Nicole Richie has low blood sugar

March 22nd, 2007 // 64 Comments

A rep for Nicole Richie says her health troubles on the set of The Simple Life (she collapsed last Wednesday while filming) are the result of hypoglycemia. Her rep says:

“In her ongoing effort to focus on her well-being, Nicole has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). [She] is taking steps to manage it.”

A source also adds:

“Four or five times she’s felt really faint and almost passed out. She has to go into her trailer for a good part of the day.”

I feel faint four or five times a day too, but that’s usually just because I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.



  1. J-Unit

    Who gives a frist?

  2. geenasmum

    first the worst, second the best!!!
    one way to fix hypoglycemia is to friggin EAT biatch

  3. TurdFerguson

    This is news how? I thought the next thing we’d be hearing about N.R. is that she died of malnutrition.

  4. crazyotto

    AH HA HA HA HA HA…..who cares

  5. Management is so much better then eating. Eating is so 2001.

  6. lovescontroversy1

    who’s the raisin face now?
    her hair looks bitchin though.
    and that sternum…

  7. BarbadoSlim

    She’ll make a FABULOUS corpse!

  8. I wonder what you look like?! I mean your reeaally funny so you gotta be cute somewhere…

  9. woodhorse

    look at her eyes. nope, nobody home.

  10. EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!

    Bloody skank.

  11. kamihi

    Hmmmmmmmmm I used to have eating disorder, exercise too much and feel faint all the time and hey guess what I put on a few pounds and it stopped, so I know that that all of this is excuses down to being too damn thin.
    Shes not even a story, shes just boring and stupid and vile.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    I seem to remember her at least, looking, like she was having more fun when she had more meat on her. She was fuckable back then, in a drunken at 4:30am bar closing and can’t drive home sort of way.

  13. Newlab

    Nicole Richie has Blood???

  14. jrzmommy

    She has NO blood sugar…the bitch don’t eat!

  15. rrd

    I hate that we care. Do we? What has she to offer, really?

  16. It’s crap like this that makes a person want to commit Hari Kari.

    “Cubs Win, Cubs Win”

  17. She’s not looking good at all here. Now it’s not only people, but even her blood sugar that is running away from her.


    Jezus bitch … just EAT SOMETHING and DON’T DO PILLS & DRUGS

  19. artmonkey3000

    Eat a fuckin’ sandwich!

  20. DrPhowstus

    Fat bitch.

  21. ReelWorld

    It can be caused by A) Not eating properly and B) Too much ingestion of alcohol. My advise? Quit your drinking and EAT SOMETHING!! I’m sick of hearing about this tart passing out or being rushed to hospital for things. Gimme a break already! Why doesn’t Lionel jump in and do something? Great parenting!

  22. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    We would care to know anything about this because……..???

  23. Whammer Jammer

    This chick is utterly useless. I mean, really, what the hell is she good for? There should be a prerequisite or two for being in the news all the time.

  24. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Hypoglycemia does not cause you to spend a “good part of the day” down, for fucks sake. I am hypoglycemic, and when you feel it coming on you get some juice quickly. Peanut butter or cheese is also good, but liquids work faster. And it usually takes 15-30 minutes to feel back to normal. Then you EAT A MEAL. This ho is definitely on drugs and starving herself. What a dumb cunt.

  25. radically4peace

    That’s strange how she has low blood sugar considering she doesn’t eat… ummm… wait. No, it’s isn’t strange. How are you supposed to get sugar in your system if you don’t eat?

  26. Bugman4045

    Her lack of commitment disgusts me. She is a fence sitter. She wants to starve herself enough to stay on the “pity Nicole” circuit, but she is not truly committed to straving herself to death. Say what you want about Karen Carpenter, the woman had follow through.

  27. Bugman4045


  28. Summer Kat

    She is FUGLY.

  29. julyper

    She looks like Pamela Dare in that picture. Odd Because Pamela Dare was pretty and healthy and didn’t look dead.

  30. NipsyHustle

    won’t she just die already?

  31. wedgeone

    Please excuse me, but why are her lips the exact same shade as her face? Am I wrong in saying that people usually have some sort of color differentiation between lips and skin?

