is her “endless love”.

  9. CoJo

    Nicely done, #59. I’ll be singing that “All night long…”

  10. Iambananas

    *pfffffffft* … I farted.

  11. CoJo

    I wonder if bulemic people consider farting as having a bowel movement.

    Go forth and discuss.

  12. ed1969

    Focus on the right hand, the rest will take care of itself.

  13. PaisleyMoon

    Nicole is pretty, too bad she wants to look like a skeleton wearing Bea Arthurs clothes. How very strange and creepy. Bananas, you farting is the most intelligent thing you’ve been able to squeek out lately. Maybe you and Nicole could go out together for a plate of beans.

  14. klm123

    oh my god, those hands!

  15. slydre33

    Her hands look like bird feet.

  16. baltogirl

    Her hands look like she got them transplanted from Gollum.


  17. Showgrrrl

    I wanna say something about…like… Mister Burns from the Simpsons or something. Cause soon that’s what she’s going to look like in a bikini.
    As for WHY she’s such a skeleton? Maybe her and AM have some twisted bet going – who can lose the most weight and keep it OFF? *dry heaves*

  18. dy100g

    she’s lovely. she’s one of those girls (unfortunately) that look really bad with every 5 pounds she gains, though she does need to gain some weight. nice couple.

    oh, and whats with ppl typing “first” when they’re the first–or second or third–comment on the page? you’re like that kid in school that no one likes. don’t talk back, either, i’m on this page for the superficiality– not the bitchiness.

  19. alaskanchicsickle

    And people thought she was fat when she looked like she did in #51′s link?? She looks much better there than she does now.

  20. etohczrr

    premature calcium loss is common with eating disorders…she probably does have the skeletal structure of an 80 yr old woman…

  21. civilwarsoldier

    I don’t care want y’all think or do or not do. Y’all are a bunch of retards. I just surf this sight for fun stuff, and I am subjected to this elementary school stuff and worse.

    And I don’t even give a rats ass if anyone even reads this or comments.

    Get a life you people. You are the rejects of our society, all of you.

    I am going now, to get my shit together, and watch TIVO. Y’all ought to do something constructive too.

  22. krisdylee

    72, were you that fat little fuck in high school that I beat up one day after Biology?

    Good times, guys. Good times.

  23. krisdylee

    Where art thou BigJim????

    What, are you and your “family” on holiday?

    I can’t believe he’s cheating on me with her.

  24. bigponie


    no rebuttal is necessary, it’s obvious you have the mentally of a five year old and is only looking to get a rise out of someone in here. So run along little boy and go play with you barbie-toy-soldier.

  25. dhampir

    Ahhh. When I first looked at the picture, then consequently read the title of this post, I’d thought you were referring to her stance…

  26. kendra

    Resembles Twiggy of the 1960s –except Twiggy was was prettier…

  27. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    She’s actually still really pretty in her face – i like her in pic 2 (esp. comparing her to the ugliness that is Hohan!). It’s just such a shame she’s so skinny and that dress is awful! Why would you ever wear that? It’s the least flattering outfit… don’t these people have stylists?

    What’s that weird pink thing sticking out her head in pic 4? – looks a bit like AM’s ear. Makes me think they’ve altered the photo or something…

  28. Dragulf

    Are you all blind? She is and has Always looked like a cross between a cocaroach and a chihuaua. F U G L Y!


  29. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. but i think she’s quite pretty in the face – skinny as hell. if she had some meat on them bones she’d be nice looking. i’m not digging that haircut and clothes. i’m only saying.

  30. PrincessMuMu

    In the third season of the Simple Life she was perfect, so gorgeous, but then she just had to take the weight loss thing too far.

  31. PrincessMuMu

    ? shhexycorin ?
    your website rocks

  32. DMB in da ATL

    Where does a platypus learn a big word like “hodgepodge”?

  33. Cat


    That’s his penis.

  34. RichPort

    Although I am still groggy from my night of tequila shots and gateway drugs, I am lucid enough to say she’s a fat bitch.

  35. SarahInEngland

    I feel sorry for her. she seems a really sweet person. The problem with America is that there is too pressure to be skinny, and then when celebs become too skinny, you slag them off. You can’t win!
    She used to be so gorgeous when she was curvy.

  36. jrzmommy

    look at that loooooong bony hand in the first picture. i’m gonna have nightmares that it’s comin’ to get me.
    All she’s missing is her behemoth sunglasses–HEY WHERE ARE THE BEHEMOTH SUNGLASSES???

  37. jrzmommy

    The problem with you Sarah is that you keep pointing out all of America’s shortcomings. First we slag our celebs, now we put too much emphasis on achieving the ideal 82 lbs and the cessation of menses that is healthy for all adult women. Maybe your standards in jolly old England need to be re-examined. Let’s start with dental care…..

  38. SarahInEngland

    if we get onto standards in England, we shall be here all day.
    if you really want to talk about dental care, have you got a spare 200 quid you could lend us all for a general check up! ha.

  39. I think Nicole Richie’s hand is actually a talisman for a tribe of Indonesian aboriginees. They make wishes on it and stuff, and it’s supposed to have healing powers. And it’s great for scratching the middle of your back or your taint.

  40. No cow should have to give up their life and suffer the indignity of becoming a burger consumed by Nicole Richie. Talk about wasting a good burger.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    The Ally McBeal DVD was released with extra bonus footage? Thank you sweet Lord Jesus!

  42. jrzmommy

    Ally McBeal!! Now that was a seriously skinny chick.

  43. jane's eyre

    Yeah, your comment in #33 was, “She so cute”. Then, you asked us which we preferred–and then put up an unflattering picture of Nicole with her mouth wide open, about to take a bite of food, and the “better” picture of anorexic Nicole, not making a weird face. Hmm, the logical conclusion would be that you seem to prefer the Skeletor Nicole, otherwise you would have put a better looking picture of the meatier Nicole if you wanted to present an unbiased view of her.

    BTW, that’s the strangest spelling of “better” that I’ve ever seen. Are you from Jersey or something? Phonetic spelling isn’t always the way to go.

  44. Stirlang923

    her hands are crazy looking

  45. Tha-Flash

    The word of the day is hand!


  46. Tha-Flash

    The word of the day is HAND.


  47. jane's eyre

    “Grim Reaper Hands” is an adequate description, I believe.

  48. spatz

    for some reason the word “cavernous” comes to mind whenever i see this bitch.

  49. shoof

    For God’s sake, Britney is posing nekkid on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar (or Bizarre) and this is all you got????? Friggin Nicole Skeletor and Michael Jackoff???

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