    And those eyes … those sleepy, basset hound, I just took 5 Vicodin eyes.

    What a turn on!

  32. NipsyHustle

    the new trend in hollywood should be life support. show up everywhere on a life support machine. it’s so hardcore cause you’re pushing the envelope just one step closer to death…plus you probably qualify for handicap parking. woo hoo.

  33. schack

    it’s probably all the diet coke she’s drinking that has fucked with her insulin levels.

    i don’t know why she HAS a trailer instead of living in one.

  34. Laurie

    she’s got the bones so all the girls are jealous. hardly anybody can get the bones. bones rule.

  35. teetee

    Nicole just ain’t sweet.

  36. Shanipie

    this is retarded…this was her supposedly “possibly deadly diagnosis”??

    I feel totally cheated…

  37. rmeno

    since when do African Americans look like her? She says her ethnicity is Black…hell she’s more white than I am! (and Im white)..if asian were the “cool” race to be of the minute, she would be claiming to be that…3 yrs ago she was putting down caucation…it’s hilarious what these morons of hollywood have turned out to be.

  38. jrzmommy

    She feels faint because she NEEDS TO FUCKING EAT! She deserves to die if she’s so irretriveably stupid that she can’t figure out that no food = no blood sugar = crashing. And the morons that are looking for some underlying medical condition should have their licenses shredded and burned for not realizing that.

  39. schack

    um, laurie? you’re confused. it’s probably because your brain, which requires 20% of your at-rest energy, is starting to shut down, just like your menstrual cycle and your hair growth. bones only look beautiful to ppl whose starvation has made them dazed and stupid. (you actually lose IQ points when you are anorexic) think about that! if you can bear it, you weak little whiny fashion whore.

  40. lambman

    Am I the only one who’s totally confused by the PR statement:

    “In her ongoing effort to focus on her well-being, Nicole has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia”

    Who is getting diagnosed an “effort to focus on her well-being”

    its just listing another symptom of her problem, which is taking a bunch of drugs and not eating a balanced diet.

    I’m diagnosing her as not following the food pyramid

  41. PunjabPete

    Fortunately medical science is finally catching up with the needs of the hypoglycemic….


    Stupid wonky eyed bitch….
    Come to think of it Paris has a wonky eye…

  42. Gotta give her credit, at least she can pull off the “Heroin Whore” look flawlessly…

  43. ponk

    instead of injecting all that crap into her lips, somebody should inject a subway sandwich into her stomach. stupid bitch.

  44. zapatos_verdes

    yes, eat something bitch. you are like 25, why would a 25 year old get HYPOglycemic unless she is not eating properly? it’s crazy cuz she ain’t really got much talent, but she is a celebrity so she might as well work it while she can.

  45. Do Freebird

    Lionel Richie should feel lucky.

    If she doesn’t show up when she’s supposed to, he can just borrow a cadaver dog from CSI Miami. The dog will find her in minutes.

  46. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Bullshit…I have hypoglycemia and the worst that ever happens to me is a feel nauseous, eat something, and then everything’s fine.

    And I think it’s funny she’s addicted to Adderall…that shit is something 13 year olds take with their friends and think they’re cool because of it.

    She still doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Paris, though. At least she has that going for her.

  47. .
    Niocole is a LIAR. She has passed out Multiple times in the last year or so. Each time she has been taken to a very expensive, very good hospital in the L.A. area. Are you telling me that every single one of those hospitals somehow missed “hypoglycemia” as a diagnosis? That is the FIRST thing they’d check for if they didn’t already know why she was passing out. (i.e., Drugs and Anorexia)

    Again, this bitch is such a fucking liar. Last month it was Dehydration, now it’s hypoglycemia, Please, the skank doesn’t eat and is a drug hound.

  48. genr8r

    Fainting from seeing your own image may be a sign of homosexual tendencies. Unless of course you are the hottest guy on earth as you say.

  49. Lowlands

    The biggest problem which she’s facing at the moment is,i think,how to get a healthinsurance.Big chance she’s getting kicked out from the backdoor supported by the 55+ of age lobbywoman working at the insuranceoffice.

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